Iodine in the cold in children: treatment and inhalation

How to apply iodine for colds and runny nose?

Iodine is a drug antimicrobial action, with a large number of useful properties. Chemical compound is one of the elements of the periodic system D. I. Mendeleev, which is produced from sea water and algae. The production of substances in the body is the thyroid gland and malfunction of the organ and the lack of iodine leads to the development of endocrine diseases.

The effectiveness of iodine in the treatment of sinus and cold is based on the acceleration of blood circulation at the site of application connections, which positively affects the General condition of the body and helps to eliminate the negative effects of a cold.

Methods of use

Treatment cold iodine is one of the effective treatments for the negative symptoms of the common cold in the presence of strong allergic reactions in comparison with drugs of chemical origin. The main methods of treatment are presented in the following list.

Spot application of iodine

This procedure is the use of compounds in the nose by a special method of use. The substance is applied by means of cotton swabs point in the region of the maxillary sinuses. The connection has a positive effect on the circulatory system and increase metabolic processes, which helps to eliminate the common cold.

Important! For therapeutic procedures using iodine 5% concentration, as higher rates can cause burns on the skin! The application of substances is carried out not completely, but a point or in a special mesh!

Iotova mesh

An effective method in the treatment of colds. The technique is based on applying the compound in the form of a grid on the feet. After the process you need to wear warm socks for the night. During this time the body is well warmed and all the negative manifestations of a cold fast pass!

In order to properly make iodine mesh need to conduct a series of sequential steps:

  • you need to dip a cotton swab into the vial of iodine and draw horizontal and vertical lines;
  • the maximum distance between lines is not less than 10 cm, so as iodine should not be applied in copious amounts to avoid negative side effects;
  • the recommended time for the procedure, preferably before bedtime or in the morning.
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External application of iodine

For pain in the throat compound applied to the neck or chest, preferably in the form of mesh. However, many young mothers wonder whether it is possible to smear the nose with iodine in the cold to a child?

The drug is used for local impact, as it does not affect the internal processes in the body and is completely safe for kids!

Internal use of iodine

The reception of the drug inside helps to cope with symptoms of runny nose and helps to speed up metabolism and strengthen immunity. To prepare means 5 drops of the compound dissolved in 125 ml of water, and the resulting drug drink after eating. This method is not recommended for children under 5 years.

Important! Iodine for internal use do not use if you have tuberculosis, hemorrhagic diathesis, renal disease, and during pregnancy and breastfeeding!

Nasal irrigation with the use of iodine and salt

The combination of these ingredients provides anti-inflammatory action and cleans and moisturizes mucous nasal cavity. Preparation of the solution consists in dissolving 4 tablespoons of salt and 5 drops of iodine in 250 ml of water.

Once the vehicle is ready start the procedure with certain rules:

  • the body position is at an angle of 60 degrees, and pour in the liquid with a bulb syringe or special. The process is considered to be correct if, after the rinse solution flows from the other nostril;
  • iodine in the cold as the rinse for the nose is not used in children up to 4 years. In older age, the child tilted at an angle of 90 degrees. The mucus was aspirated with a bulb. The success of the procedure depends on the correctness of its implementation and compliance with all conditions of the process;
  • maximum procedure up to 4 times during the day. The rinses help to soften crusts formed in the nose and clear the sinuses of bacteria, which prevents the further development of the pathology.

Important! The procedure is not recommended for bleeding, swelling of the nasal cavity before going to sleep or going out. Lavage with care during their young children and in this case it is enough to drip a few drops of the solution into your sinus!

Inhalation with iodine in the cold

The procedure can be performed using a special apparatus a nebulizer or using an ordinary kettle. Water bring to the boil and add 4-6 drops connection. Then breathe in couples treatment solution for 10-15 minutes.

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These manipulations contribute to the mild cleansing of the nasal mucosa and quickly eliminate the symptoms of cold and runny nose.

The combination of the drug and baby cream

Use iodine for colds in children is possible by the use of a special mix of the compound and cream. The resulting product is safe for use and should be applied to the wings of the nose or around the nostrils, preferably before bedtime. The method helps to eliminate all symptoms of cold and at the same time, not to use medication.

The definition of the deficit component

The use of folk methods for determining the lack of iodine. In treating colds it is also possible to determine whether the body is in the connection! This method is particularly important during pregnancy because lack of preparation may affect the further development of the fetus!

To diagnose perform actions of the following nature:

  • applying strips of iodine on the inner side of the thigh;
  • if after 3-4 hours of applied strip is completely gone, you should consult your doctor for recommendations;
  • with the disappearance of iodine in 8-10 hours easy possible lack of connection that can be corrected with the use of products with a high content of nutrients (seaweed, fish, seafood);
  • caused connection disappears after 24 hours, which indicates the normalized amount of iodine in the body.

Contraindications to the use of iodine

When using iodine as anti-inflammatory agents should be aware of potential limitations to the use of drugs:

  • the sensitivity of the individual in relation to the connection;
  • the presence of high temperature (over 38 degrees);
  • allergic reactions (itching or rash at the site of application);
  • the occurrence of concomitant diseases of a chronic nature.
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Before the application of iodine it is necessary to test for the presence of allergies. The drug is applied in a small amount on the back of your hand and wait 30-40 minutes for the detection reaction. If you get a negative result, the connection can be used for various applications!

Important! One of the main benefits of medicine is no toxic substances, and that the drug is absolutely safe for outdoor and indoor use. In some cases the inhalation of iodine at the initial stage of development cold prevents its appearance!


Iodine presents a number of unique elements of chemical origin with the content of essential substances for the body. Therefore, this compound must be present in the diet of each person.

The drug is ideal for treating large number of diseases of different etiologies. The effectiveness of the connection depends on the correct use of and compliance with all dosages of medication!