Inflammation of the genital lips: symptoms, causes and treatment

Inflammation of the labia in gynecological practice is called «vulva». This is a General term for infection of large and small labia, the cap of the clitoris, vestibule of the vagina, the glands, and sometimes the hymen. The disease is transferred painful and brings a lot of problems. In women of childbearing age vulva may be accompanied by inflammation of the genitourinary system and vagina.

Inflammation in an intimate place

Vulva is small and large labia. Pathogens unpleasant gynecological diseases — vulva — be:

  • enterococci;
  • gonorrhea;
  • Escherichia coli;
  • staphylococci.

The disease can be primary and secondary type. Primary vulvitis may develop in women who do not follow the rules of intimate hygiene, allow injury to the labia, as well as those who have a predisposition to exudative diatese and pinworms. Most often, the process occurs in an isolated form. The secondary type usually occurs in those who are ill with cystitis, pielity, urogenital fistulas — in this case, infected urine irritates the vulva. Is a side effect of inflammation in other reproductive organs.

At risk — people who have:

  • obesity;
  • anemia;
  • diabetes;
  • other diseases that lower the immune functions of the body.

Inflammation of the labia minora: causes

Consider the most common reasons that triggers the development of vulvitis:

  • infection bacteria in the vaginal irritation by mechanical means (narrow, poor quality, creating the effect of «sauna»; Masturbation; solid, tight seal during menstruation, etc.);
  • failure to observe the rules of personal intimate hygiene;
  • if the detected fistulas, as well as copious white.


  • candidiasis;
  • diphtheria;
  • leishmaniasis;
  • actinomycosis;
  • other.
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Predisposing causes may be endocrine disorders, dysfunction of the ovaries, obesity, the imbalance of the metabolism and diabetes. All pathogens that cause disease sexually transmitted. In addition to infectious, start an inflammatory process and diseases of a General nature, for example, diabetes. Be a catalyst for abnormal process able as factors of chemical and mechanical action.

Generally, fungal infections occur after ingestion of hormonal medications (contraceptives), as well as regular visits to the pool. If the disease exacerbated during menstruation or after bleeding, it may indicate that the causative agent – herpes simplex virus, which quite often acts as a causative agent vulvitis. Inflammation of privates can cause an Allergy to washing powder or intimate sprays. If metabolic processes in the body is disrupted, then it may be vulvitis. Bartholinitis may cause inflammation of the labia minora. Quite often, the disease occurs in adolescents and women. During puberty cause vulvitis may be the deficiency or irregularity in the ovaries.

Inflammation of the labia minora: characteristics symptoms

The inflammatory process of small and large labia is not very pleasant, and it requires mandatory treatment.

Symptoms for vulvitis:

  • burning and itching of external bodies;
  • severe irritation, redness and swelling;
  • if irritation occurs regularly, it can cause ulcers;
  • symptoms exacerbated during walking and emptying of the bladder;
  • rare, but still happens swollen lymph nodes, increased body temperature, there is a General weakness and drowsiness;
  • in the absence of adequate treatment, the irritation can spread to the outer part of the thighs, vagina and clitoris.

Such symptoms cause much discomfort and can also have some negative consequences in the future. It is especially important to take timely measures, if the inflammation came to girls. In the case of delay the situation at the sites of inflammation can be scarring in the areas of healing, moreover, may be deformed mucosa and / or result in adhesions and, subsequently, fusion of the labia. Over time, this will have an impact on sexual life and can lead to infertility.

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Inflammation of the external genitalia: treatment

Vulvitis is not always, develops as a result of infection. As a result of hypothermia in an intimate place inflamed lymph node is formed pea (seal). If a woman vulva, then she needs to stay in bed. The outer labia should be washed 3 times a day weak and warm solution of potassium permanganate, 2% solution of boric acid or decoction of chamomile. After 3 days you can carry out sitz baths 3 times daily with a decoction of chamomile or potassium permanganate. You need to avoid spicy, sweet and salty foods. You can also be sedated.

Can be assigned to the bath with a solution having disinfectant properties. When you experience unbearable itching you can use «Anesthesiology» ointment. Also help in the treatment of vulvitis can ice packs. You should regularly and frequently change underwear. Wash it with hypoallergenic detergent after each wash, steam iron.

The first manifestations of the vulva need to go to the gynecologist. It is possible, it will require a number of laboratory tests. Very similar inflammation of the external labia and cancer, to distinguish between these severe diseases is possible only after a biopsy. But generally, cancer manifests itself in individual cases, and the tendency for elderly women.

Dear women, do not forget that well-timed treatment will help to prevent the development of disease and serious complications which will require surgical intervention.