If cerumen ear ache: does it hurt to wash

Hurt ear wash?

The ear is a complex and fine structure of the human body that require daily care. There are over two thousand of the sebaceous glands, so for a month production of earwax can reach from 12 to 20 milligrams. Production sulfur is a natural physiological process necessary to preserve the environment of the ear from external negative influence.

The special composition of the secret moisturizes the ear canal and protects it from fungal and bacterial infections. But when the increased secretion of sulfur glands, the hearing organ is generated blockage of sulfur. So in this article we will answer the question does it hurt to remove a sulfuric stopper from an ear.

The emergence of cerumen

So, cerumen is a mixture of dried secretion, sebum and dead epidermis. During normal operation, the glands, earwax is watery and comes out easily from the ear canal.

Automatic cleaning occurs while the person manipulates the jaw joint, whether in eating, coughing or talking.

Cleaning ear with cotton sticks should be next to the ear canal, to go deeper is impossible, it violates the natural process of self-purification. From such manipulations, sulfur on the contrary, passes on to the eardrum. When there is hypersecretion of glands, the process of self-purification is stopped, thereby forming a sulfuric stopper.

The consistency and color sulfur all have different. The tube has a gradation from light yellow to dark brown. Its spongy structure does not allow the sulphur to leave the passage, and after a time acquires a thick consistency.

If the gathering doesn’t space, it does not cause any damage. The weight is felt only when the passage is blocked and goes all soft tissue. The patient is reduced hearing, a feeling of stuffiness and tinnitus.

You ask whether from cerumen to hurt the ear? Of course, the symptoms may be accompanied by not only pain the hearing body and head, but also a reflex cough with nausea.

This comes from the fact that the tube creates pressure on the eardrum. But with continued pressure, perhaps the development of inflammation of the eardrum and middle ear space.

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In addition, due to the impact on the nerve endings, there are knee-jerk reactions on the autonomic level. This is the response of the organism to the stimulus of concern to certain sensors. Conditioned reaction can result in heart arrhythmia, or an abundant perspiration.

Any attempts at home to eliminate the concentrations of sulfur can result in complications, so the question of its resolve to trust the ENT doctor.

Diagnosis of cerumen

Sometimes many people do not realize that you may have a abundant concentrations of sulfur. It is usually detected after spills. So if there is a noticeable hearing loss, it is necessary to seek help from a doctor, to eliminate congestion.

The doctor diagnoses the Otoscope, and then selects a method of removing the plugs depending on the integrity of the tympanic membrane and the consistency of the mass. The consistency of release: soft, pasty, dry and rocky obstruction.

The rocky formation is literally capable of adhering to tissue of the ear and create on her bedsores. Removal of the tube may be a dry extract, using the tools and washing the external ear canal. This files most often occurs washing.

If you are interested in hurt to wash the ears, then this process is not pleasant, but not accompanied by pain. This procedure is completely harmless and painless, so even small children can easily tolerate it.

Cerumen removal

To treat the pathology of the best in the hospital. If the flavor tubes pastopodobny or tabular, the washing is done right after diagnosis. Cleansing auditory canal from sulfur held a large syringe without a needle Janet.

Fill the syringe: Furacilinum, saline, warm sterilized sea water or filtered decoction of anti-inflammatory herbs. Any liquid taken for the process must be heated to 37S. That gives the opportunity to eliminate the annoying pressure of the solution on the receptors of the ear tissues and to avoid reflex reactions.

When concentrations of sulfur too hard their first few days softened by special means, for example soda solution, hydrogen peroxide or oil. After applying a softening means, go to rinsing.

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The whole essence of the process is that the pressure of the solution is sent to verhnesadovoe the wall of the auditory canal and pushes his onslaught of the outward sulphur. As you can see, nothing complicated in the procedure, so the question does it hurt to rinse the ear from cerumen should you not to bother.

When the tube has a higher density and firmness, treatment for dry instrumental method. This is because the washing can soften and increase the bulk, thus further block the ear. Further, the hearing AIDS on for a few hours to put turundas with boric alcohol in the prevention of infection.

Sometimes, to eliminate concentrations of sulfur are assigned to specific drugs – cerumenolytic, which softens the resulting mass. Usually they go for oil or water based. In addition, the doctor may prescribe medicine to eliminate congestion, since the shielding effect, for example, spray cerumen And or Remo-Vaks.

When the removal of the tube there is pain

Irrigation, as mentioned above, the process is painless, nevertheless there are a few moments when you might be hurt. For example, if improperly performed washing at home, you may receive a painful effect.

All because the procedure is performed incorrectly, there is tightly put the tip of the syringe to the entrance of the ear canal. From the strong and incorrect pressure can occur the perforation of the membrane, accompanied by severe pain. Keep in mind, the leaching tube has to happen in several stages in parts, not all at once.

How to recognize a perforation of the eardrum, read here.

And unpleasant feeling may occur if the solution temperature is not brought to the desired state. Comfortable temperature ranges from 36 to 40 degrees.

A solution with a high temperature can leave a thermal burn. Cool the solution in contact with the eardrum can cause reflex headaches and strengthen the heartbeat.

In addition, pain can provoke otitis. That is, in the ear when there is inflammation and it is washed, the solution is in contact with the eardrum, contributes to excessive stimulation of the receptors.

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Pain after removal of cerumen

After the procedure removal of sulphuric mass, the patient may continue to experience pain, it is associated with not with a cork, and inflammation. The inflammatory process may stay for a while, even if it turns out medical help.

There are times that prior to the withdrawal of sulphuric mass, a person has not experienced pain, but after the procedure, after a while she began to grow. This suggests that the auditory organ between the gray and the eardrum before deleting any inflammatory process.

Pain evidence of inflammation. It is directly related to traffic. This is due to so — until the sulfur is accumulated, it resides in a passive state and does not cause anything, but as soon as there is any external influence, whether it be moisture, dust, or atmospheric pressure, the tube expands, blocking the ear canal.

In the resulting space the fluid has accumulated, which is a favorable environment for bacteria. Humidity acts as the perfect breeding ground for microorganisms.

Thus, after a time, their population increases significantly and begins to harm the soft tissues, creating an inflammatory process, accompanied by pulsating pain, dizziness, vomiting or secretions.


In summary, sulfuric tube is much easier to prevent than to remove it. Proper prevention is the hygiene of the auditory organ, as well as proper cleaning.

Forget about cotton swabs and other foreign objects that can injure the eardrum.