If the child has sore ears and a temperature what could it be and how to act in such cases

What to do if the child has ear pain and a fever?

In inflammatory processes in the ears a person experiences severe pain. They can be shooting, sharp, dull or sharp. In this period the adult experiences a severe discomfort. However, in the case of children the situation is much worse.

Therefore, if a child has an Earache and a temperature above 37 degrees Celsius, it is necessary to take urgent measures. As inflammation of the ear have serious consequences, e.g. inflammation of otitis media, hearing loss, feeling of stuffiness. All signs can go to the acute or chronic stage.

Causes of pain in the ears and high temperature

Disease of the ears in children can occur for various reasons. In most cases this occurs due to the formation of sulfuric stopper or inflammations in the middle ear. In addition to the causes of inflammation include:

  1. The appearance of the boil.
  2. The presence of the fungus in the outer part.
  3. Otitis external, middle or inner ear.
  4. Trauma to the ear on.

Remember that self-treatment, regardless of inflammation is undesirable.

Because you can damage the integrity of the tympanic region, or to provoke the reproduction of the infection.

In addition, if the child has a high temperature and a sore ear it is not necessary to apply methods of alternative medicine.

As initially you need to determine the root cause of the inflammation, to undergo examination and diagnosis by a qualified physician.

In some cases, traditional medicine relieves the symptoms of otitis inflammation and eliminate pain. However, to use these methods only after consulting with a specialist.

Pain in the ear passage appears quite often. More than 80% of children develop otitis media in the preschool age.

The main symptoms of this inflammation is considered a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius, ear pain, with shooting or sharp appearance, nausea, loss of appetite, sleep disturbance.

Children during illness much fuss and cry, so please be patient and follow the doctor’s orders. Remember that the inflammation is quite dangerous, because a baby can develop hearing loss. Therefore, if the child has sore ears and a temperature, consult a specialist as soon as possible.

In addition to otitis media, pain in the ears and the head can be caused by the following inflammations:

  1. Lose the outer part of the ear or the average of field mushrooms. At this time, the baby popping boils, purulent discharge and other symptoms. Atomikos rather unpleasant inflammation in which the patient must comply with bed rest.
  2. Improper treatment can occur a blockage of the Eustachian tube. This complication occurs as a result of various diseases of the upper respiratory tract. At this time, the patient experiences headache and stuffy ears.
  3. In the case of head and ear pain, you must check for cerumen. In the case of excessive formation of secretion, it can clog the ear canal, causing a rise in temperature of a child, as well as pain while eating or talking.
  4. In the case of SARS, sore throat, colds and other viral or bacterial inflammation of the body is a disease of the middle ear, accompanied by headaches.
  5. Check the status of the parotid lymph nodes. Often the pain, fever, nausea and other symptoms can be caused by lymphadenitis.
  6. In the case of pathological problems with the structure of the facial nerve may be a manifestation of neuralgia. In this case, the person feels pain when activating the jaws or gums.

In some cases, pain in the ears and the head caused by an inflammatory process in the brain membrane or in the mastoid. In both the cases are of bacterial beginning. In the disease process the patient experiences fever, different discharge from the ears, and hearing loss.

Make sure in the absence of such inflammation, such as:

  • mumps;
  • smallpox;
  • disease of the skin;
  • inflammation of the ear;
  • trauma of the organ of hearing;
  • various tumors in the ear;
  • teething;
  • various inflammatory processes in the mouth;
  • the blood circulation;
  • insect stings in the ears of the nearby organs;
  • burns or hypothermia.

Make sure in the absence of a foreign object in the ear canal, and also that the ears are not exposed to water.

This is especially true in the summer when opened the swimming season.

In this case, the liquid needs to withdraw as quickly as possible, and in the case of a foreign object contact nearby TRAVMPUNKT.

Pain in the ears and head can appear due to prolonged use of antibiotics or antidepressants. In more rare cases the ears may ache due to prolonged action of cold wind.

Treatment for inflammation

Once you have established the cause of inflammation start comprehensive treatment. It is important to not only remove the symptoms of inflammation, but also to eliminate the source of the disease. So, in case of rise in temperature and pain in the ear with otitis media, you must install the integrity or perforation of the tympanic region.

At this time it is strictly forbidden to bury in the ears of various drugs, as you can trigger a complication of inflammation.

After determining all causes, symptoms and passed the examination, the specialist assigns a vasodilator the drops in the nose.

They reduce swelling in the nose and ear canal and, thus, normalize the respiratory tract.

At this time, the pressure is equalized in the Eustachian tube and the patient experiences reduced pain.

If the child has no fever and discharge from the ear, but he continues to complain of pain, apply an alcohol compress or heat therapy.

Remember that for treatment of alcohol dilute with water in the ratio of one to one, and applying a compress through a gauze bandage. It is important to open the ear canal. For this purpose, the gauze make the incision through which pass the outer ear. Then close the ear with cellophane and pure wool.

This will have an increasing warming process. Keep the compress on for two hours and then coat the ear baby cream. After the procedure the child is forbidden to go outside for five hours, so carry out this operation at night.

In addition, the baby need to give antipyretics and painkillers – «Nurofen», «Paracetamol», «Efferalgan», «Ibuprofen».

After you have convinced of the absence of perforations drip the baby’s ears of ear drops, «Drops», «Otinum», «Garison» or «Sofradeks».

When treatment is necessary to strictly adhere to dosing of medications and comply with treatment prescribed by a specialist.

Treatment of purulent secretions

In case of purulent otitis media should be more serious treatment, which includes antibiotics and other treatments.

You first need to reduce pain with painkillers. It is important to reduce the temperature and drink plenty of water. After that, the doctor prescribes anti-inflammatory drugs and antibacterial drugs – «Flameclaw», «Flemoxin Solutab», «Tsifran», «Amoxiclav». In addition to the use of tablets, it is important to bury in the ears drops «Sofradeks» or «Unum» twice a day.

In the case of profuse discharge of pus and severe pain in the ears are small, the patient is prescribed a puncture of the eardrum. This operation is important to do as early as possible. Otherwise there is a possibility of complications of the disease.

Puncture of the tympanic membrane is quite painful, so very young patients it is performed under local anesthesia. After the procedure, flush the ear three times a day

After the described procedures, when the baby is on the mend, you need to undergo heat therapy and other physiotherapy treatments, including ultraviolet radiation and laser treatment

Sulfuric tube

In the case of formation of cerumen baby should wash his ears. This operation can be performed at home, in a medical facility.

If cerumen is soft and has an orange tint, you must purchase ear drops «Remo-wax» or «HHonors».

Enter on two drops in each ear, and then close the point for fifteen minutes. After that wipe every fold of the ear of the baby.

If the sulfur found brown, has an unpleasant odor and delivers a strong discomfort, it is necessary to conduct washing.

In the case of treating children, it is not recommended to carry out this procedure yourself, as there is a risk to violate the integrity of the eardrum.

In hospitals before the removal of sulfur ear to prepare with the help of hydrogen peroxide. It softens the skin and stagnated traffic. Then using a special syringe into the child’s ear introduced a solution, which removes sulfur.

Therapy for injuries

If the cause of the pain and fever associated with the animal bite or injury to the outer ear passage needs to be treated with chlorhexidine. It will quickly restore the affected area and destroy of bacteria got into it.

If significant trauma, and pain after treatment is not reduced, an urgent need to go to the medical center.

Inflammation of the lymph nodes

If the sore ears and a temperature in connection with inflammation of the lymph nodes behind the ears need a comprehensive treatment aimed at pain relief and reduction of swelling. For this patient assigned to antibiotic — «flemoksin Solutab».

In addition, it is necessary to reduce the inflammatory process with drugs such as «Zyrtec», «Telfast», «Aerius».

Throughout the course of treatment the child needed vitamins that will help increase your immune system. In addition, the patient assigned «Cefotaxime», «Tsiprolet», «Cephalexin» to enhance the overall tone.

To eliminate bacteria and germs the little patient are assigned «Effective», «Nurofen», «Paracetamol».

In more difficult situations, not to do without surgical intervention and laser treatment and complex of physiotherapeutic procedures:


Remember that ear inflammation have serious consequences. It is therefore particularly important to notice the first signs of the disease and begin early treatment.

After the restoration of the health of the child needs to undergo resolving therapy, which eliminates antibiotic residues and other toxic substances.

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