Iodine grid in the cold: how to apply and what is useful

How to apply iodine mesh on the chest?

Iodine, chemically active halogen was obtained by the action of sulfuric acid on the ashes of burnt seaweed. In the early eighteenth century was first used in medicine as an antiseptic, for operations and treatment of wounds.

In modern medicine the relevance of this antiseptic has not diminished. Virtually every home medicine Cabinet it is in stock. This is not replaceable assistant in the fight against colds. It promotes rapid healing of wounds and abrasions. In its application is no age limit. Mesh, deposited iodine on the chest, helps with bronchitis and viral diseases.

Mechanism of action

The popularity of external use of iodine is its bactericidal property. After application to the chest or other problem areas, iodine is quickly absorbed into the skin and is carried by the flow of blood throughout the body.

Antibacterial substance against pathogenic, and under his influence they die. The destruction of pathogens promotes a speedy recovery and restoration of protective functions of the body.

How useful iotova mesh with a cold and the flu? The benefits of applying mesh is that the halogen promotes vasodilation and improved circulation. Therefore, it is advisable to apply it directly on the affected area. If worried about the cold, the bactericidal substance is applied on wings of nose and the bridge of his nose. Read is it possible to do iodine grid during pregnancy.

Attention. The procedure must be performed with caution, the skin in the nose area is very sensitive, you may get burned.

Iodine pattern is used not only for colds and runny nose, but in the following diseases:

  1. Inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, bronchitis iodine mesh applied to the chest.
  2. Inflammation of the joints and ligament damage, use halogen directly on the problem area.
  3. If bruising, injuries and wounds, germicidal agent is applied to mechanically damaged tissue.
  4. Iodine grid to reduce inflammatory process during exacerbation of arthritis or sciatica. It is applied to the lesion.
  5. Laryngitis and tonsillitis figure in iodine applied to the neck.
  6. Use iodine in the treatment of SARS.
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Periodically applied to the skin iodine is beneficial even in the absence of symptoms. If the body had signs of iodine deficiency, these procedures will warn the pathological changes in the thyroid gland. Shown iodine mesh, women during pregnancy, it will have a positive impact on the physical development of the fetus.

The use of iodine for treating colds in a child

In the presence of a cold in a child, parents often resort to folk methods of treatment. Paint iodine on the feet or the calf various patterns. This approach is funny and the kid and brings him favor, in the form of warming and antibacterial effect.

Applied iodine mesh from the common cold for children, in combination with nasal drugs. This method gives better results in the treatment of rhinitis. Iodine enhances the effect of a therapeutic agent. The procedure takes 2.5% solution and applied on the nose and the outer part of the nostrils.

Important. The treatment of a child against viral and antibacterial infections in iodine, necessary to carry out after consultation with the pediatrician.

The use of this halogen should not exceed three times a week, there is a risk of disease iodism (excessive amounts in the body).

Recommendations for the procedure

Before starting the procedure, ensure that iodine grid will benefit, not harm. The essential test for an allergic reaction. This germicide is applied with cotton swabs on the area of the forearm or inner thigh. It will be enough a few short lines.

After 20 minutes at the site of application, no redness and an unpleasant burning sensation, you can use iodine mesh.

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Another condition compliance with which is necessary is the measurement of body temperature.

The increased rate, the reason to abandon the procedure. If there is no allergic reaction and the temperature is normal, you can start treatment.

A few of the necessary recommendations of how to apply iodine mesh on the chest and other problem areas.

Adult used 5 %, and for the children’s age category 2.5% solution of iodine, and conducted the procedure is as follows:

  1. The patient takes a position lying on the back.
  2. The meshing iodine starts from a trough located above the collarbone to the solar plexus.
  3. If the medical event is adult, the distance between the lines about one centimeter, horizontally, vertically. Cells iodine mesh child it is recommended to apply a larger size.

If there is a need for the meshing on the back, the patient lies on the stomach. Lines are drawn along the spine on both sides of the ribs. Are formed of the same cell, the same size as the thoracic spine.

Caution. Do not apply iodine mesh on the heart area and irritated skin.


To use iodine in the treatment of colds should be approached with caution. You can call it excess in the body and lead to malfunction of the thyroid gland and as a result to hyperthyroidism. Therefore, consultation with a doctor will not be superfluous.