is it possible to do the skin test your child with a cold: Komorowski

Can I put test with a cold?

Mantoux test is done to children, and for this reason there is a lot of controversy from parents, although this issue is everything must be clear – Yes, we do. But is it possible to do the skin test your child with a cold?

It’s a completely different question, because the answer of an organism can be unpredictable and all fully will depend entirely on the condition of the body and the strength of immunity.

What are the vaccines?

In the body there are the vaccine that he starts the release of specific antibodies that produce immunity. Each vaccine is unique and has its own schedule of administration, contraindications and routes of administration:

  • intradermally;
  • oral;
  • subcutaneously;
  • intramuscularly.

For some vaccines a single injection, whereas for others, it is necessary to carry out a few vaccinations. Almost all vaccinations are strictly forbidden to do in the cold.

With regard to the Mantoux test, there is a lot of controversy on this subject, because in fact it is not a vaccine, a procedure that shows the body’s response to the entered tuberculin. Experts say that the presence of mucus may be the cause of different side effects, so it is better to cure children’s cold.

Of course, it all depends on the characteristics of the organism and state of health, so get vaccinated when ill or not, should the pediatrician, after will conduct a full examination of the child.

What is the procedure?

All children do Mantoux. Through this study, it is possible to assess the presence of antibodies against the causative agent of tuberculosis. The essence lies in the introduction under the skin of non-hazardous quantities of tuberculin. During the 3 days, there is a reaction.

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It is very important during this period do not wet and do not brush the place of the sample. This place doesn’t need to seal the plaster and treat with antiseptic agents that it did not affect the final result. At the end of the period, the conclusion is based on the size of the place of administration of the drug.

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Contraindications to the procedure

Mantoux test is not very dangerous for the body and health of the child, but only in case of observance of all precautions on the part of the doctor that will perform this procedure.

In order to avoid any, even the most minimal consequences, this procedure is not performed during a period of snot. Discharge from the nose, very often indicate that there is a disease and sometimes it can be very serious.

Nor is the sample, if you have a cough, this symptom indicates the presence of inflammation in the body. And if the Mantoux test is sometimes done in rhinitis, the risk of pediatrician and parental permission, when the cough is strictly prohibited.

Most parents and doctors are well aware that in the body, which is a pathogen, it is best not to intervene. This is because during the cold, all powers of the body are left to struggle with the pathogen, and Mantoux test can further weaken the immune system, which not only may aggravate the process of healing and cause other complications.

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If the body is weakened through the cold, especially long, it is best to leave the Mantoux test before the time, until the child fully recovers. Read how to deal with a runny nose if the child was teething.

Possible complications

It should be noted that if this trial is done, there is the risk of adverse reactions. This can be observed not only in child behavior but also in other side effects:

  • rashes on the skin;
  • nausea;
  • cough;
  • snot;
  • itching in area of injection;
  • dizziness;
  • a strong increase in temperature;
  • retching;
  • migraine.

Most often, after the procedure, children have snot. Not to worry, because a few days later they are themselves. If they remain for a longer period, you need to take action. How to cope with colds in children, read here.

After the procedure, the task of parents is to closely monitor the child’s behavior and to note the atypical behavior of the child and, if necessary, as soon as possible to consult a specialist.

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The Opinion Of E. O. Komarovsky

According to the pediatrician, doctor of the highest category E. O. Komarovsky, a misconception of the Mantoux test. This procedure is performed solely to ascertain the presence of predisposition to tuberculosis and not for the production of antibodies as protection.

With regard to the test when snot, fewer doctors want to take responsibility and hold it in this period. It’s a big risk, but it all depends on the individual status of the child, severity of rhinitis, the age of the child.

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Mantoux test start doing from 1 year child. And it is done regardless of what was the reaction to the previous sample. Of course, it is better to do as early as possible to determine the presence of disease at an early stage.


Do test with a cold? Do, but in very rare cases. The doctor should clear it with their parents and has no right to force her to perform.

In any case, the slightest hesitation, the doctor himself will make the decision regarding the feasibility of the procedure.