Inflamed lymph nodes behind ear — what to do, than to treat

How to treat swollen lymph nodes behind the ears?

The daily negative effects of the environment of the person easily falls ill. In case of frostbite or as a result of long use of antibiotics, in humans there is a decrease in the immune system that triggers inflammation and the spread of infections.

For the body’s natural defenses in the human body is more than two thousand lipofusion which are arranged as a barrier between the cells of the organism and malware infections. However, in case of illness, a person may become inflamed lymph node behind the ear. In this article we take a closer look at the next question: what to do if inflamed lymph nodes behind the ear?

How to treat a sore lymph node behind ear

Inflammation of the lymph nodes behind the ear appears because of infection in the sinuses or as a result of penetration of bacteria in the outer or middle ear. So, if the virus is localized at a short distance from the ear, suffers not only the organ of hearing, but also the surrounding organs and tissues.

Pay attention to the following diseases in which it is urgent to begin treatment:

  1. Diseases of the ear.
  2. The defeat of the nervous cells.
  3. Otitis external or middle ear.
  4. The appearance of the boil.
  5. Dysfunction of the Eustachian tube.
  6. Pathology in the nose or sinuses.
  7. Colds.

In some cases, the inflammation may be caused by penetration of the fungus.

In the formation of pus, the inflammation is localized quickly throughout the body. It is for this reason the treatment of ear lymphadenitis is a long time.

Remember that the lymphatic system of the body responsible for the excretion of trace elements, toxins and other harmful bacteria. When inflammation of the lymph node behind the ear, the treatment should be comprehensive and timely.

Find out all the causes and symptoms, start treatment and decide if inflamed lymph nodes behind the ear, what to do in the first place.

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If inflamed parotid lymph node — what to do?

After determining the cause of the disease, pay attention to the direction of inflammation. The lymph node can become inflamed and compacted with one hand. However, in the case of chronic diseases there is a bilateral inflammation.

In addition, the urgent need to diagnose disease using imaging and other tests. So, if the lymph node has increased due to bacterial growth in the ears need to begin antiviral treatment. But just before the start of treatment, select the kind of bacteria and its rate is sensitive to antibiotics.

This is necessary in order to prescribe an effective treatment which eliminates the risk of ineffective therapies.

In the case of fungal infections note the condition of the skin of the ears and head. Often when such inflammation, the patient is disturbed integrity of the skin.

In addition, the patient feels severe itching and burning. In conclusion, in patients noted the strong ear pain that can be throbbing, and shooting.

In the most severe cases there are purulent rashes.

This stage is particularly dangerous because of its proximity to the brain.

In this case, enlarged lymph nodes can cause serious problems.

It is therefore important to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of the disease. In the process of the survey, the physician must determine at what stage is the inflammation and prevent chronic disease.

In the treatment it is first necessary to improve the General condition of the patient. To do this, it will be assigned the use of a large amount of water and bed rest.

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In addition, drink vitamins supplements and active. Maintain an average temperature in the room and don’t forget to humidify the air.

In addition to these procedures, it is recommended to use iodine mesh. In the case of pain, use the decoction of chamomile.

To prevent the appearance of abscesses, antibiotic therapy is necessary.

Pay attention to the condition of lymph nodes near the nasopharynx. If the inflammation is localized immediately behind the ears and in the nose – seek medical help immediately, as in some cases, such symptoms indicate the initial stages of cancer.

The treatment of the disease

Once you have consulted with the ENT doctor and passed the examination, start treatment. Many people, after consultation with the doctor worried how to treat a sore lymph node behind the ear.

Remember that the inflammation of lymph nodes triggered by viral infections.

Treatment should be aimed at removing the pain and swelling and eliminating viruses. With this purpose, the patient is prescribed antibiotics from the group of cephalosporins, sulfonamides, for example, «flemoksin Solutab».

Antibiotics for inflammation of the lymph nodes behind the ear are needed.

Moreover, the patient required a course of tools that help to normalize immune status. They include:

  1. Antihistamine drugs that reduce the inflammatory response. In the case of chronic disease they help to reduce the symptoms — «Zyrtec», «Telfast», «Aerius».
  2. Drugs, normalizing immune health.
  3. A course of vitamins with lots of vitamin C. Also the necessary drugs to raise the General tone in the body: «Cefotaxime», «Tsiprolet», «Cephalexin».
  4. Antimicrobial drugs are «Effective», «Nurofen», «Paracetamol».

In addition, the patient needs to undergo the complex of physiotherapeutic procedures:

  1. The electrophoresis proteolytic enzymes to prevent fusion of the lymph node with the surrounding tissues.
  2. Effect of ultrahigh frequency electric current.
  3. A course of laser therapy.
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It is important to know that not all methods of physiotherapy fit with serous or chronic form.

Surgical technique

In the case of purulent secretions and a strong pain the patient is assigned a surgical intervention. However, immediately before surgery the patient should take a course of antibiotics. Commonly it lasts for three days.

Next is surgery to remove the pus. By a wide incision, the surgeon opens the lymph node and removes the accumulated pus.

Then cleaned the affected tissues. In case of strong destruction of cells, tissue are replaced with silicone.

After that, the specialist washes the cells and tissues with antiseptic solutions.

It is important to know that in the course of treatment included the wearing of drainage and frequent irrigation of the ear.


Once you have determined how to treat lymph node behind the ear, carefully monitor the condition at this time. Remember that swollen lymph nodes is dangerous to health, particularly inflammation in young children.

As this inflammation causes severe pain and discomfort, try to go to the doctor soon.

To facilitate the patient’s General condition use painkillers and bandaging of the ears.