Irritation from pads which occurs

Strip is an interesting and useful invention. They save the beautiful half of humanity from many embarrassing and painful moments associated with the critical days. It would seem that the choice of these tools is enormous. Women have the opportunity to pick up a «secret» product for every taste. Still, the irritation from the pads is common. Redness of the labia, burning sensation in intimate areas can render the girl herself. To endure such trouble is not the solution.

There are times when the lady needed the doctor’s advice. It is not excluded that the patient developed an allergic hypersensitivity to hygiene.

Synthetic fabric – a serious risk factor…

If you are bugged redness and itching «there», you should think of what caused the ailment. Usually the girls are faced with the irritation of sensitive areas, when you change the brand of toiletries.

Did the gasket can cause swelling of the labia? What is so «toxic» is hidden in an ordinary thin? Similar issues will certainly bother the girl having discomfort in the intimate area.

Pad – multi-tool. The product consists of several layers. It is no secret that the top layer adjacent to a sensitive area women, can be made from synthetics. This nuance works in favor of girls, when there is a need to maintain permanently the shape of the product. You don’t have to worry that the pad will collapse. In addition, synthetic fabric keeps the allocation in the gasket to prevent leaks. But if you often use such products, you may be allergic to pads. The probability of such a turn of events high in summer. Synthetic materials can «not get along» with delicate skin. Too tight underwear, stress, excessive sweating can only aggravate the situation…

«Perpetrators» of the discomfort

Many girls do not pay attention to the materials from which is made of hygienic means. And then faced with discomfort in intimate areas. Top products are often created from synthetics. Synthetic fabric does not allow air to circulate freely. Because of this, your peace might break allergic to pads (her symptoms are very unpleasant).

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But a mesh cover made of artificial materials, there are other «provocateurs» that can cause swelling and redness of the labia. List the components that you may exhibit intolerance:

  1. The adhesive materials. With their help it is «safe» the product is attached to women’s panties.
  2. Aromatic composition. Most pads soaked with special flavorings. The main purpose of these substances is to «kill» the smell of the natural secretions of a woman.
  3. Dyes. Purple, pink, blue dyes make hygiene products in striking and stylish attribute. But these substances are far from harmless. They often cause itching and redness of the most sensitive parts of the body girls.

How to understand that you have an allergic reaction to «special» product?

Strip help modern women to maintain the usual activity in the critical days. Her granddaughter Eva trust these products. But the sense of self-confidence is rapidly melting, when you start allergic to pads, and the symptoms of the disease plaguing you.

Faced with overwhelming feelings for the first time, the patient can get confused. Not every girl is able to accurately identify, due to which her health deteriorated.

Recall what ailments may occur a violent reaction to the strip:

  • intolerable burning sensation in the vulva;
  • pain «there»;
  • visible redness of the skin in intimate areas;
  • swelling of the labia minora;
  • irritation and increased dryness of the mucous membranes;
  • itchy little bubbles that occurred in the most sensitive places.

Most often the above symptoms of allergic hypersensitive to fall on a woman at the same time. Even bold person will understand that the long endure this discomfort she is «not in any being able to.»

The symptoms of allergic reactions is largely similar to the manifestations of infectious diseases. If you don’t know what caused the ailments, hasten on reception to the gynecologist. The specialist will determine the cause of discomfort in intimate areas and will prescribe proper treatment.

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What to do if irritation is too strong?

When it comes to the time of menstruation, the body ladies becoming sensitive to all adverse situations. Too spicy food can cause the patient indigestion. The excitement experienced on the job, able to «haunt» cardiac spasm. And wrong means of hygiene can cause cramps and dryness in intimate areas.

Very often the allergic to strip disturbs the ladies in sultry weather. Articles having a surface of synthetic materials, create a real «greenhouse effect» in the most sensitive area of the female body.

Painful red blisters on labia is not the most terrible manifestations that may arise due to intolerance of the pads. The most frustrating experience for the patient’s condition is an allergic shock. If such a thing has happened with a girl, the patient feels extreme weakness, discomfort in the throat, confusion. It is also possible fainting.

Symptoms of allergic shock eliminate the specialists in the hospital. To allergies receded, the woman took an injection of epinephrine. The patient also needs medications with an antihistaminic effect.

After learning about the dangerous stages of Allergy, a girl is not going to tempt fate and think that irritation in sensitive areas will go away.

Patients asked what treatment would be appropriate in allergic rashes in the causal place. Feeling the discomfort, you need to get rid of the «provocative» strip and wash. Refrain from using soap or gel for intimate hygiene. Use for wash clean cool water. If the rash in a delicate place very itchy, use the ointment with anti-inflammatory effect. From sexual contact during this period should be discarded.

Common mistakes women

It is recognized that inattention to the needs of the body can harm the lady or the lady.

During the critical days girls make mistakes that are «playing» on the side of allergies.

List a situation which cannot be allowed during menstruation:

  1. Rare changing hygiene products. To change the gasket should be every three hours. This rule is true even when the discharge is scanty. Otherwise, you will not be able to avoid active reproduction of microbes, rashes and burning sensations in sensitive areas.
  2. Wearing tight synthetic underwear. Panties made from polyester can look stylish and seductive. But remember that when menstruation they can add to you discomfort.
  3. The use of strong drinks, coffee and spices. Alcohol, coffee and condiments cause excessive sweating and contribute to the emergence of allergic reactions.
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If allergic to pads of synthetic materials have to bother you, refrain from these hygiene products. To avoid problems, buy in pharmacies and shops in the strip with a cotton coating. Let them keep their shape as long as synthetic means, but the cotton pads do not cause discomfort in sensitive areas. The second option to avoid unwanted sensations – to use tampons.

Don’t get used to the «dailies»!

Many girls are interested in whether it may be Allergy from the daily strips. This situation is not something extraordinary. Daily strip, and like products used in the days of menstrual flow, can cause swelling of tissues, pain, and a feeling of dryness «out there.» In order to avoid such troubles, do not use strips too often.

Choosing hygiene products, pay attention to their color. The brighter looks of the gasket, the more discomfort you face it.

You should not purchase the strip, the composition of which is rich in fragrance. You may not know how to react to substantial «portion of flavor» your skin. Knowing how to manifest intolerance pads, you will be able to prevent frightening ailments.