Inflamed lymph node behind ear in child — causes and how to treat

What to do if inflamed lymph node behind ear in a child?

Inflammation of the vascular system of the body is a very common disease today. However, if inflamed parotid lymph node – this indicates the beginning of an infectious disease in the body.

Pay attention to the condition and appearance of the lymph node. When painful feelings, festering, immobility and increase in volume, you should immediately turn to a medical facility. This should be done immediately if the inflamed lymph node behind ear in child.

On the inflammation of lymph nodes

It is important to recall that the lymphatic system is an important part of the vascular structure of the human body, and the lymph is a liquid which has no color. She bathes all the cells and tissues of the body.

The lymph nodes in the human body that performs multiple functions.

They protect the body from bacteria and invasion of various infections.

However, when modern quality of life and bad ecology enlarged lymph node behind the ear of a child is not a rare disease.

Thus, the body is a marker of early inflammation and / or viruses in the blood.

However, in more serious cases inflammation of the lymph nodes behind the ear in a child indicates a tumor-like formations.

The ear lymph nodes are located behind the ears. They can be of various shapes:

  • round;
  • oval;
  • in the form of beans.

Please note the photo of lymph node behind ear in child:

In the normal state lymph nodes behind the ear in a child mobile, do not come into contact with the skin and do not cause a painful reaction when touched. The size of the lymph node is no more than five millimeters.

In case of inflammation this area, the child has a sore behind his ear, the baby is often cranky and cries and refuses to accept food and can’t sleep.

In addition, the baby increases body temperature, and the place of the lymph node lumps appear.

So if you increase this vessel please note the condition of the child as a whole, as the enlarged blood vessels always warn about possible dangers.

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Sore lymph nodes behind the ear in a child: causes

If you noticed infection in infants behind ear lymph node, it is necessary to conduct diagnosis in a medical facility.

Young parents should not start self-medication, without identifying the root cause of inflammation. Otherwise there is a risk of contamination by repeated infections or complications of the disease.

However, before you visit a specialist, pay attention to the signs and start treatment inflammation listed:

  1. The otitis.
  2. Sinusitis.
  3. Inflammation of the nerves.
  4. Problems in the outer ear caused by colds.
  5. Inflammatory processes in the nasopharynx.
  6. Runny nose.
  7. Inflammation of the tonsils.
  8. Chronic inflammation of the mucous membrane of the pharynx.
  9. Inflammation in the mouth region of the baby.
  10. Caries.
  11. Purulent processes of the mouth.
  12. Open wounds in the oral region.
  13. Inflammation of the tooth nerve.

In more severe cases, the lymph node can become inflamed due to syphilis or tuberculosis, and even HIV.

In addition, pay attention to possible infectious diseases. These include scarlet fever, mononucleosis, measles, mumps, rubella.

The following reasons may be basic, but they need to pay attention:

  1. The appearance of fungus in the ear.
  2. Neoplastic blood disease, in which tumor cells are formed of Mature cells of the lymphoid tissue.
  3. A malignant tumor, which is clinically destroyed lymph nodes.
  4. Allergic dermatitis.
  5. The formation of white films in the throat.
  6. Strep sore throat.

In addition to these signs of inflammation can cause long use of antibiotics and medicines containing phenytoin, pyrimethamine, quinidine, sulfonamide.

Symptoms of the disease

Pay attention to the following symptoms, such as inflammation, such as swollen lymph nodes behind the ears in children is accompanied not only increase in size.

  1. Increased body temperature reaching 39 degrees Celsius.
  2. Malaise, rapid onset of fatigue.
  3. The child is often capricious and crying.
  4. There comes insomnia.
  5. The baby refuses food.
  6. Severe headache.
  7. Purulent eruptions behind the ears.

In some cases children do not feel any symptoms or are unable to explain them because of their age. However, if the baby often touching his ears or face is a clear signal to the attentive parent to seek medical attention.

This inflammation there are several stages. If the lymph node, the child became rigid, and the color of the skin is changing rapidly – this is a major process in the body.

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After determining the root causes, the specialist will prescribe a course of treatment. After fisioterapi and application of the medicated, the lymph node will return to its natural form.

How to treat a swollen lymph node behind ear in child

Upon detection of inflammation behind the ear of the baby should undergo a full diagnostic health. Often, the decision accurate diagnosis it is necessary to take a blood test.

In addition, the patient should undergo a CT scan and x-rays.

After inspection and the results obtained, the doctor prescribes treatment.

Depending on the scenario, the patient is assigned to the following medicines:

  • antibiotics and penicillin are used, for example, «flemoksin Solutab»;
  • in case of increase of the lymph nodes because of the allergens the patient is assigned antihistamines «Zyrtec», «Telfast», «Aerius»;
  • antimicrobial drugs are «Effective», «Nurofen», «Paracetamol»;
  • also the necessary drugs to raise the General tone in the body: «Cefotaxime», «Tsiprolet», «Cephalexin».

In case of inflammation due to signs of otitis, the patient is assigned a specialized drops and antibiotics. In milder cases, for example, otitis externa, just ear drops and physical therapy, including thermotherapy, and laser therapy.

To reduce the pain the little patient is prescribed painkillers, treatment with dressings and liqueurs.

For more serious diseases, such as acute purulent lymphadenitis to avoid surgery.

Before the operation the patient is assigned a special course of antibiotics and preoperative exercise.


Parents should daily monitor not only the condition of the ears and lymph nodes. In addition, mother’s breast the baby should be systematically check whether enlarged lymph nodes and gently care for the condition of the outer ear.

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Remember that when aggravation of a lymph node, it is strictly prohibited to conduct manipulation with the use of traditional medicine.

The affected area should not be warm or to massage, and applying compresses without a doctor’s permission. This will lead to the deterioration of health of the baby.

It is best in this situation to consult a doctor for an accurate diagnosis decision.