Is it possible to restore hearing in hearing loss: proven methods

How to restore hearing in hearing loss?

Increasingly, people with problems of the organ of hearing is concerned with the question whether it is possible to restore hearing in hearing loss. Not always a person has the ability to timely treatment at the medical center, so some people choose methods of restoration of hearing folk remedies. In both cases there is a favourable effect, but only a comprehensive treatment can restore some hearing acuity.

If you have a diagnosed hearing loss, treatment needs to start as early as possible. Otherwise, the disease may go into a chronic stage, which is virtually untreatable. But the probability of recovery of the functionality of hearing AIDS exist. Further, we describe methods and ways that will help to restore hearing.

Is it possible to return the hearing acuity with hearing loss

Hearing loss is a permanent hearing loss for certain reasons. At this time disturbed function of communicating with people, as the susceptibility of sounds becomes difficult. The patient often loses his job and greatly changes the usual activity.

Unfortunately, this problem is gaining momentum and more and more people complain of problems with hearing.

Most often, hearing loss affects people older or just infants.

So, if a baby was diagnosed with hearing loss, the treatment should be made as soon as possible because in children this disease causes serious consequences.

The kid may lose the ability to communicate and understand speech in General. This will prevent its adaptation and socialization.

Hearing loss treatment is most effective in the early stages, but first it is necessary to pass the examination and to diagnose the type and classification of the disease. After that specialists prescribe, and in case of his impossibility hearing AIDS.

There are several types of disease of the ear on:

  1. If hearing acuity is reduced due to damage to the integrity of the ear organ, it is important to restore the functioning of the organ of hearing. This type of disease is called conductive.
  2. In the event of failure of transmission of sound waves, and the lack of their processing, treatment difficult as this type (sensorineural toughest) requires more complex treatment.

For each case of hearing loss, there is a certain form of inflammation in which medical treatment acts only as one of the points of therapy.

In addition to taking the pills, the patient may be prescribed urgent surgical impact. In the case of neglected or chronic, the patient may need to purchase hearing AIDS.

In the case of mild forms of hearing loss, patients feel the loss of sensitivity to high sounds that don’t really interfere with the patient’s life. But in the case of the last stages of inflammation, the patient does not understand sound waves and noises at a distance less than one meter.

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Therefore, you should not ignore the signs and factors of inflammation, which include:

  • pain in the ears;
  • viral disease;
  • flu and colds;
  • inflammation of the nasopharynx;
  • severe poisoning;
  • trauma;
  • the use of drugs for a long time.

You can avoid the serious consequences of hearing loss if you start treatment at the first symptoms of the disease.

According to Russian statistics, almost 80 percent of patients after therapies felt relief and a return of acute hearing.

However, in this case we are talking about sharp inflammation, after which the patient immediately took action.

If you often suffer from ear infections or other ear inflammation, the risk of developing hearing loss increases. Other symptoms that provoke the emergence of this form of inflammation are addicted to bad habits, the negative impact on the environment, if you live in a very dusty place, and natural pathology.

Unfortunately, in this case the performance of medical treatment is reduced to 30 percent.

In case of chronic forms of hearing loss treatment is difficult and quite a long time, as this disease is the uncontrolled process.

In addition to the chronic form, is quite difficult to treat age-related hearing loss and disorder caused by damage to the heart, atherosclerosis, blood circulation and other types of inflammation.

In this case, the patient has two ways out of this situation:

  • surgical impact;
  • the hearing AIDS.

In some cases these methods are used, however, try to avoid complications and start treatment at the first signs and symptoms. In this case, to correct the pathology is possible without irreversible consequences.

Traditional treatment

If you feel a sudden hearing loss and other symptoms of inflammation in the ear on, ask for help from the medical center.

To determine the type of inflammation of the specialist audiometry and other types of research, based on which the doctor will put an accurate diagnosis.

After correct diagnosis begins a course of treatment, which can last up to several months.

In the case of acute or sudden form of hearing loss the patient must be hospitalized because the patient should always be seen by a doctor. In the case of ineffectiveness of drugs, the expert will be able quickly to replace them with more effective.

Typically, in the course of therapy includes not only tablets, but intramuscular injections. In this case, hearing is restored after a short time, and the patient can return to normal life.

Throughout the treatment the patient find out the causes of the disease and the patient has to undergo several examinations. Their readings allow the doctor to make a further treatment, which usually takes place in the home. You should be prepared for the fact that complete recovery can take three months.

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In the course of treatment in this case includes the following products:

  1. First we need to improve blood circulation in the brain and stimulate the regeneration of cells in the inner ear area. To achieve these goals are assigned — Glycine, Vinpocetine, Lucetam, Piracetam, Pentoxifylline).
  2. In case of hearing loss due to otitis media, the patient is prescribed antibiotics Cefixim, Suprax, Azitroks, Amoxiclav.
  3. If the hearing loss appeared due to the penetration of bacteria the patient was prescribed Ketonal, Nurofen, Ibuklin.
  4. Treatment consists of antihistamines and decongestant medications — Zyrtec, Diazolin, Suprastin, Furosemide. They reduce swelling of the mucous membranes and improve the functioning of the ear.
  5. Another method of dealing with hearing loss ear drops Otipax, Otinum, Sofradeks, Otofa.
  6. Throughout the course of treatment the patient needs vitamins pyridoxine, thiamine, cyanocobalamin. The best combination of these drugs are in pill Milgamma, Benfotiamine). In addition to improving the immune system, these vitamins have a positive effect on the activity of the auditory organ.

After medical therapy, the patient may need to undergo physiotherapy exercises, which include:

  • acupuncture;
  • laser treatment;
  • phonoelectrophoresis;
  • massage.

In addition, the patient the necessary procedure, with beneficial effects on the nervous system and blood circulation and improve metabolism.

The next point becomes the ear blowing. Most often this treatment is prescribed to those patients who have hearing loss manifested on the background of otitis media dysfunction of Eustachian tube or due to injury to the ear.

You should know that massage is essential throughout the entire course of treatment. Besides him, the patient needs to do special exercises. They will help improve circulation and tonus of the tympanic membrane.

Surgical technique

Many patients concerned with the question of how to restore hearing in sensorineural hearing loss.

Most often therapy includes cure methods described above. But usually, the medication is in acute forms of hearing loss is preceded by surgical intervention.

There are several types of operations that are applied in this pathology of the body.

Not to avoid surgery for disruption of the ossicles and dysfunction of the internal part of the ear. The essence of the operation lies in the replacement of damaged tissues on the prosthesis. Through this procedure, restores the function of the bones and the patient returns the hearing.

If the hearing loss appeared because of the violation of the integrity of the tympanic membrane, the patient must undergo myringoplasty at which the membrane changed to a synthetic analog.

However, other causes of inflammation the patient may need to undergo hearing aid. Today, a wide selection of hearing AIDS, which are selected according to the individual case. They are practically invisible when worn and do not cause discomfort.

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How to return the ear with hearing loss — proven methods

For people who prefer unconventional methods of therapy before selecting treatment, you must consult with your doctor. In some types and shapes of hearing loss the methods of traditional medicine can only do harm. However, in some cases, herbs and solutions can have a beneficial effect.

Describe the main recipes that are popular.

For the first method you will need olive oil and bee product.

Mix olive oil and propolis in the ratio of four to one and stir thoroughly.

Before the introduction of the ears, a bottle with the mixture must be heated over a steam bath or dip in hot water for a few minutes.

Ensure that the drops do not become hot. Then prepare turundas and soak gauze flagellum in a large amount of funds.

Then gently pull the earlobe down and enter turundy in the ear canal. Leave swabs in the ear all night and in the morning flush the ear with warm water, then rinse thoroughly.

Repeat this procedure for twelve days.

For the implementation of the following method is necessary to prepare a tincture of pine nuts.

To do this, pour half a Cup of nuts Cup of vodka and wrapped in a towel.

Put the mixture in a dark and dry place for fifteen days.

The mixture is then necessary to filter and drink in small SIPS twice a day for ten days.

There is another method of return of acute hearing. To do this, grind the onions to a pulp. To this mixture, add one clove of garlic and a few drops of olive oil.

Wrap the mixture in a compress and apply to the aching ear. Then tie the ear tight with a bandage and keep it at least two hours. After the procedure the ear should be washed and dried.


Hearing loss – a dangerous inflammation that must be treated at the first symptoms. In addition, there is a possibility of recurrence of the disease.

Therefore, throughout your life, you must watch your diet, exercise and try to prevent ear diseases.