In the ear like bubbles — what is it

What to do if ears are like bubbles?

The human body is very difficult. The slightest changes in the usual processes of life talking about the fact that there is a certain failure. Sometimes the resulting symptoms did not indicate anything in particular and to understand its causes difficult. Quite often you can hear complaints about what my ears like bubbles. Initially, it seems that this is a direct allusion to the pathology associated with by the ears and auditory channels, although this is often a cause of ailments totally unrelated to the hearing.

In the event of such symptoms as soon as possible to take appropriate remedial action, and to do that, you need to understand the reasons why. Eliminate suspicious noises will only be the case if the provoking factor is removed. Such problems depending on their nature of origin sometimes can be «cured» home. In severe cases, hospitalization is required for more serious treatment.

The nature of noise in the ears

Noises in the ears can have a completely different character, so the patients coming with such problems, always describe the affliction in its own way. Someone complains about an occasional «gurgling», bubbles in the ear, heard the crackle, hum.

Others argue that to your ear like a bee buzzing, the sound of a running chainsaw, buzzing machine.

Somebody heard the splash of waves or the sound of raindrops falling on the asphalt.

Help. The noise can be constant or occur in certain situations.

The duration of the phenomenon is also different:

  1. Someone tinnitus takes place suddenly, just as it had begun.
  2. Others hear strange sounds throughout the day.
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Additional symptoms of the stimuli may not be, or Vice versa, together with extraneous sounds, headache, loss of hearing fully or partially, there is a General malaise or irritation caused by a General discomfort.

Lying down, standing or sitting, the nature of the noise may vary. Pulsating sounds become monotonous, quiet to loud and Vice versa.

Causes of noise

The cause of these symptoms is always something that can cause a disruption of functionality of the auditory nerve:

  • head injury;
  • the development of infection in the ear;
  • poor blood circulation in the ear area;
  • a brain aneurysm;
  • the development of malignant tumors that affect the brain.

Help. Frequently with complaints about noise in the ears people who neglect the rules of swimming in reservoirs.

When bathing in polluted water bodies in the ears enters the water, it leads to infection, which actually creates a sense the fact that ear like bubbles burst. If you got clean water, do not worry, it is necessary to remove the noise dies down.

Disease accompanied by tinnitus

Correctly identify provoke the disease can only be experienced specialist. It is important to compare events with additional symptoms and to make the right conclusions, given certain test results and General condition of the patient.

Doctors admit that tinnitus may indicate:

  • inflammation of the auditory tube;
  • neuritis of the auditory nerve;
  • problems with the blood vessels of the brain;
  • rheumatism or atherosclerosis;
  • the growth of malignant tumors (cancer).

The appearance of tinnitus can be triggered by the strong impact attributable to the appropriate area head, with serious head and ear injuries. Pressure surges, stress, anxiety, emotional distress, hunger, and fear — all of this leads to coming from the depths of the ears irritating and frightening sounds.

Help. Tinnitus may be the consequence of a number of colds.

What to do when tinnitus

It is important to realize that the sooner you notice the problem, rather than be able to define the triggers, the easier it will become. Running noise in ears gradually grow into a real disease, primarily neurological.

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Depending on the causes, the consequences can be irreversible, ranging from hearing loss before the development of incurable chronic diseases.

Contact a

If you are unable to determine the cause of the tinnitus, besides you are concerned about other symptoms, you should as soon as possible visit an otolaryngologist and pass the course examination.

In the future, the doctor will determine the diagnosis or refer to the appointment with other specialists: a neurologist, endocrinologist, cardiologist, oncologist. At the reception try to be clearer to describe my real feelings and to note additional symptoms. This will help the doctor soon to determine the diagnosis and prescribe the right course of treatment.

What you can do at home

Often, the person faced with the appearance of tinnitus, understand its causes himself, knowing what was happening to him lately. If the ears are exposed to water, it should be removed with cotton sticks, dry with warm air or just jump on one leg, the liquid came out.

If you had a cold and ears have lost, it is possible to warm directly into the ear to allow a few drops of the medicine:

  • camphor oil;
  • of the drug on the basis of boric acid;
  • anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • antiseptic product;
  • tincture of propolis diluted in vegetable oil;
  • juice of baked onions;
  • honey.

Attention! If self-treatment for two hours doesn’t yield result, you should immediately go to the hospital. It makes no sense to experiment! Especially it is impossible to make any strong drugs, until determination of the diagnosis. Indeed, in some cases, even the warming of the ear can lead to additional problems.

It is important to understand that in some cases, for example, if in the ear sensation, as if bubbles and extra people began fever, headache, there is nausea and fatigue, can’t do without doctors. If the ear became infected, you can completely lose your hearing.

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In cases with high blood or eye pressure, congestive heart failure may be more serious consequences such as coma. It is clear that the drops are not enough and need a more radical solution to the problem.

Therefore, before proceeding to self, find time to visit the doctor, and then, if the reasons are not so dangerous, do some problem-solving under the supervision of a specialist.