Irritation on labia: causes and prevention

Irritation of the labia is a nuisance, which is familiar almost every woman. Usually, irritation of the outer labia is not a separate type of disease and the concomitant symptom indicating that the body that something is wrong.

The irritation of the outer genital lips: causes

The reasons may be very different. Irritation, redness, burning sensation, itching and pain – it is unpleasant anywhere in the body, especially in intimate. Those places where there is constant friction of mucous membranes, again and again damaging the surface — causing a painful sensation. The mucosa of the labia majora irritated and inflamed. So is characterized by irritation of the labia. However, there is no smoke without fire, as and irritation for no reason, eliminating which you can get rid of the discomfort.

Serious causes of irritation

One of the main reasons is inflammation of the labia (vulvitis), given that the disease is often accompanied by inflammation of the vagina, this disease is called candidiasis. Causes inflammation of the lining of her injury, and subsequently infection that can happen when wearing dirty underwear, samifilename hands during sex or Masturbation, discharge from the vagina (during menstruation or inflammatory, fungal diseases).

Also, the cause may be a fungal infection, which is caused by fungi of the genus Candida – a yeast infection. To provoke the reproduction of fungi can the use of antibiotics, the use of intimate wipes, gels, aerosols that disrupt the natural flora of the vagina, which can inhibit the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria. Candidiasis mucosa reddens, appear vaginal cheesy discharge with sour smell.

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Inflammation of Bartholin’s glands, namely, bartholinitis may also be a catalyst. The purpose of the gland is the secretion of, and after the blockage the inflammation begins, combined with the swelling and pain.

One of the reasons may also be vaginal dysbiosis caused by gardenerella. A vivid sign of this disease are vaginal grayish-green discharge with a smell of rotten fish, it causes irritation of the labia.

In addition to all the above listed causes irritation can cause:

  • worm infestation;
  • vulvodynia.

If irritation persists, symptoms increases, you should immediately visit the doctor.

Other reasons

Consider other common causes that can trigger irritation of the labia:

  • failure to observe the rules of personal intimate hygiene;
  • wearing synthetic, substandard, narrow underwear, which creates the effect of «sauna» in an intimate place also the same action may have a daily strip in rare replace them;
  • rare change tampons or pads during menstruation;
  • external irritants, infections and contamination, overheating, supercooling, chemical stimuli, for example, chlorinated pool water, as well as powerful drugs local impact;
  • the internal factors, and problems with internal reproductive organs, infections and sexually transmitted disease, hidden infection and inflammatory processes;
  • hepatitis, anaemia, leukaemia;
  • diabetes, pregnancy, menopause, monthly;
  • the most common and dangerous reason – is vaginal dysbiosis, which is necessary to correctly diagnose and to start appropriate treatment.

That will help relieve itching?

If you are bothered by annoying itching, you can try to fight it:

  • Observe the rules of personal intimate hygiene. Be sure to wash 4 times a day with warm water. In the water you can add a few drops of «Furatsilinom», or decoction of chamomile flowers. Use soap, gels, and other means is not recommended.
  • Do not forget the hydration of the vagina. For this purpose you can buy special grease or gels based on natural components that will not irritate intimate place.
  • At the time of treatment of unpleasant symptoms it is better to refuse from intimacy, not to provoke itching, burning and irritation.
  • The doctor will recommend a diet. It is necessary to refuse from sweet, salty, fried, spicy, oily, pungent spices, cheese, alcohol and grapes. Also recommended to avoid Smoking.
  • Can be used for douching. It is necessary to take 10 grams of herbs: celandine, birch leaves, currants and combine with the 20 scales of the violet series. Collecting the resulting dry mix. Then two dessert spoon collection pour a glass of boiling water, insist hour and strain. Before you douche solution to be heated so it was warm, the procedure is carried out twice a day — morning and evening.
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Preventive measures

Do not forget that prevention is the best tool to prevent the occurrence of diseases and discomfort.

Therefore, to protect yourself from irritation of the outer labia should:

  • always be mindful of the observance of rules of personal intimate hygiene;
  • only wear comfortable, high quality and breathable underwear;
  • possible to abandon the use of daily pads with flavors and additives;
  • to avoid overheating of the body and of hypothermia;
  • definitely as prevention is to take vitamin and mineral supplements that support immune function to normal;
  • to visit the gynecologist every six months.

As you can see the irritation in intimate place may be entirely different reasons, many of which are quite serious and require proper diagnosis and then appropriate treatment.

Remember that you should never self-medicate, and especially to begin receiving any drugs. When any change or unusual signs in an intimate place immediately visit a gynecologist. The doctor will prescribe the right treatment, and its effectiveness will recommend a special diet.