Inhalation for nasal nebulizer: recipes with congestion in children and drugs

What are the drugs inhalations for nasal nebulizer?

Runny nose – an unpleasant symptom of a large number of diseases. Most often discharge from the nose appear in the cold or the flu. Sometimes to get rid of a cold is not so simple, in addition to nasal congestion causes a lot of problems.

Inhalation by using nebulizer, will help to quickly deal with the underlying disease and avoid complications. If procedures are carried out regularly, a positive effect can be noticed after a few treatments.

When inhalation with nebulizer effective?

First we need to understand what is a nebulizer and what is it for? This device, which is designed for conducting inhalation, it helps in the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system and not only.

There are several types of nebulizers. For the treatment of rhinitis is best suited compressor. To inhalation using the device in the presence of the mask. Only in this case, the nebulizer will be effective from the common cold.

Treatment of nasal congestion nebulizer has obvious advantages:

  1. Significantly reduces the swelling of the mucosa.
  2. Particles, drugs make the mucus less thick, which contributes to its rapid excretion.
  3. Decreases the likelihood of complications.
  4. The use of the apparatus leaving such an unpleasant phenomenon as burning and itching.

The nebulizer sprays the medicament to the nasal cavity in the form of small particles. The last act on the mucous membrane of the nose, soften the crust (dried mucus residues) greatly facilitate the process of breathing.

Inhalation using a nebulizer is used to treat adults and children.

How to carry out the procedure?

The question of how to do inhalation for nasal nebulizer, occurs quite often. The procedure has its own subtleties and nuances, and should be conducted according to certain rules.

Inhalation nebulizer should be performed according to the following scheme:

  1. Before the beginning of the manipulation must be carefully wash hands with soap and water.
  2. The procedure is performed after 60-90 minutes after a meal or training in the gym.
  3. During inhalation it is not recommended to talk, drink water, distract yourself, practice reading books, etc.
  4. If you suffer runny nose, during the procedure, it is necessary to breathe through the nose. The breathing should be smooth and quiet.
  5. When conducting inhalation need to do short breaks. Because of frequent and deep breathing may cause dizziness.
  6. The procedure lasts from 6 to 10 minutes. The course of treatment consists of 8-15 inhalations, depending on the patient and his health.
  7. After the procedure, rinse the mouth with warm, preferably boiled or distilled, water.
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During the treatment of rhinitis nebulizer, you must give up Smoking. This will significantly increase the effectiveness of therapy and help achieve the desired result. Sometimes doctors allow the patient to smoke, but only in exceptional cases.

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What drugs do inhalation?

There are a number of drugs that can be used during the procedure. Medications have different effects, indications and contraindications. Before applying recommended to consult a specialist.

So, what are the drugs inhalations for nasal nebulizer, recommended by doctors:

  • antibacterial substances (antibiotics);
  • means affecting the nasal mucosa anti-inflammatory effect;
  • saline and alkaline solutions.

Medications for inhalation of the nose can be antiseptic and antibacterial. If we talk about antibiotics, it is necessary to ensure that the cause of cold steel not viruses, namely bacteria. Otherwise, the effect of the treatment will not.


For conducting inhalation used Fluimucil-antibiotic solution used in appropriate dosage:

  • adults and children over 12 years — 250 mg 1-2 times a day;
  • children from birth to 12 years — 125 mg 1-2 times a day.

The solution is prepared in advance by diluting the vial in 4 ml of water. A number of antibiotic will remain on the walls of the nebulizer, it is necessary to consider at carrying out of inhalation. But we should not dilute the antibiotic with too much water, such a solution will not bring the patient use.

Fluimucil-antibiotic does not mix well with other drugs antibacterial action. For this reason, you should use only 1 medication during the treatment. Either agree on the application of another antibiotic with your doctor.

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Tonsilgon ® is a drug for inhalation of the nose that affects the patient’s body a complex effect. In its composition includes only natural ingredients — extracts of herbs and plants.

Tonsilgon ® has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action, due to the unique composition helps to strengthen the protective functions of the body, faster to cope with the disease.

Tonsilgon ® is used to treat acute and chronic diseases of the nasopharynx.

The drug diluted with saline. One inhalation will take about 4 ml.

The proportions are calculated based on the age of the patient:

  • adults and children older than 7 years, the drug is diluted in the ratio of 1 to 1;
  • children from 1 year to 7 years, the solution is prepared in proportion 1 to 2, slightly reducing the concentration;
  • babies up to 1 year means diluted in the ratio 1: 3.


Furatsilin is antiseptic, it is often used during inhalation. To perform the procedure, you will need about 4 ml. It is not necessary to cook, you can buy a ready to use product in the pharmacy section.

Solution Furatsilina helps with SARS, colds, and it is used to reduce the likelihood of re-infection.


Inhalation with nasal congestion nebulizer in children and adults can be carried out with public drugs and not only. In an example, normal saline. It just poured into the nebulizer, and after moving to the procedure. You can replace the normal saline mineral water (most often used Borjomi).

This inhalation will help:

  • to soften the lining of the nose;
  • soak the existing crust;
  • to ease the breathing.


In viral diseases of the nasopharynx is possible to carry out treatments using Interferon. The contents of one ampoule diluted in 2 ml of saline. When the mixture become homogeneous, it make 1 ml of saline. The medicine is poured into the nebulizer.

Interferon is considered to be immunomodulatory, antiviral drug which can be used to treat children and adults.


Chlorophyllin has anti-inflammatory, proteobacterium action. The drug diluted with saline in a proportion of 1 to 10, used for inhalation 3 times a day and more often if indicated. One procedure takes about 3 ml of solution.

The drug used in the treatment of diseases of the nasopharynx, it effectively fights against staph and other bacteria.

Features of the procedure in children

Nebulizer for treatment of children use often, it helps to reduce the risk of complications with a cold and cough. For a child with a tendency to diseases of the respiratory system, the apparatus irreplaceable. But if the baby is not propensity to such diseases, it is possible to use a conventional steam inhaler.

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What to do inhalation for the baby’s nose:

  1. Prospan is a drug of plant origin, which includes the extract of ivy leaves. Drops help to not only get rid of nasal congestion, but also to eliminate the cough.
  2. Other herbal drugs with anti-inflammatory or antiseptic.

Inhalation nebulizer at a cold, the flu or influenza is a procedure that will help significantly to alleviate the patient’s condition. They are used in the treatment of children and adults are safe and effective.


If viral or colds bother you often, and runny nose is chronic, inhalation will help to remove unpleasant symptoms. But it is not necessary to be treated independently by various means, it is better to consult the doctor.

Specialist will select the best drug to carry out such procedures and will write a prescription.