Hypoplasia of the uterus: causes, symptoms and treatment

Today, hypoplasia of the uterus — a fairly common pathology, which is often congenital. The essence of the process that this pathology of the uterus is accompanied by a rudimentary organ, that is, the dimensions do not correspond to age norm. Weak underdevelopment of the penis is common. Therefore, almost every girl interested in the question, what is the infantilism of the uterus, what are the causes of the deviations, as expressed by pathology, and what are the different methods of treatment.

Hypoplasia of the uterus: etiology

Synonyms for the term hypoplasia (infantile uterus) is infantile on, children’s (small womb). This anomaly is characterized by a reduced size of the organ compared with physiological and age-related norm.

Obvious clinical manifestations of abnormalities, is a late onset of menstruation (after age 16), disruptions in the menstrual cycle, pain, miscarriages, pathology of patrimonial activity, infertility, decreased libido, and anorgasmia.

With insufficient development of female sex hormones is manifested in the underdevelopment of the uterus, which remains hypoplastic with a long conical neck, a small body and a pronounced giperreflexia.

Also hypoplasia of the uterus combined with long convoluted tubes that leads to infertility. If fertilization occurs and pregnancy occurs, often the development of a fetus starts outside the uterus. This is because the passage of the zygote in the fallopian tubes is difficult, the pieces are fixed and remain in them, and therefore there comes an ectopic pregnancy.

Quite often, the immaturity of the uterus combined with the underdevelopment of other genital organs, for example, labia, ovaries, or vagina. Often found hypoplasia of the uterus and polycystic ovaries.

Consider the example of the size of the penis in adult women:

  • if you did not give birth: the length is 4.8 cm, the cavity 7 cm, width up to 5 cm;
  • pregnancy history nulliparous: length 5.4 cm, width 5.5 cm;
  • there are children giving birth: length of 6.1 cm, cavities up to 8 cm, width 6 cm.

The norm is the length of the cervix is about 2.5 inches. The degree of immaturity depends on the lagging behind in size, and the ratio of the cavity and the length of the uterus.

Pathology of the uterus (womb): classification of degrees

For this specific anomaly hypoplasia of the penis based on his size you can define the severity of infantilism.

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  1. Vestigial (small uterus) – this pathology of the uterus is extremely rare. The length of the body up to 3 cm, most concentrated in the cervix. Periods are completely absent, sometimes there is something like that. Full recovery with this diagnosis impossible. A degree refers to the abnormalities in the womb.
  2. Underdeveloped body, the size of the uterus can be more 3 see Ratio body and neck the same as in girls before puberty and corresponds to 3:1. Is characterized by high location of the ovaries. If the diagnosis detects elongated and curved fallopian tubes, monthly and rarely accompanied by pain. The recovery may require a long course of treatment.
  3. Hypoplasia of the uterus – development of up to 7 cm in length. The reason, as a rule, the inflammatory process of the reproductive organs at puberty and before.

Also there are two forms of sexual infantilism:

  • pathology of the uterus, which is accompanied by shortage of hormones in the ovaries;
  • without ovarian failure.

Why small uterus: possible causes

Today in gynecology, there are several important reasons that are the catalyst for the development of hypoplasia. This is because deviations can occur already in utero and in adolescence.

The main reason is the hormonal imbalance caused by the regulatory processes between the pituitary and the uterus that produce female hormones.

Failures in the normal functioning of the pituitary gland subsequently, the underdevelopment of the uterus can be caused by:

Prenatal development:

  • during pregnancy the expectant mother abused alcohol, drugs, or Smoking;
  • disease infectious nature, which ached mother during pregnancy;
  • welcome to small time illegal drugs.


  • teenager abuses alcohol and Smoking, and it occurs after intoxication;
  • an improper, unhealthy diet, vitamin deficiency;
  • starvation, grueling diets;
  • problems with the thyroid;
  • neglected diseases of an infectious nature, for example, tonsillitis;
  • operative treatment of the reproductive organs.

Teenage alcoholism is the most common cause of hypoplasia.

That is why the hypoplasia can be congenital, due to the peculiarities of pregnancy and the impact of adverse factors or acquired, which occurs due to the malfunction of the pituitary gland under the influence of predisposing factors.

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Characteristic signs and symptoms

Congenital hypoplasia of the uterus refers to the abnormal formation of genitalia and are diagnosed in early childhood. As a rule, children are examined and treated in conjunction with the endocrinologist, pediatrician and genetics. More common non-congenital form of hypoplasia.

The most common causes, treated by gynecologist:

  • menstruating teenage girls went up to 16 years or started later than the estimated period of time;
  • disruptions in the menstrual cycle, menses are irregular, often accompanied by pain, the intensity can also be different: someone has to be poor, and some too profuse discharge;
  • the primary type infertility, abortion at any time (miscarriage, premature birth).

Underdevelopment of the vagina and uterus is a common manifestation of the General infantilism. With this diagnosis, girls tend to have small growth, thin-boned, with narrow hips, flat butt, they have underdeveloped mammary glands, sparse scalp under the arms and in the pubic area.

During the General gynecological examination can detect the underdevelopment of the labia, which do not cover the clitoris, narrowed vagina with underdeveloped arches.

Adult women with infantile uterus reduced libido and it almost never gets orgasm. Only the mild form of infantile the potential for successful conception and child bearing.

Little uterus: diagnosis and treatment

To detect or confirm the diagnosis you can, decrypting the data of the anamnesis. Often, suspicion can arouse a variety of diseases and infections in childhood or in puberty. Also this symptom late start of menstruation, oligomenorrhea, algomenorrhea, miscarriages and premature births, makes you wonder.

Additional methods of diagnosis:

  • Ultrasound of organs of small pelvis and abdominal cavity;
  • hysterosalpingography studies in an x-ray of the fallopian tubes and uterus with the use of contrast solution, this gives the opportunity to consider the shape of the body, the anatomical construction of the fallopian tubes (crimped, length);
  • tests for hormones;
  • diagnosis phase of ovulation;
  • CT and MRI;
  • establishing the biological age of the patient.

Treatment of sexual infantilism usually succeeds, except for strong severity of the underdevelopment of the organs if the uterus rudimentary degree.

Principles of treatment:

  • to increase the sensitivity of reproductive organs to the effects of hormones;
  • get rid of the reasons for that delay puberty;
  • to choose appropriate and appropriate hormone replacement therapy.
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To increase the sensitivity to hormonal stimulation is carried out a course of vitamins E and C, and administered the ATF. Before you choose replacement treatment, you should verify that there are no pathologies of the mammary glands and false hermaphroditism.

Also conducted a study of the ovaries: if there are no hormone-active tumors. The duration of hormone therapy is about three months, then a break to let the body rest. A second course is assigned if the first has passed to no avail.

Can sometimes be quite physical, adjustment of the diet, which will present needed vitamins and minerals.

Definitely hormones are appointed by physiotherapy – diathermy, electrophoresis, paraffin applications. Also help acupuncture. Additionally required medical gymnastics, balneotherapy, mud therapy. Sometimes is electrical stimulation of the cervix and pelvic massage.

Prognosis and prevention of pathology

During fetal type of pathology of pregnancy is excluded. If there are problems with self-conception, but the ovaries perform their functions in norm, then resort to IVF, using a surrogate.

If the degree is small, the functions and structure of the ovaries is normal, the chances of fertilization are. Conception, throughout the pregnancy of patients with hypoplasia combined with a variety of complications during pregnancy and childbirth.

Preventive measures are the elimination and avoidance of adverse factors that can be a catalyst for the development of anomalies. Teenage girls need a healthy, balanced diet, no diets and fasts, avoid stress in a timely manner to treat and prevent the occurrence of infectious-inflammatory processes in the reproductive organs.