Is it possible to do fitness during menstruation

Fitness during the critical days – this question has long interested many women. Since they can’t know for sure, it harms health or not.

The onset of menstruation for every woman has an individual approach. All of them are different but have common characteristics. Often these days there is a deterioration of health, as well as headaches and abdominal pain. This list of suitable reasons to not to do fitness, or Vice versa to start from. How to do the right thing, not to harm to health and does not worsen the overall condition of the body?

The advantages of training during the critical days

The female body during menstruation is very sensitive and reacts to exercise. So when a girl is engaged in fitness at the monthly, it goes in her favor.

This occurs for the following reasons:

  • when you go monthly quickens metabolism;
  • the degree of estrogen and progesterone become less;
  • increasing the General vitality of the body, and the load can be increased;
  • hormones at this time, Butch.

Average physical activity these days allow you to observe the discomfort and abdominal pain. Such changes can be easily explained, because when a girl is engaged in fitness, she is in less pain, and mood above. This is due to the proper production of hormones.

When it is better not to do fitness during menses?

It should not be forgotten that the monthly pass at every woman differently. Therefore, many fitness will not be able to help as good as we thought. When women have health problems, it is better to abandon the exercise.

Symptoms that fitness is not necessary to do:

  • if your gynecologist is not advised to play sports, then it is better to listen to his opinion. This may be due to gynecological diseases, such as in uterine fibroids or endometriosis;
  • when menstruation is very painful;
  • if there is dysmenorrhea, then the fitness of the menstrual cycle can greatly stray from the schedule;
  • when painful periods occur, and on the second or third day there dizziness. In these cases, fitness is to give up completely.
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How to train with monthly

Now we will tell you how best to exercise in the critical days, and why it is better not to do it.

For starters, you should know that the training is conducted only at a normal feeling. This rule is to use always, and especially at the monthly. When class time comes poor health, it is best to suspend them. If you do, nothing bad will happen, give your little body a break and regain strength. As for exercise, it is better to spend a quiet and light exercise.

For example, you can do yoga, but in that case, if the period is not very abundant. Can also run using the average rate. If you are taking diet pills, nothing will happen if you slightly reduce the pace. During training, it is better to reconsider the number of exercises and do more rest breaks. The body needs time to recharge in between training sessions.

Water to drink is carbonated preferably before training, during and after.

What exercises are best to do in the critical days:

  • the emphasis in the classroom on the abdominal muscles;
  • the emphasis on the lower abdomen;
  • heavy loads on the pelvis will increase the bleeding.

What are the pros give monthly at fitness

Aerobics during these days has a positive effect on a woman’s body. It stabilizes the level of glucose in the blood, it means that girls are less likely to want sweets. As we know, the sweet affects the weight and extra pounds.

The menstrual cycle has several phases:

  1. The first phase is the beginning of the month. It lasts 3-7 days.
  2. The second follicular. After the end of the month it lasts for 6-7 days.
  3. The third phase of ovulatory. During this period there are big chances of conception, this period lasts only a few days.
  4. The fourth and final luteal. The duration of this phase is 12-16 days.
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Almost from the first days of menstruation begins the follicular phase, in which there is a great opportunity to lose weight. How did the month and the days of ovulation, the luteal phase begins. After its occurrence the level of glucose falls, so you should pick up the pace in training.

So we can properly distribute the load during pregnancy and after.

What exercises it is better to deal with monthly?

During the critical days may be feeling unwell. But in sports the desire is there, I want to ride a bike or go to the fitness club. In these cases, you can ask the advice of a trainer or gynecologist. He will tell you what exercises are best done in order not to worsen the condition of the body.

When the first days of menstruation, especially if they are too rich, give up Cycling and heavy loads. Better do stretching exercises or yoga. Even if a woman feels these days, to reduce the load still slightly worth it. Better to remove the number of classes, not to become worse.

If you decided to do at the gym, tell the coach about health, it will tell you what exercises will be suitable for such condition. It is also better to reduce the class time. No need to go on the bike for long distance as well as swim too far and deep.

Tips for training

You should know the important points and rules for fitness during menstruation:

  • training is possible even in the first days of the cycle. Should use tampons or comfortable padding with good quality of absorbency. Also consider the General condition of the body;
  • wear only comfortable clothes. Leggings or tight sweat pants are prohibited to wear when they go monthly;
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  • preferably classes start with stretching, it’s not just critical days, but everyday;
  • to practice better to use the average rate;
  • during menstruation women often feel fit and energized. They can lift more weight than usual. But it is not necessary to do this, you need to abstain from loads on the abdomen and lower back.

The body during critical days is more sensitive. Let it rest and do not strain frequent physical exertion. Listen to the advice of gynecologists or coaches, not to cause harm.

Now we can confidently answer the main question, which so much interested in almost all of the owners of the weaker sex. Is it possible to do at the gym during menstruation? You can, but within reason.

If during the month your condition is serious, better get some rest. The body must recover and gain strength. And if you’re in good spirits, then go to a fitness club, but remember, it is better to slightly reduce the time of occupation, and the amount of exercise.