If the bronchitis is transmitted by airborne droplets or not

Can you get bronchitis by droplets?

Perhaps, many have noticed an instinctive desire to hide behind a hand or a handkerchief near a sneezing or coughing person. And it is not surprising to get sick because nobody wants.

In this article we talk about how bronchitis is transmitted by airborne droplets or not. Because the disease is one of the most common among the disorders that can affect the respiratory tract. And this question – not an accident. The answer is of interest to many, often because healthy people are in the same room with an infected person (home, work, school or even the bus).

What is bronchitis

Bronchitis is a respiratory disease that affects the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract (bronchi) and is characterized by dry or moist rales, determine which is possible while listening to the chest.

The disease is accompanied with cough, occasionally whistling respiration. Pathology equally susceptible to both children and adults.

Help. Cough bronchial system performs the removal of dust and sputum, while the air speed is more than 140 km/h.

Bronchitis according to the symptoms and character of the course klassificeret into several types, namely:

  • acute bronchitis – acute inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bronchi, and partly affects the trachea. There has been a sharp increase in the discharge of phlegm when you cough. During the illness there is a clear swelling of mucous leading to blockage or obstruction of the bronchi. As a result, may develop obstructive bronchitis;
  • chronic bronchitis is usually a complication of acute pathology. Characterized by lesions of the large and small ramifications of the bronchial system and change of secretion. Also, increased sputum production, and disrupted the work of purification and protection system.
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As for the causes of bronchitis, are the following:

  1. Viruses can trigger the development of bronchitis may more than 200 varieties of 50 different viruses and bacteria. It should be noted that quite often, these pathogens create interactive pathogenic formations of different shapes. Statistics show that these cases account for 90% of all diseases.
  2. Bacteria occur most often in people suffering from chronic inflammation in the cavity of the nasopharynx. If tests show that is a bacterial form of bronchitis, specialists often prescribe antibiotics.
  3. Non-infectious factors such as disease development can provoke long-term exposure to various irritants: household chemicals, dust, toxic substances, and contact with allergens.

Help. Bronchitis, provoked by the influence of the allergic agent (pollen, fungus, mold, wool) is not a danger to others, a form of disease is not contagious.

If the bronchitis is transmitted by airborne droplets

During cough and sneeze of the infected person throws out into the air countless tiny particles with pathogenic organisms.

In areas with large concentrations of people this leads to the fact that the infection is spreading rapidly, penetrating into the cavity of the nasopharynx.

That is why the question about can you get bronchitis by airborne droplets has a definite answer – Yes, probably.

So, the bronchitis, the cause of which was the virus transmitted by air during inhalation of contaminated droplets, which mainly occurs during yawning, sneezing, coughing and talking.

Work on performing just infected by viruses and bacteria, which became the root cause of this inflammatory process.

However, there is one thing that cannot be overlooked. So, the virus entered the human body is not always able to provoke the development of inflammation in the bronchi.

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However, it can transform and take the form of tonsillitis, pharyngitis or laryngitis. This will depend on your body’s response to pathogenic microorganism.

To predict the functioning of a pathogenic agent in humans impossible. Also it is impossible to predict whether affected bronchial system or not. For this probability answer only the protective functions of the organism as a whole and the protective function of the bronchi.

That is, in other words, will the body to spread of infection into the respiratory system or stop her in the throat.

To summarize, we can say that bronchitis is quite a common disease and not so much due to the fact that is spread by airborne droplets, and because many of us have very weak immune system of the body, which is unable to fully repel various infections.

Of course preventive measures wash hands after street and ventilate the room – it’s an immutable rule. However, the most important thing is to strengthen the immune functions of the body.

Also, we suggest to familiarize with the information on how to distinguish sinusitis from rhinitis, how to prevent it.