Is it possible to drip the hydrogen peroxide in the ears from congestion how to clean

How to rinse the ear with hydrogen peroxide?

In the formation of sulfuric excessive secretions or if you want different levels, doctors prescribe ear cleaning with hydrogen peroxide. This drug is in every family medicine Cabinet, and the price at the pharmacy is very affordable. Peroxide is a known antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, and this medication is indispensable when a skin injury or insect bites.

Hydrogen peroxide successfully flushed the ear from dirt and dust and also scoring is used when complications of infectious inflammation. In addition, this medication can eliminate malicious viruses that enter the ears when you swim in dirty lakes or unwanted touching with unwashed hands.

If it is permissible to use hydrogen peroxide

Despite many useful features, many people wonder whether it is possible to dribble in the ears hydrogen peroxide. In fact this drug there are several contraindications.

You cannot ear drops this medication if perforation of the tympanic membrane, and use the peroxide lightly.

Each of the drug is the permitted dosage and the hydrogen peroxide is no exception.

In other cases, the drug is harmless and contributes to the rapid removal of harmful elements from the ear canal.

Before using the drug, it is necessary to examine how to clean ears with hydrogen peroxide. Medicine copes with a lot of inflammation.

The most common causes of references to this drug include:

  • the formation of cerumen;
  • the emergence of problems with hearing;
  • inflammation of hearing loss;
  • maintaining oral hygiene of the ear;
  • removal of foreign objects;
  • treatment of the ear by the bite of insects;
  • pain.

The drug successfully cope with the inflammation and helps to reduce its symptoms.

Despite the fact that its efficacy is proven over the years, many people do not know how to use peroxide properly.

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And some patients believe that medication can have a negative effect on the health of the ears and provoke inflammation. This view is mistaken, and, moreover, has no evidence.

With proper use, the drug helps to get rid of the causes of the disease.

However, before applying, it is important to dilute five per cent solution of purified water, but if you treat the child must be diluted and the three percent solution in the ratio of one to one.

Hydrogen peroxide successfully used in the formation of cerumen.

She gently and delicately removes the skin flakes stuck in the mud and the sulphur. Some people use this medicine not only for treatment but also for prevention.

Peroxide vs. sulfur

Hydrogen peroxide in ear from tubes used for several decades as a successful antiseptic and softener deposits.

To get rid of sulfur deposits it is necessary to study instructions on how to bury the drug correctly.

If the earwax soft consistency, it is sufficient to introduce into the ear a few drops, and then close the passage of the point for fifteen minutes.

Consider special factors: if the skin of the patient is hypersensitive, you need a more accurate impact.

To do this, moisten a cotton pad in trepresents of hydrogen peroxide mixed with water. Then insert turudu in the ear for ten minutes.

After the set time the ear should be wiped with a dry thin towel, and ear canal gently handle the ear with chopsticks.

Ensure that your movements were not sharp. Active actions with ear sticks can only be compacted sulfur.

If you carry out this treatment once a month you get rid of the problem of sulphur deposits forever.

Remove ear plugs peroxide is vital during adverse ear conditions: in a nightclub, at the construction site and other places to actively affect the ear apparatus.

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How to rinse the ear with hydrogen peroxide

Sometimes the above procedure is not enough for complete cleansing of the ears. This occurs if the sulfur found old appearance and firm consistency. In this situation it is necessary to conduct washing.

This procedure can be implemented at the ear doctor, or to hold your own at home.

If you chose the second option, then you need to purchase a three-percent hydrogen peroxide and then dilute it with water in the ratio of one to one.

Then pre-purchased a syringe type in the resulting solution and remove the needle. Point the syringe to the ear passage and enter the solution of steady actions.

For one the introduction of quite ten drops.

The whole procedure may take up to thirty minutes.

After washing the ear, you must process the ear sticks, to pull wax from the ear canal.

What to do if sulfur stagnated

If sera managed to acquire a dark color, probably it has accumulated in the ear for a long period of time. In this case, the first time sulfur can not be displayed completely. In this case, you first need to soften tissue and prepare the ear for a more complex procedure.

To sulfur is liquefied, and painless left ear, enter in place of clusters up to ten drops of hydrogen peroxide.

Leave it for fifteen minutes in the ear canal, and then output his head tilted over a sink or towel.

After this, sulfur must be softened and removed from the passage less painful.

Then, in the twentieth syringe size enter the five-percent solution diluted with water and start to gently introduce the drug in the ears.

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In the process of washing, the patient will hear hissing and popping inside the ear, but the fear of such an effect is not necessary. The distinctive sound evidence of the softening and removal of sulfur deposits.

After fifteen minutes of washing, the ear must be bent over the basin. Peroxide together with the surplus alone will leave the ear.

With a cotton swab need to clear the ear of residual fluids and sediments.

Don’t forget to dry your ears after washing, otherwise the liquid can stagnate and cause the reproduction of viruses and bacteria.

Feedback about the use of hydrogen peroxide in the ear from the tubes is very positive. Many people over the years use this method.


In addition to the removal of sulfur deposits, hydrogen peroxide has been used successfully in the treatment of other ear inflammations. For example, when otitis media this medication eliminates bacteria and viruses, and the bite of insects disinfects wounds.

But with dangerous and acute diseases of the ear canal, the middle ear or labyrinth, the hydrogen peroxide can not cope, so do not self-medicate and consult a qualified doctor.