Inflamed lymph nodes behind ear: causes and symptoms photo

Why vespaluus lymph nodes behind the ears and how to diagnose?

Every day a person is faced with a huge amount of bacteria and infections. However, due to its structure and functioning of the body firmly protected from harmful elements. But in the case of the deterioration of the immune system, the person quickly becomes sick.

In this case, the first to suffer the lymphatic system. In most cases, the affected parotid lymphadenitis. In this article we analyze in detail the causes of inflammation of the parotid lymph node and why it hurts under ear on neck.

The structure of the lymph nodes

Lymph nodes are small aggregations of lymphatic tissue. They protect the immune system from harmful bacteria and infections.

In addition, lymph nodes destroy cancer cells and foreign substances.

In case of frostbite, a burn or long use of antibiotics and other reasons, the immune system fails.

In this case, human health can be significantly reduced.

In the human body there are about thousands of lymph nodes. They line up as a natural barrier and do not allow to penetrate the bacteria in the body.


At this point, the microorganisms can easily pass into the body and deliver a great inconvenience. When inflammation of the body primarily affects the lymph nodes behind the ear.

So, if you have an inflamed lymph node behind the ear, contact your doctor, as it is an alarming sign. Commonly, it indicates a disease region of the organ of hearing, nose, or throat.

Note as ears. If the veins in the swollen place, when you touch the person experiences pain, and the lymph node is not moving then it is a clear signal about the disease. In this case, the lymph nodes already don’t absorb a variety of toxins or bacteria in the body is infection.

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Please note the photo of lymph nodes behind the ear:

The cause of the inflammation

Many people worry about the question of why inflamed lymph node behind the ear. Causes of swollen lymph nodes behind ear can be set. Due to the fact that the very the lymphatic system is a complex plexus, and lymph has the ability of self-purification, inflammation of the lymph nodes under the ear lobe is a serious disease.

Due to the fact that the lymph nodes are directly associated with the circulatory system, inflammation is quickly transferred throughout the body.

The first to suffer the parotid lymph nodes, which are located at the rear of the organ of hearing.

They combine the blood vessels in the temporal and parietal region.

Because of the proximity to the brain, the disease in this region should be treated first. When not treated, the patient can lose hearing acuity and cause serious consequences.

Remember that the natural state of the lymph nodes behind the ear is soft and movable, and in the period of inflammation gain the sensitive nature and may vary in color.

Pay attention to the causes of inflammation of this area:

  1. The otitis.
  2. The boils in the outer region.
  3. Inflammation of the Eustachian tube.
  4. Dysfunction of the auditory tube.
  5. Diseases of the auditory nerve.
  6. Infectious and virus diseases of the ears.

In addition, you should pay attention to dental health, as tooth decay, pharyngitis or inflammation of the tonsils can cause the appearance of swelling under the ear.

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Another common reason is colds and acute viral infection accompanied by a runny nose. It is therefore important to treat the seemingly harmless runny nose to the end.

Pain and swollen lymph nodes may be accompanied by purulent formations. Immediately consult a doctor to diagnose the disease. In the case of lymphadenitis needs urgent treatment.

In addition to the reasons described, to provoke inflammation can ear disease in the form of:

  1. Chronic otitis.
  2. Purulent otitis.
  3. Inflammation of stageit.
  4. Neuritis.

If you have a pathology of the nasopharynx, pay attention to such reasons as:

  1. Rhinitis.
  2. Pharyngitis.
  3. Tonsillitis.
  4. Caries.

Specific infectious diseases such as mumps, measles and scarlet fever can also cause inflammation of the lymph nodes.

Commonly, the inflammation is localized only on one side, but a chronic disease may cause bilateral inflammation of the lymph nodes.

Please note, where there is a lymph node behind the ear photo:

Symptoms of the disease

The main symptom of the disease is considered to be increased in size limfouzel. In addition, on palpation the person experiences a sharp pain.

The size of the enlarged lymph node can be from one to three inches depending on the individual characteristics of the organism.

In case of purulent inflammation in patients diagnosed with the following characteristics:

  1. Severe swelling of the lymph node. This is due to the inflammation of lymph fluid which leads to stretching of the capsule.
  2. Due to the inflammatory process, blood vessels dilate. It causes flushing and redness.
  3. The increased body temperature.
  4. Pain at the site of inflammation. Due to the compression of nerve endings, the receptors react to the touch pain and inflammation.
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Remember that purulent inflammation of lihoslav dangerous disease. When not treated the pus goes to the next tissues and organs, causing lesions of the body.

In some cases, patients are diagnosed with the bumps on the earlobe. in addition, decreased appetite and lost sleep. Therefore, treatment in case of inflammation of the ears should be comprehensive and immediate.


In case you notice these signs and symptoms consult a doctor for diagnosis. Commonly it includes a computer, or magnetic resonance imaging and litografia. Do not delay inspection, as in the case of inflammation behind the ears, the risk of brain disease.

It can cause hearing loss, feeling of stuffiness and other symptoms. In severe cases, a person can lose memory.