In the ear as if something stirs: the causes of this feeling

Causing a sensation that the ear is something moving?

The resulting feeling in the ear as if something is moving, the person can cause a lot of discomfort. These include discomfort, psychological tension, including fear. Particularly vulnerable people can fall into a state of panic. Such a sign is able to disturb a man a couple of days, but can last for many years.

This problem can happen to anyone. And these feelings can cause insomnia, loss of appetite, pain in the temples, irritability. An unpleasant symptom may indicate the development of some pathology. In any case, to get rid of the problem, you first need to figure out what caused it.

About the ears

The human ear is a paired organ that has a complicated structure, which provides the perception of fluctuations of waves of sound. Due to this, a person can not only determine the timbre, strength and height of the sound signals and the source of the resulting sound, which contributes to landmark human in space.

The human ear is divided into three main divisions:

  • the outer ear;
  • secondary;
  • internal.

Stir in the ear: the main causes

The main factors causing the feeling of wiggling in the ear:

  • liquid;
  • insects;
  • foreign objects;
  • cerumen impaction;
  • pulsation of blood vessels.

The person may feel that someone crawling in the ear canal, tickling, scratching it. Also may be a feeling that the ear is pulsating.

Hit in the ear fluid

When bathing in the ear canal may enter the liquid. If the ear membrane is damaged, and the liquid is not aggressive, unpleasant consequence can only be the infection of the outer ear. Acoustic sounds in the organ of hearing can occur if you use ear drops or hydrogen peroxide.

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Insects and mites

Sometimes the ear can get insects: mosquito, gnat, fly and other. This can occur when outdoor recreation, and in ordinary home situations. Trapped in the ear, the insect creates a feeling that the ear something moving and crawling.

In the absence of injuries and defects of the tympanic membrane, such intervention will not do much danger. But the unpleasant feeling stirring in the ear, and an understanding that in his ear lives a living organism, have a powerful impact.

Usually out of the insects on their own, at a different outcome, they just die. It also has a negative results in addition to discomfort and blocking the passage. But what about the oviposition by an insect in the ear should be treated with skepticism.

Unpleasant and much worse is the situation of penetration into the organ of hearing the ear mite. This can happen in rare cases, the infected person is capable of any animal. To reveal his ordinary ways pretty hard. Except the movement in my ears and felt the bites.

In addition, ticks can carry harmful diseases, as well as to start reproduction, capturing a huge area inside the outer ear. In this case, you must consult a doctor – infectious disease, because the otolaryngologist may not detect their presence because of limited modes of research.

Foreign objects

A strong sense of movement and tickling the ear could trigger caught in his hair. This often occurs during cutting, styling and shaping the hairstyle. Usually the problem takes place without foreign intervention, together with the release of ear wax from the body.

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In case of ingress of foreign objects not small in size may occur itching, pain, stuffiness in ear. May experience hearing loss due to blockage of passage. A person is able to experience the strongest noises that are in the process of swallowing increase significantly.

Dangerous situation occurs when it enters the body a foreign object with sharp edges. This can cause not only noise and movement, but also intense pain.


A person can feel wiggling in the ear, if the ear canal is formed cerumen. This is especially felt when chewing. Extract the cork in the home, you must be careful. During the procedure can disrupt the body and damage the eardrum.

The best option is to appeal to the specialist.

Pulsation of blood vessels

Sometimes feeling that the ear is something that moves, is associated with the occurrence of pulsation of the vessels of the ear. This phenomenon occurs when you increase or decrease pressure, spasms of the vessels. The vascular wall are beginning to decline, causing a state of discomfort.

At frequently occurring such symptoms should consult a doctor, as this is an important factor testifying to violations of health and well-being.

To get rid of unpleasant sensations in the ear area is possible only if the root of the problem. Acting blindly is not worth it. If you are unable to determine the cause of discomfort in the ear, seek help from a medical specialist.