Is it possible to do IVF with uterine fibroids? Tips and advice

The fibroids are called benign tumor developing on the uterus or inside it. This pathology often causes serious disruptions of the menstrual cycle, leading to a sudden interruption of pregnancy, premature birth. In addition, when uterine fibroids may have difficulty conceiving, especially if education is accompanied by other violations of reproductive function. What is recommended to do the doctors in such cases and how likely a positive outcome of IVF?

What is the impact of fibroids on pregnancy?

Education, emerging from the muscle tissue, develops on the background of increasing levels of estrogen. The growth of fibroids due to changes in the ovaries, so in most cases, this diagnosis is women who turned 33 years old. The causes of pathology are still not fully understood, and therefore many questions remain open.

Usually when fibroids a woman’s ability to bear children is not violated. According to statistics, many patients with this diagnosis have successfully become mothers. But in some cases, infertility is related to the fibroids violation of the.

The success of the conception and gestation of a baby depends on several factors.

  1. Planning pregnancy directly affects the size of education and the place of its location. To obtain such data, you should undergo ultrasound examination.
  2. The question «What can I do about uterine fibroids?» is solved depending on the type of benign tumor. The safest in terms of the upcoming pregnancy are subserous and intramural education, whereas submucous or submucosal fibroids can increase the risk of infertility and spontaneous abortion.
  3. You can count on a positive outcome, if the myoma does not occur deformation of the uterine cavity. In other words, education must have a minimum size.
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Treatment of fibroids or pregnancy?

According to doctors, if infertility and fibroids are simultaneously occurring pathologies, treatment of tumors allows to solve the problem. You can make an attempt to conceive a baby with uterine fibroids for years without therapeutic interventions. If positive changes are not observed, move to conservative treatment.

If no result and after therapy raises the issue of IVF. Usually such a measure is necessary when uterine cancer is accompanied by the formation of adhesions in the small pelvis, endometriosis, inflammatory processes in the body genitals or appendages or violation having immunological or neuroendocrine nature.

Uterine fibroids and IVF – characteristic nuances

In vitro fertilization is a quite expensive procedure, so successful implantation embryo is highly desirable. To decide on the option of conception, doctors recommend only if the fibroid does not deform the uterine cavity. You can do artificial fertilization after conservative treatment of education. In both cases, the probability of a long-awaited pregnancy is about 20%. To this figure was the maximum, the individual is required to stimulate ovulation, carried out in the IVF cycle.

As initiated by superovulation

IVF for patients diagnosed with uterine fibroids, you need to do that using the following methods of ovulation stimulation.

  1. The short Protocol. We are talking about simultaneous administration of gonadotropins and GnRH. Procedures begin with the second or third day of the cycle. Such a Protocol is the optimal solution in identifying multifollicular ovaries. If used, the pregnancy rate reaches 36%.
  2. Long Protocol. There are daily injections of Diphereline, Suprefact. Subcutaneous injections need to be done in the navel area in the mid-luteal phase (19-22 day cycle). If the follicular reserve of the ovaries is normal, the probability of intrauterine pregnancy with uterine cancer is about 38%.
  3. The introduction of GnRH antagonists.
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As for the effectiveness of IVF with uterine fibroids, it depends on the shape of education.

If the myoma node does not violate the contours of the cavity, provided that the size of the formation is a maximum of 3 cm, the negative impact on the ECO excluded. For one attempt, the pregnancy rate is slightly higher than 37%, therefore, to carry out artificial insemination without preliminary operations.

If it was an conservative myomectomy

The use of long and short protocols allows to count on a pregnancy with a probability of 37 and 35%, respectively. If you use the introduction of the antagonists, EKO fires in a quarter of cases.

To achieve a positive result to do IVF after surgery, preferably during the year as at the end of this period you may experience recurrence of fibroids, which negatively affects the effectiveness of the procedure.

If the myoma node is intramural localization

In this case, the place of formation of education it is the middle muscular layer of the uterus, resulting in deformation of the reproductive organ and increase in size. In this scenario the performance of IVF significantly decreases, reaching the value of 12.5%. In addition, even if successful embryo implantation are not excluded spontaneous abortions or birth much before term. Because of these complications, doctors recommend to carry out artificial insemination only after radical surgical treatment.

As you can see, the uterine fibroids is not always an obstacle to the conception of the child, including the procedure of in vitro fertilization. The main thing is to correlate all the factors and choose the most appropriate path of preparation for the procedure, thereby increasing the chances of success.

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