Is it possible to cure hearing loss 1 — 4 level in children

If hearing loss treated?

The human ear, as the other 4 on the feelings – is the Central pillar and compass, which allows to navigate in the environment. People acutely sensitive to sudden hearing loss as a result of injury or illness, or its slow decline.

Next, let’s talk in more detail about is there a cure for hearing loss and which methods of traditional medicine for this purpose.

What is hearing loss

Hearing loss, persistent hearing loss, which significantly complicates communication with others. In order to determine whether the hearing loss is treated in each case, it is necessary to set its type and degree progression.

Help. To determine the characteristics of hearing loss developed it is necessary to pass a comprehensive examination in the medical or audiology centre.

Only there are several types of hearing loss depending on the various lesions of the auditory system:

  1. Sensorineural – damage occurs to the inner ear, this disturbed processing and transmission of pulses.
  2. Conductive – marked deterioration of system functions zvukoprovodnost, that is, in this case, abnormal outer or middle ear.
  3. Mixed – type hearing loss, which combines lose more than one part of the system of hearing.

Persistent dysfunction of hearing has 4 degrees of progression, each characterized by its peculiarities of manifestation:

  • 1 degree – slight hearing loss (speech at a distance of 5-6 m, the whisper – 3 m);
  • Stage 2 – is the progression of the pathology (speech – 4 m, whisper – 1 m);
  • 3rd degree – substantial increase of deviations (speech – 2 meters, whisper to hear a man can’t);
  • 4 degree – speech from a distance of 1 m the person is perceived as a whisper, and disassemble it.

Causes of hearing loss can be a variety of factors. First of all, hearing loss may be congenital or acquired. The main ones are the following:

  1. Infectious diseases.
  2. As a complication due to otitis media, meningitis.
  3. Medication.
  4. The negative impact of chemicals and toxins.
  5. Congenital anomalies and genetic disorders.
  6. The influence of loud sounds and «acoustic garbage».
  7. The injury of the head and ears.

To cure hearing loss is only possible with medical intervention and, unfortunately, not in all cases. In this situation it is very important to learn to live with hearing loss and prilovchitsya to the peculiarities of perception of outside sounds.

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Treatment of hearing loss

Hearing loss when hearing acuity is reduced, however, this is not deafness, which means that the chances of treatment is pretty good – it all depends on the degree of development of deviations.

According to doctors, to therapy pathology need to start as soon as possible, since its chronic form is treatable pretty bad, and completely restore auditory function is possible only at the initial stage of this condition.

We should also say that if treated hearing loss in children. Definitely Yes, and therapy of such pathological phenomena occur in the same way as adults. However, in this situation there is a very important point which can affect the entire life of the little man.

Important! Early detection of hearing loss in children allows to avoid delays of speech development, mental retardation, psychological layers and difficulties in social adaptation.

Therefore, if parents notice that their child is hard of hearing and constantly asks, it is necessary to sound the alarm and immediately visit a doctor. Let this be a false alarm, but better to protect the health of your child.

So, how is the treatment of hearing loss, depending on the extent of damage to the auditory apparatus, is represented schematically below.

The degree of hearing loss The possibility of treatment Methods of treatment
Treated whether the hearing loss of 1 degree Respond well to treatment Drug therapy
(preparations for the restoration of hearing level)
and physiotherapy.
Treated whether the hearing loss of 2 degrees Can be cured,
if the immediate attendance specialist
Prolonged therapeutic course
and physiotherapeutic procedures.
Treated whether the relative deafness of 3 degrees Treatment can not be.
Therapy is aimed
not on a full hearing,and to stop
the progression of hearing loss.
Sometimes the disability is assigned,
especially with bilateral lesions
Complex therapy includes:
gentle sound mode;
reflexology and hearing AIDS.
Treated whether the hearing loss of 4 degrees Untreatable and gives a hearing disability Hearing AIDS
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Defining features of the development of hearing loss and its therapy will focus in more detail on the methods of therapeutic interventions.

Conservative methods of treatment

The acute stage of this phenomenon require treatment in an inpatient hospital setting.

Duration of therapeutic activities in the hospital up to 15 days, after which the patient continues the treatment at home or in day care is approximately 3 months.

For the treatment of hearing loss are usually used these types of drugs:

  • antibacterial drugs («Suprax», «Amoxiclav») and anti-inflammatory drugs («Nurofen», «Ketonal») is issued in cases when factor in hearing loss is secondary purulent otitis media other acute bacterial diseases of the ear;
  • antihistamines («Help», «Suprastin») – eliminate puffiness and reduce the formation of fluid inflammation in the ears causing hearing impairment;
  • b vitamins («Benfotiamine», «Thiamine», «Milgamma») contribute to the improvement in nerve conduction and are necessary for normalization of functioning of the facial nerve, specifically its auditory branch;
  • nootropics («Piracetam», «Glycine», «Vinpocetine») – normalize blood flow to the hearing system and the brain starts the process of cell renewal and roots of the nerve fibers in the inner ear.

Help. Ear drops are an important method of local treatment for otitis causing the hearing loss.

As for some of the methods of non-pharmacological treatments, these include:

  1. Physiotherapy (electrophoresis, microcurrent therapy, UHF, laser treatment) – improve the material exchange and microcirculation of the circulatory system, purify the blood and stimulate the Central nervous system.
  2. Blowing ear – used for hearing loss caused by chronic middle ear infections, including the hearing impairment due to barotrauma.
  3. Massage, a complex of special exercises, breathing exercises – are characterized by prolonged courses of execution. These techniques improve blood circulation, have a positive effect on the eardrum.
  4. Hyperbaric oxygenation — a procedure is, the patient inhales a high concentration of oxygen, which has a positive effect on blood circulation in the brain and inner ear Department.
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The above methods enhance the effects of medical treatment, so this pathology always treated comprehensively.

Surgical methods

There are several types of operations to restore the hearing function. The main ones are:

  • tympanoplasty is surgery, which is to restore the position of auditory ossicles or their replacement by synthetic analogues.
  • myringoplasty – if hearing loss is triggered by disruption of the integrity of the tissue of the tympanic membrane, carried out an operation to replace it with artificial.

Help. In many cases, establish the work of hearing help hearing AIDS, the selection of which will perform the specialist on the basis of surveys and audiometry, and will configure and tell you how you need to use them.

However, today, there are more sophisticated hearing AIDS — surgery, which is to implants the auditory system.

This operation is classified as cochlear implants and is able to restore hearing to people with congenital hearing impairment. The procedure consists in implantation in the internal ear wires, which are capable to influence the auditory nerve, and transmit impulses to the brain for processing.

Hearing for man is a kind of special function, because through it we not only learn about the world, but can also be in close interaction with him.

Especially notable is the importance of this function in childhood, since its violation entails a number of difficulties in the development and adaptation in society.