Inflammation of the ovaries in women: symptoms and treatment

Inflammation of the ovaries in most cases is due to the entry of girls into sex life or a side effect of acquired STDs. Inflammation of the ovaries in women is quite serious gynecological disease the entire reproductive system.

To cure inflammation of the ovaries and to remove all causes that can cause a relapse of the disease, you need to wait quite a long time, treated assigned medicines or folk remedies. Pain in the ovaries can comprehend women of all ages. In pathological process that can be affected and the uterus, the disease becomes chronic inflammation of the ovaries. So to start treating this condition right at the initial stage of its development.

The main reasons causing inflammation of the ovaries

Many women are careless with the appearance of pain in the pelvic area, believing that this temporary discomfort, not got much hassle, the inflammatory process. Therefore, do not wish to be checked out and spend time and money on a comprehensive treatment. But this is the wrong decision. Irresponsible attitude to their health could play havoc in the future.

Paired glands inflammation makes itself known, if found:

  1. Ectopic pregnancy.
  2. A cyst on the left or right appendage.
  3. Hemorrhage.
  4. Perekrestivshis feet left or right appendage.
  5. Candida infection, chlamydia, Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma, gonococci, streptococci, enterococci, staphylococci, chlamydia, E. coli, protera, Bacteroides, spirochetes, viruses are herpes simplex.

If time does not treat the disease can be lost forever the ability to conceive a child.

Other reasons can cause inflammation of the ovaries in females:

  1. Constant mental and emotional strain.
  2. Physical fatigue.
  3. Frequent hypothermia.
  4. A weak immune system.
  5. The influence of concurrent diseases on women’s health.

Inflammation of the right ovary leads to the disruption of the Central nervous system. Hence the appearance of sickness and weakness, suffering insomnia, nervousness and irritable state. The same symptoms are detected and inflammation of the ovary on the left side.

Inflammation of the ovaries symptoms and signs:

  1. There are a number of recognized symptoms, which you will be able to navigate, in order to be able to take up the treatment of the disease.
  2. Sharp pain in lower abdomen, radiating to the lumbar.
  3. The increased body temperature.
  4. Chills, characterizes the possible suppuration of the ovaries.
  5. Bleeding from the vagina that do not belong to menstruation.
  6. Bloody discharge pain during sex and afterwards.
  7. Abundant vaginal discharge with an unpleasant odor. May have mucoid or purulent.
  8. Disturbed urination.
  9. Dizziness, possible fainting.
  10. Disorders associated with the gastrointestinal tract (nausea, vomiting).
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There are other individual signs of the General malaise of the body.

Some patients do not suspect that they have ovarian inflammation, because the inflammatory process can develop painlessly, affecting the minor symptoms. Diseases of the female genital organs is very tricky. Do not bring discomfort to the development of the disease, capable of irrevocably affect not only the ovaries but also on the structure and function of organs of the pelvic area.

Factors able to resume a chronic inflammation of the ovaries:

  1. Failure to observe basic hygiene rules for the care of the sexual organs.
  2. Maintenance depraved lifestyle, with frequent changes of men.
  3. Application on an ongoing basis vnutrimatocny of contraceptives.
  4. The use of antibacterial agents for personal hygiene, which contribute to the destruction of the natural microflora of the vagina. This also applies to douching with different compositions.
  5. Old cured inflammation of the genital organs.
  6. Sexually transmitted infections.
  7. Postpartum consequences.
  8. Excessive physical activity.
  9. Failure of the endocrine system.
  10. Effects of artificial or spontaneous abortion.
  11. Irregularities in menstrual period.
  12. Having sex during the menstrual period.
  13. Bad conduct of gynecological operations in the pelvic organs.
  14. Incorrect choice of hormonal drugs.

The manifestation of the disease, it is associated with the ovaries, is determined by means of laboratory and instrumental diagnostics. Specialists in the diagnosis rested not only on some complaints of the patients, as similar symptomatic can cause another disease. Therefore, it will be assigned a series of studies to obtain a complete picture of the condition of the ovaries to prescribe an appropriate treatment.

The process of diagnosis of diseases of the ovaries:

  1. Initial examination of the genitals by a gynecologist with the use of mirrors.
  2. The doctor makes a survey of the patient acquired and treated during the life of gynecological diseases, history of diseases, the body’s response to certain medicines and pills.
  3. Laboratory studies of blood and stroke.
  4. The passage of ultrasound of the pelvic organs. Ultrasound will help to see what happened to the deformation of the shape, density, and topography.
  5. Research on the detection of hidden infections.
  6. Study laparascope. Identifies all violations associated with the ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes. Allows you to identify the infection of the fallopian tubes and the violation of their permeability, the presence of adhesions and other entities.
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Medication, problems with the ovaries.

After the doctor will make sure the pain lower abdomen really caused by inflammation of the ovaries, you will be given individual treatment to eliminate the ailment. Here already will be taken into account stage, predisposing factors, the nature of the symptoms of inflammation of the paired glands.

To overcome and cure the disease need to take antibiotics, pain pills, sulfanilamidy, strengthen the immune system medications. The choice of drugs is quite wide, so for example, in the selection of antibiotic necessary to proceed from the striking of the causative agent of the inflammatory process and its sensitivity to the agent.

Another important factor is the dosage of antibiotics. The accepted amount of medication should as much as possible to exert its therapeutic effect on the source of the disease. Mostly gynecologists prescribe patients antibiotics with a long half-life. In severe, advanced forms of the disease paired glands ability to combine techniques of different antibiotics.

Treatment of ovarian disease by physical therapy

In some cases, medication may be supplemented by physiotherapy. In gynecological practice due to physiotherapeutic procedures is achieved by resolving, anti-edematous, analgesic, anti-inflammatory results, while normal metabolism, ovarian-menstrual and secretory functions, stimulates immunological processes.

Doctors-gynecologists based on the individual characteristics of the disease of the main treatment types are assigned: mud tampons, medicinal intravaginal tampons, radon gynecological irrigation, physiotherapy, reflexology, psychotherapy.

Additional procedures (on prescription):

  1. Gynecological massage.
  2. Hirudotherapy intravaginal method.

If after a certain period of time conservative treatment did not bring positive results, the doctors resort to surgical intervention. Operation will be done laparoscopically. This technique is very popular, especially if you need to cure gynecological problems, not only affecting the ovaries and other diseases of the abdominal cavity.

This method of operation allows to fully remove all decay processes in inflamed tissues, processing of paired ovaries with a special solution with antibiotics, to dissect adhesions in the openings of the fallopian tubes.

To treat inflammation of the paired ovaries be complex. There must be prescribed and intravenous detoxification. This treatment allows you to cleanse the body from accumulated toxic metabolic products and decay, restores its natural functions. Detoxification measures should be implemented only after receipt of laboratory data, including data on the concentration of toxin in the blood.

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Much of the success of rehabilitation treatment of gynecological diseases depends on an integrated approach. Principal and additional procedures have a beneficial effect on the immune and endocrine system, lymphocirculation and metabolism, increasing the body’s adaptive ability. Improves blood circulation and microcirculation in the pelvic organs, ovarian function is optimized, by hormesis mechanisms triggered by the increased resistance of the organism.

Treatment of the ovaries with the help of folk remedies

Many people apply and treat different kinds of diseases of folk remedies, not taking a single pill. Pain relief pair of ovaries is no exception. This treatment will help relieve the unpleasant symptoms in the initial stages not chronic disease. When the pain caused by the accumulated fatigue, daily stress or constant power loads, which is contraindicated in women, this therapy uses herbs. Folk remedies to relieve and cure sharp, cutting pain.

Folk healers recommend to carry out hygiene procedures extract herb Arnica to apply on the belly of a cool compress, use it during the adoption of water procedures, healing clay, extracts of chamomile, yarrow. To treat the illness paired ovaries, you can use wrapping the abdomen and lower back. Alternative pain medication can serve as a pillow, filled with wild flowers. Before you attach it to the lower part of the belly should be warm.

But before you engage in self-diagnosis and to treat the intended disease with folk remedies or by using conservative treatment, it is always advisable to contact an experienced. Incorrect diagnosis is able to turn the tide in chronic disease, which contributes to the disruption of the ovaries, genital and reproductive system in General. Therefore, gynecologists-endocrinologists around the world are recommended to undergo preventive check-UPS 1-2 times a year.