Is it possible to dye your hair during menstruation, the consequences of

Almost every woman, seeking to improve the appearance, at least once in your life made manipulations with hair. Hair coloring allows you to dramatically change the appearance to be a blonde or a brunette, a redhead or a fiery red. The contemporary palette of hair colors today is wide. The skilled hands of the wizard allow you to get the desired shade. But is it possible to dye your hair during menstruation? Does this natural process happening every month in the female body, the final outcome of the painting?

Everyone knows that during menstruation a woman’s body undergoes changes that can significantly affect health. Some women feel great, regardless, started the menstrual cycle or is terminated. Others feel malaise and fatigue, have a headache, a stomach and swollen feet.

As the month affect curls?

Hormonal changes that occur each month in the female body, affect not only reproductive organs but also on other organs and systems, as well as on the skin and hair. Reaction of melanin during hormonal changes can be very unpredictable, resulting in possible staining results: curls can become not such a tone that I would like.

Blood circulation, thermoregulation and metabolism during menstruation change, despite the fact that a woman can almost not feel it. The reaction of the pigments, dyes may not be the same as in other days.

The dyes during menstruation not penetrate into the volosiny, quickly washed away, due to the increase in their resistance to opening and closing.

The female body during menstruation is losing a lot of important substances, which leads to a deficiency of calcium, iron and zinc. It does not affect the condition of the hair, makes them vulnerable to the effects of chemical components in the ink composition.

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Increasing the concentration of hormones changes the state of the skin. It can become very dry, then the sensitivity of the scalp is raised, or very greasy due to increased production of sebum, then the dyes will not be able to interact with the hair as required.

What could be the consequences?

If a woman does decide to dye your hair in an emergency, you need to understand what the consequences may be different. A professional hairdresser will be able to keep trouble to a minimum, but for self-coloring at home these days you can expect anything. So why not to dye your hair when you go period?

The most frequent consequences:

  • coloring is not completely. Even if you act well instructions to the paint and carefully paint over each strand, something may go wrong: uneven color or spots;
  • an unexpected hue. During the critical days when coloring hair, you can not get the color that you want. So, for example, hair, is painted a bright hue, can give a greenish or bluish color. This is true even of proven colors;
  • unstable color. The paint can be washed off after a few times of shampooing;
  • the deterioration of the hair. If you dye your hair during menstruation, they can become brittle, dry, to grow hair loss and to deteriorate the condition of the skin of the head;
  • enhancing well-being. Most paints have a strong odor, which is not the best way affects the condition of women in the critical days, especially if she already feels unwell.
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Do not have such effects staining menstruation are all women. No medical contraindications for this, because serious health consequences no.

For this reason, the decision about how to dye your hair during menses or not, each woman takes for herself.

What do you think of hairdressers?

The opinion of the professional masters hairdressing is not one. Some believe that the effect of the hair deteriorates due to the increased production of sebum during menstruation in women. Others believe that there is no difference what day make the color of the hair, and the opinion of my colleagues believe the lack of professionalism.

Many artists also believe that the connection between menstruation and hair – a superstition to which not to be taken seriously, because in the modern world critical days are not, as in the past. Earlier it was believed that a woman during menstruation is not clean, has bad energy field that affects the results of dyeing your hair, making them unpredictable.

The result hair coloring during pregnancy depends on the individual characteristics of the female body.


It often happens that you need to go for some important event where you want to look stunning, so staining it is impossible to move. To get the expected result, it is recommended that:

  • be sure to warn his master of what is now the critical days;
  • if you paint the curls in this period it is necessary, better to move it to 2-3 day periods, because the likelihood of adverse reactions is highest in the first day;
  • the paint should be of the highest quality;
  • during this period it is better not to experiment, not drastically change the color of the hair;
  • it is better to use natural dyes.
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A woman must understand that, despite the desire to be beautiful always and everywhere, the process of dyeing or perming is better to postpone until the end of the month. Hair coloring – toxic process which do not benefit the organism, especially in this period when it is weakened and needs support.