Interferon pregnancy: instructions for use

As to «Interferon» during pregnancy?

During pregnancy is the weakening of protective forces of an organism and is a normal process. This is to ensure that the fetus had the opportunity to develop normally. However, with this, the expectant mother is exposed to more frequent development of colds and viral infections.

The main problem in this situation is to choose a safe and effective medicine for the treatment, because many drugs are forbidden. In this regard, let’s talk about the drug «Interferon», its instructions for use during pregnancy and find out whether it is safe such treatment.

About the drug «Interferon»

«Interferon» is a pharmaceutical substance with antiviral and immunomodulatory properties. Issued by the Russian pharmaceutical company JSC «Biomed».

Today this tool is available in 2 dosage forms: powder and a solution.

The dry form of the drug has the form of a loose powder of white or pale pink color, the solution is a slightly pink, odorless liquid.

Both forms are packaged in ampoules made of glass. The box contains 10 vials, instruction and ampoule opener.

The main component of the medication is human leukocyte interferon. Pure – natural leukocyte protein which is taken from donated blood and slightly altered using genetic engineering.

When injected into the body, and more specifically in cells, it alters their membranes, affects the RNA of the virus, thereby preventing its development.

Thanks to this feature pharmaceuticals is characterized by a broad area of impact, moreover, is a sterile, non-toxic and safe for intra application and inhalation.

Important! The use of funds in the form of injection is prohibited!

This medicinal product is designated as treatment of influenza and the various forms of respiratory viral infections, acute respiratory infections, as well as in preventive purposes.

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To use it is necessary for the manifestation of the first symptoms of the disease, and, the sooner you begin this treatment, the efficiency will higher.

According to the official instructions of the drug is erectogenic (not able to cause any reaction in the body), does not cause side effects and has no contraindications in the application via the respiratory tract (intranasal, inhalation).

Important! With caution use in patients with hypersensitivity to antibacterial group of drugs and chicken proteins.

The drug is not suitable for treatment in the following cases:

  • the lack of marking;
  • expiration date;
  • damage to the seal.

Store in a dark place with a temperature of from 2 to 10°C. When such norms is the shelf life of the substance – 2 years from date of issue (indicated on the package).

«Interferon» in pregnancy

Let’s start with the most important. Despite the harmlessness of this drug during pregnancy it is better to refrain from taking it.

Moreover, the situation is much more serious than the usual occurrence of Allergy to the drug. This is due to the special action of the main component of pharmaceuticals.

It contributes to the formation of a special protein-murderers in the infected cells, which inhibit the protein synthesis of the virus, but inhibit the growth of cells.

During pregnancy such effects at the cellular level threatens negative consequences for the fetus: it may slow down the development of cells same as well as the development of organs.

The fetus during fetal development produces a totally different type of interferon – he does not perform the function of preventing cell division (in contrast to adult interferon) because the baby and its organs need to grow and develop.

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The collision of these two types of interferon can lead to very serious consequences including the loss of a child.

So in the 1st trimester «Interferon» from a cold during pregnancy is not assigned, as it is a potential hazard to the fetus.

As for the 2 trimester, the «Interferon» in pregnancy better replaced by a more secure form of «Viferon», but only after consultation with a specialist.

Starting from the 3rd trimester (28 weeks), this drug may be prescribed by a doctor, but only in cases where the expected benefits of therapy exceed the risk of harmful effects on the fetus. The doctor in this case to tailor the dosage.


Women’s health and her child depends entirely on her. No advice of friends and comments, reviews should not be a guide to action.

The right thing in this situation is to contact your doctor because an independent use during pregnancy nose drops «Interferon» or inhalation can cause serious consequences.

Also, we suggest to familiarize with the use in pregnancy of drugs, «Grippferon» and «Sinupret».