Hydrogen peroxide in the nose: treatment of the common cold and lavage for Neumyvakina

How to rinse with hydrogen peroxide?

Treatment of the common cold with hydrogen peroxide – this is not the most well-known and common method available in medicine. The method is relatively new, but its effectiveness is very high. Thanks to Professor Neumyvakina it became known that hydrogen peroxide can be used for curing many diseases. This method of treatment of the common cold has no analogues.

Hydrogen peroxide acts as a perfect remedy to eliminate various bacteria and germs. The tool gives a boost to the functioning of the immune system, therefore, it is essential to maintain all vital processes. On this basis, many began to wonder about how to properly apply the hydrogen peroxide from the common cold for adults and children.

Is it possible to drip hydrogen peroxide in your nose?

How to use the drug for the nose, depends on the disease. Colds need to do the washing of the nose with a solution of hydrogen peroxide with water. In the case of neurological disorders you just need to drip the mixed medium in the nose. Possible to use turundae, soaked in peroxide, but to put them may be no more than 10 minutes. Otherwise possible occurrence of irritation.

Every body is different and reacts differently to this tool. All used methods of treatment through the nose based on the unique property of the substance to kill disease-causing microbes and bacteria.

How to dilute hydrogen peroxide?

Pure product can be used only for healing wounds.

For flushing the nasal passages need a diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide. For washing use a 0.25% solution.

The most common concentration of the drug in pharmacies is 3%.

To get the required for the treatment of the nose, the ratio should be 1 part of the substance 11 parts warm water.

If you need to prepare eye drops children, then you need to dissolve 1 tablespoon of 3% solution in a glass of warm water. The fluid should be at room temperature.

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This method of breeding is effective for children up to 12 years. However, independently carry out the procedure to the child at this age is not recommended. The baby may swallow the solution and to burn the esophagus.

Attention! Do not use undiluted hydrogen peroxide for the treatment of rhinitis.

How to treat a cold with hydrogen peroxide?

It is very important to make sure that the cure you have selected is a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide. To buy a tool at any pharmacy. More concentrated preparations use is prohibited because it may result in irritation of the mucous membrane. There are several ways to cure a cold with hydrogen peroxide.

Nasal lavage

Before you actually rinse your nose with hydrogen peroxide, it is necessary to prepare a solution. Neumyvakin offers to take a quarter Cup of warm water and add 10-15 drops of 3% peroxide.

For instillation of nose you can apply a specialized tool, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. If this is not possible, follow instructions:

  1. Take a conventional syringe without a needle, fill it several cubes of mortar.
  2. Close one nostril with your finger, and the other under moderate pressure to enter the solution, drawing a liquid.
  3. The same action with the other nostril.
  4. When the nose discharge starts, be careful to vent the structure, but not to blow your nose.
  5. Steps to repeat 2-3 times a day. The procedure is recommended morning and evening.

Nasal lavage with hydrogen peroxide at Neumyvakina will help to avoid the development of sinusitis, sinusitis and other types of sinusitis.


Chronic mucus one instillation will be totally inadequate. For a full treatment solution to drip in your nose regularly.

Instructions for conducting procedure:

  1. Prepared therapeutic solution to score with a pipette.
  2. To introduce the solution first into one nostril and then the other.
  3. After 20 seconds, the nose will begin to appear stringy mucus.
  4. To remove the goo head needs to bend to the side, cover one nostril and blow mucus out the other.
  5. Forbidden food for 15 minutes after all the action.
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Treatment of sinusitis in Neumyvakina

The appearance of mucus suggests that it began an active process of clearing sinuses. If the discharge had to go to the sinusitis, then after the procedure will begin to stand out clots with pus.

To treat sinusitis in Neumyvakina recommended the following:

  1. In both passages drip of 1 to 3 pipettes pre-cooked means. For the treatment of dilute 10-15 drops of the cure in 1 table spoon boiled liquid at room temperature.
  2. In the first 3 days of treatment is recommended to use 1 pipette and only after this period increase the dose to 3 pipettes. The maximum permitted number of input solution should not be more than 1 ml.
  3. A few seconds will start to go pus which needs to be removed with a special instrument. Maybe its just blowing out of each nostril in turn.

Important! Treatment will result only if the correct procedure.

Features use in children

If the child appeared allocation, it suggests that his body has gotten infected. The immune system responds to its appearance rhinitis. Due to the protection of the body: begins active development of nasal secretions in order to stop further penetration of infection inside.

If you are using low doses, the desired effect can not wait. There is a danger that, in a moment dripping of the drug, the baby will swallow some amount of the drug solution.

For this reason, you may receive the following aggravation:

  • burn the digestive system, especially stomach;
  • different digestive disorders.

For these reasons, Professor Neumyvakin not recommends treating rhinitis in children with the help of hydrogen peroxide.


Despite its effectiveness and safety when using the drug as droplets and fluids to flush the drug has a number of contraindications:

  1. Severe forms of serious illnesses.
  2. Pathological anomalies of the nose is deformed.
  3. Allergic reactions due to the use of hydrogen peroxide.
  4. Treatment of rhinitis in children without prior consultation with the doctor. Mucosal tissues are too sensitive, so they are very easily offended.
  5. The period of pregnancy. At this stage the body is very weak and requires careful and sensitive attitude toward it.
  6. Patients who have undergone organ transplant. Due to the unnatural admission of ozone fabric can start to rejection. In this case, the outcome would be lethal.
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In the case of severe rhinitis solution applied with extreme caution. Important before carrying out procedures to consult your doctor since in most cases, the peroxide is contraindicated and assigned different drugs.


From the foregoing it can be concluded that hydrogen peroxide is a unique drug for the treatment of rhinitis. It is important to stick to shows doses and frequency of use. Before you dilute the hydrogen peroxide to nose, should be mandatory to read the instructions.

If you consider all contraindications and prescription, the common cold can be cured without any problems. In the case of mild stage of the disease is quite of a procedure for instillation or rinsing the nose. In the long course of the disease will take a few days.

In the case of the treatment of children it is necessary to obtain the advice of a pediatrician. Only a specialist can prescribe an effective treatment. It is not recommended to self-medicate in order not to harm your health.