If laryngitis is transmitted by airborne droplets?

Can you get laryngitis airborne?

Infectious inflammation such as colds, flu, measles, or scarlet fever can cause the appearance of laryngitis. The inflammation in each case is manifested due to multiple factors, but rarely acts as an independent disease. The causes of laryngitis refers to long-term presence in the cold, get hypothermia, and in the case of human infection with the viral bacteria.

Knowing the causes of formation of this disease, many people are interested in the question whether the laryngitis is transmitted by airborne droplets. The answer to this question is controversial, so let us examine this factor in more detail.

About inflammation

Laryngitis is a complication of catarrhal and viral diseases. In the presence of precipitating factors, laryngitis appears quite often. Commonly, this disease is over one or two weeks. In the case of chronic inflammation of the disease can occur throughout the month.

Laryngitis is manifested in several ways. So, at the initial stage of inflammation is signaled by dryness and burning in the throat, but despite this, the overall condition is satisfactory.

If you do not have treatment at this stage, the patient has a cough, pain in the head or temples, the dryness increases and there is pain when swallowing. Appears hoarse voice, sometimes turning into a whisper. The cough becomes exhausting, and exhausting, with purulent secretions and sputum. At this time in the blood increases the level of leukocytes.

During the inspection, the technician notices a swelling of the mucous membranes of the throat and redness, and in some places appear crimson dot. They arise due to damaged capillaries.

The reason for the appearance of laryngitis is the penetration of the viral infection which enters the body due to the flu or a cold. At this stage inflammatory processes localized in the mucous membranes of the nose or throat, but if neglected diseases laryngitis can pass into the bronchi or lungs.

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Most often, this disease affects adults, but it is possible inflammation and in children, as there is a possibility of inflammation by airborne droplets. But this is the exception rather than fact.

Inflammation of the throat occurs with respiratory virus or various bacteria, e.g., streptococci or staphylococci.

In some cases, the laryngitis is a result of external factors:

  • hypothermia;
  • prolonged exposure to the sun;
  • the application is very hot or overly cold food;
  • the common voltage of the voice. Laryngitis commonly suffer teachers or singers;
  • addictions – tobacco and alcohol;
  • a long presence in places where dust, gas, and other harmful substances.

In some cases, the cause of laryngitis lies in the individual characteristics of the structure of the human body:

  1. Violation of metabolism.
  2. Problems of the gastrointestinal tract.
  3. Ulcers on vocal cords.

In some cases, laryngitis causes cancer of the larynx. This is due to the huge load on the vocal cords.

After ascertaining the cause of the inflammation, the question arises whether the laryngitis is transmitted by airborne droplets?

How is laryngitis

Laryngitis is of several types among which is also mentioned chronic. It is divided into three subspecies:

  1. Atrophic.
  2. Hypertrophic.
  3. Hyperplastic.

In this case, the laryngitis is not terrible for others, as it is not transmitted by airborne droplets.

In case of inflammation due to cancer of the larynx, others should not be afraid.

If the root cause of the inflammation become bacteria or viruses, the patient should be separated from the home, and visits to crowded places, as in this case of laryngitis contagious.

The most common symptom of inflammation of laringita is the voice changing.

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He becomes hoarse, weak and guttural. In severe cases the patient loses the ability to communicate.

In addition, the patient feels strong pain in the throat during a meal or drinks.

In some cases, there are unpleasant symptoms in the upper respiratory tract. It is believed that this form of inflammation is the most dangerous not only for the patient but also to others.

At first the patient feels the resonance of his own voice in the morning. For inflammation of the patient more difficult to restore the voice, as well as to eliminate pain.

But in the early stages of the disease laryngitis not terrible for the family members and colleagues. If you do not have treatment at this stage, the inflammation goes on to the more serious stages, in which bacteria are spread by airborne droplets.

Therefore, during the course of treatment of the patient with laryngitis should be removed from communication with people. To prevent this time you must wear a cotton-gauze bandage.

Inflammation can be dangerous even at the stage of recovery. Despite the fact that the patient were pain in the throat and suffocating cough, runny nose or sneeze the bacteria can go to a healthy person, provoking inflammation. Therefore, it is important to healing and to communicate with people to full recovery.

It is important to understand that in the process of inflammation of the body with laryngitis should not take antibiotics or other strong medicines. As the cause of the inflammation lies in the bacterial form, the patient must stay in bed, take plenty of water.

It would be helpful if the patient will use different herbal tinctures and conduct of inhalation. During treatment it is necessary to completely abandon bad habits.

Commonly, the inflammation takes full fourteen days. For all time eliminate contact with people.

However, if the laryngitis came out for allergic reactions, stress, mechanical irritation of the larynx or due to genetic predisposition, inflammation is not considered dangerous to the surrounding people.

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Remember that during inflammation laryngitis is necessary to guard against cold currents of air. Do not allow the manifestation of drafts or open Windows in the cold season. Keep warm feet.

If you have the need of communicating with people, wear a gauze bandage, but try to avoid hypothermia ligaments.

However, in order to avoid laryngitis does hold wet cleaning in the house twice a week and watch the level of humidity. In case of lack of fluid in the air get a humidifier.

Avoid harmful habits Smoking and alcohol. Lead a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly.

Throughout life you need to watch your diet and do not eat fatty and spicy foods. Try to drink more water.

If your professional activity is connected with conglomerations of dust and dirt twice a month is necessary to carry out prevention health to take vitamins and supplements, and do not forget to undergo a full examination of the body several times a year.