Hydrogen peroxide when pregnant: can I use

Is it possible during pregnancy is hydrogen peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide designed to kill pathogenic microorganisms with subsequent Antihemorrhagics action.

Antiseptic external and internal use has a wide range of actions: cleanses the wound surface from necrotic formations, accelerates the process of epithelialization, actively affects the respiratory, immune, cardiovascular, nervous system. The safety of use of hydrogen peroxide during pregnancy depends on the method of use.

Harmful hydrogen peroxide during pregnancy?

Concentrated aqueous solution appear colorless liquid composed of distilled water, alcohol and ether. The consequences of the interaction of the damaged section with the molecules of peroxide of hydrogen is the loss of organisms ability to reproduce.

For external application of the remedy prescribed for the purpose of washing and rinsing under the following conditions:

  • lesions of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity of different etiology;
  • acute tonsillitis;
  • epistaxis;
  • gynecological diseases;
  • purulent wounds;
  • superficial damage to the skin (wounds, cuts, scratches).

When used externally hydrogen peroxide is not a threat to the life of the mother and the unborn child, so it is allowed at all gestational ages. The drug has a local activity, not involved in the systemic circulation.

During the period of gestation is contraindicated full use antiseptic rinsing of the oral cavity.

For reference! Use of hydrogen peroxide for metabolism is manifested by increased ability of the body to assimilate glucose.

During the period of gestation of hydrogen peroxide administered in clinical situations when the expected benefit of the drug predominates over the possible threat to the health of mother and child.

Use of a suspension is possible only on doctor’s recommendations. Otherwise, there is the risk of progression of complications: erosions, gastric tumors, tissue damage caused by chemical substance.

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Side effects

Sudden destruction of microflora in the first admission may provoke the deterioration of the condition of the patient, the toxicity of the body:

  • elevated body temperature;
  • nausea;
  • weakness, malaise.

Intolerance by the body of active ingredients is manifested by development of an allergic reaction. In the processing of language is possible redness and swelling of the outgrowths of the mucous membrane.

Nuance! Of the microorganisms are showing resistance to the molecules of the peroxide, so use an antiseptic, as a remedy to cleanse wounds is impossible.

Be wary appoint patients with transplant organs. It is not recommended to use hydrogen peroxide for deep open wounds and cavities, as across the wound surface, the gas bubbles can enter the systemic circulation.

Is it possible during pregnancy to drink hydrogen peroxide? A negative response will explain the fact that the decay of hydrogen peroxide in the body into oxygen and water are released free radicals. Active molecules have a destructive effect on protein formation and cell structure, act as the catalysts of cancer, diabetes.

Application of hydrogen peroxide

In diseases of the oral cavity, against which the formation of the wound field with the contents of pus and protein is administered to gargle 3% hydrogen peroxide.

Subsequently, the release of active oxygen formed foam, which softens and removes nekrotizirovannye tissue structure. Washing with a concentrated solution of the projection of the pharynx and larynx contributes to pain relief, speeds the healing process.

For reference! The drug proved effective in removing plaque from the surface of the tonsils.

When performing manipulations should adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. To reduce the concentration of hydrogen peroxide with purified water. To 100 ml of fluid at room temperature, add 15-20 ml. of drug suspension, mix thoroughly.
  2. Carry out the procedure every 3 hours, but not more than 5 gargles a day.
  3. After the use of peroxide to perform an extra rinse soda solution, herbal broth, sea or purified water. This helps to neutralize the effect of active components, to wash the foam containing pathogenic agents, to prevent damage to healthy soft tissue.
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The duration of treatment is determined individually on the basis of the etiology of the pathogen, the characteristics of the course and extent of the disease, the patient’s history. It is recommended that the procedure until the formation of purulent exudate.

Treatment of the tonsils

When inflammation of the accumulations of lymphoid tissue effective lubrication of the tonsils with hydrogen peroxide. The procedure requires the use of highly concentrated solution. For the preparation of suspensions to increase the dosage of bleach to three tablespoons to ½ Cup of warm water.

Using q-tips or cotton pads treat the damaged surface of the oral cavity.
To determine the sensitivity of an organism to molecules of hydrogen peroxide to start with small doses. Upon completion of therapeutic action is not to consume food and water for 30-40 minutes.

Nasal lavage with hydrogen peroxide during pregnancy

Antimicrobial agent is widespread in otolaryngology for the restoration of the upper respiratory tract. In case of rhinitis of different etiology for the destruction of pathogenic flora, quite a few procedures.

How to cure common cold during pregnancy can be found here.

The algorithm of actions is the following sequence:

  1. To prepare a drug solution. In a glass of water (t 36-40°C), add 50 – 70 drops of three percent hydrogen peroxide.
  2. To remove mucus from the paranasal sinuses sharp exhale through the nose.
  3. Take the position standing over the sink. His head tilted, so that the nostril which is to receive the solution turned out to be on a level above the opposite sinus.
  4. Gently enter the solution alternately in each hole using a small kettle, syringe empty vial or medical pear.
  5. Subject to the recommendations concentrated liquid bathes the nasal cavity that freely flows from the inverse of the channel, without causing discomfort.

Tip! During irrigation of the mucosa have to breathe through the mouth.


Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful oxidizer, so for outdoor use in diluted form. The concentrated solution is safe for the expectant mother in the absence of contraindications to the appointment of, and compliance with the dosage and course of treatment.

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At all gestational ages fall under the ban procedures ingestion antiseptic drug.