If pneumonia is transmitted by airborne droplets

Can you get pneumonia airborne?

Infectious disease that severely affects the lungs is called pneumonia. According to statistics, in Russia in one year this disease affects more than one million people, of which five percent are fatal.

So many people concerned with the question of pneumonia is transmitted by airborne droplets or not? Let us examine this issue in more detail.

About the disease

Pneumonia is a serious disease that affects the lungs.

The cause of pneumonia are considered inflammatory processes associated with appearance in the lungs of germs pneumococci, staphylococci and others and flu viruses, colds, and fungi.

And the reason is considered to be inhalation of toxic components and other harmful substances.

Cause of pneumonia in adults and children can be a viral disease. They enter the body through the respiratory tract.

It is known that they are active only in a weakened body and immediately begin to multiply and actively destroying healthy cells, thus causing disease.

In any case, the pneumonia is due to the weakening of the human immune system. This leads viral diseases, long use of antibiotics and unhealthy lifestyle in General.

But most often inflammation of the lungs occurs due to complications of several diseases, such as otitis media or sinusitis. That’s why doctors always say that any disease, even a seemingly harmless runny nose should be treated to the end.

At the first symptoms of pneumonia is necessary to consult a qualified physician for treatment and timely initiation of therapy. Since pneumonia is considered to be particularly dangerous disease, the treatment should be comprehensive, and the patient carefully monitor the dosages and performing all of the rules.

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Otherwise, the disease may worsen to serious complications, including death.

In the first place according to statistics, deaths in Russia is cancer, second is heart attack and stroke, and in third place on the list of fatal diseases is pneumonia.

Symptoms of the disease

Pay attention to the following factors:

  • dry cough;
  • when you inhale you experience chest pain;
  • high temperature. Sometimes it reaches 40 degrees Celsius;
  • strong chills;
  • shortness of breath;
  • severe headache;
  • strong weakness;
  • fatigue;
  • sweating;
  • the non-eating;
  • the sleep disturbance.

If you find these symptoms in yourself or your loved ones, immediately consult a doctor.

Can you get pneumonia by airborne droplets

It is known that pneumonia, even despite the fact that the disease is considered a complication of viral diseases, infected airborne droplets is impossible.

So the answer to the common question, whether the pneumonia is transmitted by airborne droplets will be unequivocal — no, that’s impossible.

This disease can not be infected directly through the air and drop way.

When you cough or sneeze of a patient with pneumonia can be transmitted to only those bacteria that have become an underlying cause of the disease.

So, contacted with a patient with pneumonia may catch a cold or flu, but in any case not pneumonia.

The opinion that if you get a fever from a patient with pneumonia, you will reach a similar fate, is wrong. Here comes to the fore immune health and how your body is fighting off viruses and infections. Therefore, when the first symptoms of colds immediately start treatment.

A particularly dangerous form of pneumonia

But not all types of pneumonia harmless to other people. So, if you had contact with a person who caseous pneumonia, there is the patient’s probability of disease through airborne droplets.

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The possibility of becoming infected if normal communication with the patient exists, but only in a weakened human immune system.

At risk are:

1. People who have had a surgical intervention.
2. Those suffering from chronic diseases.
3. Patients taking medicines for a long time.
4. Young mothers or women who are pregnant.
5. People who are not dolechili colds and flu.
6. People who drink excessive amounts of alcohol and also drug addicts.
7. The elderly.


Contracting pneumonia cannot contact, food, water or sex. Pneumonia the air is passed only when cheesy type. All other types of pneumonia is not terrible for other people.

In order to protect yourself should observe the rules of hygiene and take shower everyday and also wash hands thoroughly after street.

Every year go through the vaccination and full examination of the body.

When the first symptoms of the disease refer to a specialist for treatment.