If menopause sore Breasts: causes, treatment

Menopause, and would not tolerate his woman, is almost always a difficult period in a woman’s life. She suddenly falls a lot of unpleasant manifestations of menopause and menopause and it may last for more than one year. One of the manifestations during menopause is breast pain. How to treat this? As regular process or with caution? Perhaps this is a sign of the disease. Try to understand.

Listen to yourself

He climatic period is a difficult time for women, after all, cease to produce hormones, which have been developed for almost all my life, as a result, the body undergoes changes, the woman handles stress and often do not know how to behave. During the whole reproductive function is declining. The lady had to go to the doctor to determine the causes that occur in the body. Despite this it is worth remembering that all this is a natural process and the norm.

Breast pain during menopause can occur because of changes in the body. Because the mammary gland is working under the influence of sex hormones, therefore, is directly related to their change, differences, or the lack of. It is thanks to the hormone begins to occur, breast enlargement, lactation and other processes. Menopause is a strong difference in a woman’s body hormones, so it can affect the chest, can cause swelling, pain, severe sensitivity. The woman may experience pain as during menstruation: breast sore, aching, unable to swell, tingling. All women, even healthy, was faced with such moments during the critical days. At this point, the body is also under influence of hormones, as in menopause. It is not easy to determine: sore Breasts from menopause or other reasons.

What are the reasons

If menopause sore Breasts – what are the main reasons? One of the reasons for breast pain – breast. Breasts can hurt because of the cancer. Many people know about these diseases. Nowadays they are common. Hereinafter, the change in the composition of fatty acids in the mammary glands. Because they consist of adipose tissue and changes in hormones that affect the breast area. So it can hurt the entire bust of a woman. The pain is usually not strong, but unpleasant aching.

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It is known that in this period, changes occur in the body and have problems with calcium deficiency, heart, blood vessels, bones become fragile, there is a degenerative disc disease. So, these reasons can also give in the chest. The woman will feel that sore breast gland, but actually osteochondrosis pain is given to the chest. To distinguish pain help specialist.

Another reason is stress. It would seem, as they can affect that sore Breasts during menopause? Just. Due to fluctuations or lack of certain hormones a woman is exposed to stress, becoming whiny, irritable, processes of change in the breast tissue of all chemical reactions, the result can be a sore chest. It is therefore important to protect themselves from negative emotions. You should be attentive to those who have suffered injuries of the mammary glands or the chest, even if it happened long ago. Sudden changes in hormones can recall about the incident pain. Taking certain medicines during menopause can also cause soreness in Breasts.

Smoking and alcohol disrupt the blood supply to these organs disrupt the normal metabolism is one of the reasons why sore breast. Doctors recommend menopause to give up bad habits, in order not to complicate the already unpleasant symptoms of menopause. Oddly enough, going through menopause, it’s very easy to get pregnant, because my period irregular or absent. And as you know, in early pregnancy also lead to pain in this area. We should listen to the body and in the presence of other symptoms of pregnancy do a test. In breast during menopause is also changing.

Sometimes sore nipples during menopause is not only a breast. This can occur due to the reduction of the hormone progestin. You want to be able to identify these symptoms and understand them. As you can see, the reasons for pain in breast and nipple in the data period a lot.

Even a woman may be accompanied by such symptoms as a feeling of heaviness in the chest, swelling, the gland can grow and swell, often increases the sensitivity of the Breasts and nipple area, the lady vanishes or is reduced libido. Basically, in case of serious ailments of the chest hurts like locally, in a particular place, the pain has a clear location, it could be a cyst, neoplasms, and is a serious occasion to go to the doctor and find out why sore breast.

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Do not forget that menopause can worsen many diseases and ailments that a woman was not even suspected. Listen to yourself to avoid health problems. Very bad signs is discharge from the breast and nipple, hillocks and bumps, here should immediately see a specialist, get tested and get tested to find out why there is pain in the breast during menopause.

What is mastodonia

A variety of pain in the chest area, an unpleasant tingling feeling, a feeling of heaviness, aching pain and other processes inside the Breasts called mastodonia. It is a syndrome in women, it is possible to feel almost any fluctuations or changes in the hormonal background, during menses and during menopause especially. Menopause can exist chaotic surges of the hormones estrogen and progesterone. When they fall, the whole reproductive function comes to naught. But by themselves, Breasts are very dependent on hormones due to anatomical features, because the breast associated with lactation and hormones. If hormones are elevated slice of the breast increases, may swell and cause pain. All these changes in the breast are called mastodonia. She is not scary – this is a common natural process, however, a woman should be able to distinguish it from disease or threat of disease that could be exacerbated during menopause.

On that note:

  • If you change the color of the skin or its relief, having redness, skin grimacing, or of the place has darkened, changed color;
  • Changed the shape of one of the Breasts;
  • Deformity of the nipple, its color selection;
  • Manifested General weakness in women, temperature, fever, signs of inflammation in the body;
  • Signs of cancer intoxication, loss of appetite, or lack thereof, anemia, General fatigue.

In all cases, we must not tarry, must immediately see a doctor, or gynecologist, mammologist, to make examination, to take the tumor markers.

Can I increase the Breasts during menopause and climatic period? Many women ask this question. Yes, it is, after all, increases fat and can increase weight women. Also, Breasts can swell during certain processes at menopause, for example, when the tissue is replaced by connective. These processes are natural, but still worth to be careful, as this evidence may have mastitis.

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Help yourself

How to help yourself in such trouble? If this is a common pain characteristic of the menopause, it is a treat they do not need, you can pick up the medications that will help ease the discomfort. These can be painkillers or other means. In these cases, it may help massage the Breasts, it can be carried by themselves or with the help of a masseur. Should be to choose the right underwear, so it is not squeezed and does not cause discomfort, pay attention to the material to maintain hygiene of the breast. While the pain can be compresses or douches. Can be applied to the chest of ice, wrapped in a towel or cloth. This will quickly relieve the pain and swelling. You want to diet and exercise.

Sometimes the pain may be strong and may interfere with a full life female. First should be examined in order to find out whether Breasts hurt because of the disease or not. So you need to do an ultrasound and a mammogram. For pain relief at home can be taken Diclofenac, Ibuprofen, Paracetamol. It is also important to take vitamins and sedatives: Valerian, Tamoxifen, Valerian. In other words, the tactics in this matter is this: pass examinations and tests to find the cause of the pain and take steps to address them. To perform preventive measures, so as to treat early breast enlargement is better than running form.