Is it possible to hula-Hoop during menstruation, the pros and cons

The Hoop very often use women who lead a healthy lifestyle. Last time wraps have become quite popular to use. This type of simulator is familiar to many from childhood. Often we can see a large number of variety of hoops. They come in plastic and metal, with heads and without them. But most importantly, interestingly each woman is whether it is possible to hula-Hoop during menstruation? We will try to answer this question in this article.

Many women are so keen on their appearance that can’t take a break when you go monthly. It is known that studies on this topic were not conducted, but the doctors to do such activities is prohibited. Because there’s a logical explanation.

The Hoop is a great sports item that can bring your figure in order. But many do not have the concept of how and what time it is better to use. The desire to get a beautiful figure, can lead to bad consequences not only your body but also sex organs. And if you engage with him during the unpleasant days, the risk is doubled.

Advantages of classes with a Hoop during menstruation

Every month the women is the menstrual cycle, which is good for the body. All women these days are different as each body is different. When there is no pain, such a burden will only benefit. Exercise with a Hoop not only give a beautiful appearance of the figure, but also add strength and energy to the body.

When the Hoop is spinning on the woman’s body, it gives the opportunity to work heart quickly, and reduces vascular tone. Such procedures protect the body from changes in blood pressure during the critical days. If you conduct such exercises every day for about half an hour, you can not only get a beautiful figure, but also to strengthen the body as a whole.

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The activity of the abdominal muscles contributes to the normalization of blood circulation in the pelvis, and the right action on the uterus. When my period is painful, especially in the first few days they just manifest themselves in the uterus wall.

The Hoop has massage and distractions:

  • the uterus expands and takes away pain;
  • evasive action is that the wrap relieves pain in the head, and after these thirty-minute workouts, women feel much better.

Wrap a wonderful sports equipment. But before you start training, you should think which one is better to buy. You should choose carefully, so he also went for classes on time and monthly.

Why is not allowed to twist the wrap during a menstrual period?

Before you must start monthly, the body gradually begins to feel that this day will come, and begins to experience stress. During this period, every woman’s body eased a bit. Quite often we become witnesses to the fact that when you go monthly, we can get sick. So you need to understand that the week that we call «red days» for us and our body is very important. The body and immune system very weak, and we easily catch any sore. And if we roll a Hoop, it is not good, it will not.

Should also know that when we spin the Hoop, it’s a lot of pressure on the stomach, which in the first place can increase bleeding during the period is not pleasant days. For those women whose period is not very abundant, the Hoop won’t hurt. But for women with persistent problems during the critical days, the wrap will give a lot of problems.

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If you just need to workout with a Hoop, then it is necessary to reduce the load time to five minutes. In normal condition it takes about fifteen minutes — thirty. But a few days before menstruation is gradually reduced during the training.

For those women who experience pain during the critical days, and heavy bleeding to start is no earlier than the fourth or fifth day of menstruation. And if women do not feel discomfort, then they can wait a few days and then to continue training.

Side effects

When a woman wants to bring their body in order, it starts very often and hard to do exercise for stomach and sides. She could face such a problem as absence of menstruation. What could it be? The body under frequent physical stress, begins to experience stress, and this may not work as genitals. Therefore, it is better not to exhaust yourself with heavy loads during menstruation. Take care of your health, and then about beauty. Great figure, not replace, that feeling which a woman feels when she first sees her baby, think about it.

Summing up, it should say that it is not necessary to listen to the various advice that you tell your friends or doctors, look at their health and then decide for yourself, engage with the Hoop during menstruation or is it better to suffer a little bit.