Hurts my ear and gives in the head: left and right — what could it be?

What to do when it hurts my ear and gives to the temple?

Headache – a phenomenon known to everyone. Provoke pain can a variety of reasons, including not excluded serious pathology. What does pain in the temple, radiating to the ear?

Modern medicine known for at least hundreds of factors that could cause discomfort in the ears and mind at the same time. Talk about the most common of them.

Causes of pain in the temples and ear area

To determine the cause of pain and assess the threat to their own health, we should listen to their own feelings, to determine the type and localization of pain. This will speed up the process of establishing an accurate diagnosis.

Pain caused in the ears and in the head, are:

  • burning;
  • sharp;
  • pressing;
  • aching;
  • pulsating.

Feeling unable to roll with the wave or be present constantly, sharply to occur when certain actions or when changing position. A place where there is discomfort, is also important, because it indicates the source of the disease.

Hearth pain can be located in the ear, thus giving to the left or right temple, to affect both ears, or begin at the temples, and then apply to the hearing. Understand what the reasons are under anxiety symptoms.

Inflammatory processes in the organs of hearing

One of the most common causes of unpleasant «backache» in the ears and temples otitis. The disease is bacterial or viral in nature, and is often a complication after the disease of other endocrine organs.

To provoke otitis media able a runny nose. Improper care of the nasal sinuses during illness, excess mucus accumulates in the ear cavity, causing inflammation of the ear. As a result, the pressure in the ear increases and the patient feels as in ear shot, giving the whiskey.

If not promptly treated, the inflammation can spread far beyond your hearing. If the patient has a sore ear and the head to the right or to the left, while the intensity of the pain increases, there is a risk of serious complications.

Labyrinthitis, meningitis, mastodon not only require surgery, but you risk to leave the patient without a hearing.

Poor circulation

The problem of impaired circulation are increasingly faced young people who lead a sedentary lifestyle and not watching your posture, sitting for hours in front of computer screens. This leads to pinching of blood vessels in the cervical spine, causing degenerative disc disease.

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Violation of blood flow causes pressing pain in the ears and head. Ignoring the warning signs, people at risk to bring its state before the stroke and subsequent death.


If a person has a sore left temple and ear, while there are problems with the teeth, these facts indicate a worsening of tooth decay or inflammation of the tooth nerve. Sharp excruciating pain in this case apply not only to the affected tooth but also the surrounding tissue.

There are other causes associated with pain in the temples and in the ears:

  • migraine;
  • trauma to the head or ears;
  • arthritis of the jaw joint;
  • diseases of the peripheral nerves;
  • individual reaction of an organism to weather conditions and atmospheric pressure.

When to go to the doctor

If the Earache goes into the temple, to consult a specialist is necessary in the following cases:

  1. Discomfort is continuous, and the intensity of the sensation is constantly growing.
  2. The pain is systematic.
  3. Painkillers do not bring relief.
  4. The cause of ailments lies in the trauma to the head or ears.
  5. Determine the focus of discomfort is not possible.

What to do if the pain is unbearable

To get rid of the pain and temporarily forget about the discomfort, you can take a few simple steps. These General guidelines will not harm the health of the patient, will ease his suffering until professional assistance:

  1. Pain medication complex action, over-the-counter without a prescription.
  2. To maintain the body’s water balance, drinking sufficient quantity of plain drinking water (1.5-2 litres not including tea, juices or other drinks).
  3. To observe temperature in the room – from 18 to 22 degrees.
  4. Briefly dry to make a warm compress with a cold, which is not accompanied by fever and purulent discharge from the ear.
  5. Take antipyretic at high temperature.
  6. If you have problems with your teeth is enough to rinse your mouth with warm water with baking soda – this will bring relief, but do not delay the visit to the dentist.

Important! Before taking pain medication you should carefully read the contraindications.

When it hurts my ear and gives to the temple, most people try to limit themselves to pain relievers. But do not forget that this is only a temporary measure, as the analgesics do not eliminate the cause of the pain.

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To completely heal the cause of unpleasant symptoms, will have in the near future to seek the advice of a qualified technician.

The source of the pain will help to determine the diagnosis. After the standard medical history in the form of the survey and detail of the complaints, the therapist or ENT doctor may order more specialized treatments. A specialist task is to identify possible pathology of organs of hearing, nervous system, brain, blood vessels.

Diagnostics includes:

  • the magnetic resonance therapy;
  • x-rays;
  • computed tomography;
  • the timpanometry – the study of the functions of the middle ear;
  • Ultrasound of the blood vessels.

Help. Once the source of pain is discovered, the specialist will prescribe the appropriate treatment. If the reason lies in the pathology of blood vessels or infection that has spread to bone tissue, it is not excluded surgery.

What not to do?

Some actions patients taken in an attempt to get rid of pain, significantly worsen the situation and complicate the work of a specialist. What not to do to establish the exact cause pain in the temples and the ears:

  1. To appoint a antibiotics. Most medications have a number of contraindications, and in addition significantly impair the functioning of the liver and intestines. May caused the body harm would be in vain, as the true cause of the pain will not require the treatment of antibacterial drugs.
  2. Abuse refreshments, hot and spicy food to avoid exacerbations in the inflamed nerves.
  3. Warm the ear (or jaw, if the cause of the pain – affected teeth). Purulent otitis media or inflammation of the dental root canals, hot compresses greatly increase swelling. In result, pain is only more intense.
  4. Pick your ears with cotton swabs or matches, trying to get the foreign object, if that is the source of discomfort. It is not recommended to drip or pour into the ears of any drops or solutions.

Caution! Experts do not recommend using traditional methods to eliminate the pain in the ears and temples until it is determined the exact cause of pain. Any «grandma’s recipe» must be confirmed by the doctor not to delay the process of treatment.


Whatever the cause of the pain, in order to prevent recurrence it is important to follow some General guidelines:

  • try to avoid getting water in ear;
  • to respect the sleep and wakefulness;
  • not SuperCool in the cold season not to go outside without a hat;
  • lead an active lifestyle that includes moderate exercise;
  • watch your diet, eat healthy and nutritious food;
  • avoid nervous tension and stress;
  • to get rid of bad habits, avoid alcohol and tobacco;
  • take drugs recommended by a specialist;
  • to avoid the development of otitis media, to monitor the safety of free nasal breathing;
  • to monitor the condition of the teeth and promptly visit the dentist.
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Recurrent pain of any nature, localized in the region of the ears and the temples, – the reason for urgent visit to a neurologist or otolaryngologist. Do not ignore even minor discomfort, and uncontrolled use of folk remedies.

Analgesics may not be the way out of the situation, as they do not eliminate the cause of unpleasant symptoms. Timely action to determine the cause of the pain and fix it – a chance to avoid complications and to fully get rid of the problem.