Hypertonic saline solution for nasal irrigation: how to cook and buy

How to make hypertonic saline for nasal irrigation?

Therapeutic treatment for cleansing of the nasal cavity are known for their effective results is washing. It allows you to destroy dangerous microorganisms that have penetrated the nasal cavity, and also to withdraw mucus. To lavage, doctors prescribe various concoctions and ready firectory. You can buy saline mix for nasal irrigation or you can make it independently.

Hypertonic saline for nasal lavage is intended as a tool for regular cleaning of the cavity. This procedure will eliminate the inflammation and destroys all pathogens and reduces the risk of complications of inflammation in the upper respiratory tract.

What means for the rehabilitation of the exist

Principles of the manufacture of salt of the liquid depend on the type of inflammation and the nature of the condition. For example, when mild rhinitis the patient can use solutions on the basis of common salt or sea water.

To get rid of inflammation of the paranasal ways, we can use a saline fluid with the addition of iodine or furatsilina, and buy ready-made drugs. When inflammation of the infectious nature doctors prescribe the most common salt broth, which you can prepare at home.

In any case, the impact of such medicines on the basis of salt time-proven. In addition to being efficient, they are very economical.

It is important to note that the patient has a choice: it can cook liquid for cleansing the nose on your own or purchase it at the pharmacy.

To prepare a solution for the rehabilitation of the nasal cavity from the comfort of home, you can use regular table salt or buy sea salt. In fibrestore it is recommended to add a small amount of iodine. He will have an antiseptic effect and improve air permeability in the nasal passages.

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Selected ingredients should be mixed in purified water. In any case do not use water from the tap as the water source may contain some impurities.

A solution of ordinary salt

At home the patient can produce a liquid for rinsing with ordinary table salt. It will fit as a therapy for acute signs of a cold, and in the case of inflammation of the paranasal sinuses.

As the main ingredients is sodium chloride. This drug has a decongestant effect as well as a pronounced antiseptic effect.

Sea salt

As you know, the salt extracted from the sea or ocean, contains an immense amount of healing items and various nutrients.

They accelerate the healing process and beneficial effect on the mucosa. Water sea salt can have a detrimental effect on the microbes and pathogenic infection.

Remedies based on this ingredient effectively used in sinusitis and acute sinusitis.

The use of sea salt as the main ingredient allows you to have active effects on the immune system and restore the protective functions of the body.

: Furacilin solution

The solution with «Furatsilinom» is very popular with the inflammation in the nasal passages.

Its active ingredients are able to destroy pathogens and reduce the symptoms of acute rhinitis, sinusitis and other inflammation in the respiratory tract.

Furatsilinovoy solution is assigned for washing the nasal passages with risk of complications, and in case of purulent discharge.

Ready preparty

In addition firestrom homemade, you can buy ready-made remedies in the pharmacy section.

Names of saline solutions for nasal lavage – «no-Sol», «Aqualor», «Aqua Maris», «Humer», «Physiomer», «Marimer», «Otrivin», «Kviks», «Dr. Theiss», «These».

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How to make hypertonic saline solution for nose

Solutions of salts can be used for prevention and complex treatment. To properly prepare hypertonic means use the following rules.

Hypertensive remedy with salt

To prepare the solution based on sodium chloride, the patient must carry out the following manipulation:

  1. Warm two hundred milliliters of pure bottled water to seventy degrees Celsius.
  2. Add the liquid five grams of salt.
  3. For best results, add the solution five two drops of iodine.
  4. Before washing the mucosa of the nasopharynx water must be cooled to 37 degrees.

If you use this solution as prophylaxis, the amount of salt should be reduced by half.

Solution with sea salt

For the manufacture of means for washing with sea salt should do the following:

  1. Boil three hundred milliliters of purified water.
  2. At the start of boiling, add the liquid a half teaspoons of sea salt.
  3. Apply means cool it to body temperature.

If an ingredient you use large particle salt, before washing the nose with strain water. Remember that the introduction of even small particles of salt in the mucous membrane may cause inflammation of this part and to cause the formation of edema and narrowing of the patency of the channels.

If you apply the solution for preventive purposes, do not use salt with added ingredients. Eliminate essential oil and aromatizatory.

The solution with «Furatsilinom»

To prepare the solution for the treatment of acute sinusitis or sinusitis, you must implement the following:

  1. Purchase «Furatsilin» and RUB one tablet means into a powder.
  2. Pour a mixture of one Cup of warm water.
  3. Then boil the solution again and let it cool.
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Use this tool for readjustment of the nasopharynx after consultation with the doctor.

If you use the method incorrectly, the patient may form the risk of fungal flora.


Keep in mind that after the reorganization of the nasal cavity and nasopharynx is contraindicated to go out for two hours. During flushing, it is important to follow all safety rules and to monitor the health of the patient. When cleaning the nasal cavity of the child, it is recommended to wash the way with plain water, as the pooled saline liquid may lead to undesirable processes.

Do not use salt solutions on the basis of sea salt or sodium chloride in the case of otitis media, hemorrhage, salpingocele, violation of patency of the nasal passages, and also by trauma of the mucosa.

Remember, a nasal wash may not replace a course of treatment, and acts only as an additional element.