Inflammation of the ear: treatment of folk remedies

How to treat ear infection folk remedies?

Disease of the ears occurs due to the penetration and development of viruses and bacteria in the gentle hollow of the ear. Most often ear disease arise from complications of the flu or colds, but also against the existing inflammation. To treat these diseases must be timely, but only after the establishment of root causes. Because otherwise, the therapy may be drawn incorrectly.

To help in the choice of treatment can only be experienced by a qualified physician. But not always, the modern man has to quickly seek the advice of. However, when receipt of treatment the patient feels only worse. In this situation, the treatment of inflammation of the ear goes folk remedies.

Traditional treatment of inflammation

The human ear consists of several sections, and the treatment of inflammation indicated by localization of pain and other symptoms. Most often, the infection affects the middle ear region, but frequent disease of the external parts, as well as the maze.

Treatment of inflammation involves a comprehensive examination and accurate diagnosis.

The procedures must be set in the office of ENT with audiometry, imaging, otoscopy, and other types of surveys.

After receiving the data, the doctor can give an exact diagnosis and guide the necessary treatment.

It is important to understand that in the absence of treatment, the patient may not only aggravate the situation, but also to deprive themselves of the opportunity to hear.

Traditional treatment of inflammation in the ears involves the following course:

  1. When severe pain, swelling, itching, congestion and hearing loss the patient is prescribed antibiotics — Spiramycin, Ampicillin, Ciprofloxacin, Amoxicillin.
  2. To take antibiotics it is necessary especially carefully and treatment should not exceed one week.
  3. With less pronounced symptoms of ear inflammation antibacterial therapy is not obligatory, but in the presence of infection in the ear are assigned drops Otofa, Sofradeks, Anuran, Polideksa, Garazon.
  4. Course drops prescribed by the attending physician. Usually use a combination of drops permitted not more than seven days.
  5. If there is only pain bury Drops or Otinum.
  6. If the infection is connected due to fungal infection, the patient is administered eye drops Kandibiotik.
  7. In the future, after the elimination of inflammation, should be the procedure of rehabilitation. It is possible with healing ointments. For example, Vishnevsky ointment or nasal spray an excellent job with the otitis. To apply them you need twice within five days.
  8. To get rid of ear inflammation is impossible without physical therapy, including thermotherapy and the impact of the blue lamp, and various bandages and lotions on the basis of medical alcohol.
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In each case, inflammation of the ear treatment begins with establishing the integrity or perforation of the eardrum. Torn ear drops in the ear to use is strictly prohibited.

Treatment of inflammation of the middle ear folk remedies may be authorized only as a Supplement to drug therapy.

How to treat ear infection folk remedies

When ear disease medication necessary as the patient may lose hearing or develop a severe degree of hearing loss and other complications. But in some situations doctors are allowed to use a folk remedy for ear infections.

Alternative medicine can be a wonderful addition to the comprehensive treatment and reduce the symptoms.


The most frequently used ingredient in the treatment of inflammation of the ear at home — salt.

It is able to eliminate pain and reduce symptoms of otitis media.

To use salt for medicinal purposes it is necessary to heat in a skillet or in the microwave.

  1. Warm salt for fifteen minutes prior to yellowing.
  2. Then gather the mixture into a dense fabric of cotton or linen and apply to the palms.This way you will be able to check not too hot lotion.
  3. Then apply lotion to the affected area and keep for about thirty minutes.
  4. At this time the patient should feel a pleasant warmth and relaxation.

Immediately after the procedure the patient will feel significant relief and improved circulation. Repeat this procedure each day throughout the treatment.

As an alternative to salt you can use rice, buckwheat and other solid grains.


Another familiar ingredient for the treatment is garlic.

It has pronounced antiseptic properties and helps to eliminate pain in a short time.

Many patients in all ear diseases use this ingredient as the active drug substance.

  1. Before using garlic as a remedy against inflammation, it should be boiled for 15-20 minutes.
  2. Then grind it to a porridge and add to the mixture a half a teaspoon of salt.
  3. The mixture must be stirred thoroughly and wrap in wrap.
  4. Apply a bandage to the affected ear for one hour.

This procedure allows to eliminate moisture from the ears and normalize the General condition of the patient.

Hydrogen peroxide

If you have had this medication as hydrogen peroxide, do not rush to postpone it.

Peroxide has a broad spectrum of action and can eliminate pain and improve General condition of the patient.

In addition, the peroxide helps to eliminate sulfur deposits.

Use this medication is pre-mixed it with clean water in the same proportion. Then enter it using turundy for fifteen minutes, and then rinse the ear with plain water.

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This procedure helps to clear the ear from dirt and dust and also to prepare the ear for the use of further medicines.

Apple cider vinegar

If the inflammation in the ear is due to rot fungi, in addition to special drops and ointments, doctors quite often prescribe the use of gadgets based on Apple cider vinegar.

To prepare the solution for treatment of the patient may need to mix Apple cider vinegar with purified water and rubbing alcohol in equal proportions.

  1. Stir the resulting mixture.
  2. Make the flagellum gauze and moisten in the resulting solution, and then enter into the ear.
  3. Before implementing the procedure, the ear must be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide. To do this, tilt the head to one side and inject about ten drops.
  4. Keep the position for a few minutes and then tilt your head to the other side, all of the liquid left ear.
  5. Keep turundas with a solution in the ear requires three times a day, but no more than five minutes.

In the presence of allergic reactions to Apple cider vinegar you can replace the usual, but first dilute it with purified water in proportion of one to two.

Essential oils

Many oils have strong anti-inflammatory action. Therefore, the otitis of the ears or other inflammations of the organ of hearing is necessary to use different oil.

Good and strong antibacterial effect has tea tree oil.

It can eliminate pain in the shortest time for that is very popular in the treatment of inflammation at home.

  1. For the introduction of oil enough to drip into the ear a few drops and close the auditory passage of the pellet.
  2. First we need to mix five drops of tea tree oil with three drops of olive or garlic oil and then add to the mixture half a teaspoon of vinegar.
  3. This mixture must be heated over a steam bath to body temperature.
  4. As the oil warms very quickly, be careful not to overheat the tool. Thus, you will avoid burns and other unpleasant consequences.
  5. Then, you should disinfect the pipette in boiling water and only then introduce five drops of solution in the affected ear.

The tool must remain in the ear for not more than five minutes. Then rinse the ear canal with warm water and dry the ear.

Repeat this process allowed no more than three times a week.


Honey has long been has many useful properties that can help in ear pain and other symptoms.

To apply this recipe, you need to dissolve the honey in warm water in the same proportion, and then drip into each ear, three drops.

Honey can be replaced by a propolis tincture, which must be purchased at the pharmacy.

To apply the tincture to soak the gauze in small amount and put it in the ear for one hour. Be prepared that the propolis will have fast result, but the whole therapy treatment takes about fourteen days.

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If you suffer from ear inflammation over a short time, you can use different liqueurs.
Typically for otitis media and other forms of inflammation of the ears, use the following recipe:

  1. Two large tablespoons of herbs, pour 200 ml of rubbing alcohol.
  2. Steep the mixture for fourteen days, stirring the tincture
  3. Before administration, the solution should drain, and in-ear enter using turundae.

This method is suitable for treatment in the absence of purulent secretions and the whole of the tympanic membrane.

Repeat the operation with the introduction of turundae two or three times a day, depending on the form of inflammation and well-being of patients.

Medicinal teas

A good soothing technique and overall health when otitis media is the use of tea. Purchase at the pharmacy, teas from red rose or black currant, and on the basis of wild rose or raspberry.

To drink this tea, you need after each meal, in small SIPS.

If you have a long time high temperature and shooting pains in the ears, and the treatment has the desired result, you should immediately contact the medical center.

Throughout the treatment don’t allow the patient cold or drafty, as well as swimming in ponds and pools.


In the treatment of ear inflammations are not always necessary antibiotic therapy or other medications. If you notice the first signs of ear inflammation, the treatment may consist only of methods of nonconventional medicine.

However, if treatment has been delayed for such a therapy will not work. Folk medicine in this case can only be a Supplement to the basic treatment.