Is it possible to soar feet with sinusitis adults and children: how to soar

To soar feet in the sinus?

Inflammation of the mucosa or paranasal ways becomes a cause of poor health of the patient, nasal congestion, pain in the head and between the eyebrows, as well as a number of other acute symptoms. To cure sinusitis by using antibiotics, antiviral or anti-inflammatory medicines. In addition to conservative therapy, when acute course of the disease the patient may be advised to warm your feet in the sinus.

Heat therapy may help the patient to relieve the symptoms, accelerate the healing process and to return the function of blood circulation, which will improve health. However, it is important to know what soar feet in the sinus and how to conduct thermotherapy. If you break the rules of treatment, warming of the feet can cause the development of the disease.

Is it possible to soar feet with sinusitis adults and children

Patients often wonder whether it is possible to warm the feet and how to do it. You first need to figure out why you have a disease. Based on these results, the specialist will determine the course of treatment is allowed and physiotherapy is in your case.

During conservative treatment, after determining the type of sinusitis, you can hold a warming of the extremities. Such a procedure is not only improved circulation, but also a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract. The thing is that essential oils, herbs and other ingredients that are added during the procedure, affect the Central nervous system of respiration.

Outgoing couples are in the upper respiratory tract much faster than in treatment with a pill or a spray, so this procedure gives a dual result. However, for the inhalation it is best to choose a medication specifically designed for such procedures. A list of aromatic oils can be found here.

Warming the legs can be done at home, so it is loved by many patients. Easy procedure and fast beneficial effect on the entire body has allowed this method to become one of the most popular recipes of folk medicine.

Remember! Before warming extremities do not forget to check with a physician the list of allowed medicines to be added to the water.


Self-treatment can lead to undesirable consequences. In addition, you may not know about the presence of contraindications.

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The main prohibitions for warming foot include:

  • it is not necessary to warm up the legs at high temperature;
  • in acute development of sinusitis;
  • if sinusitis is accompanied by green or yellow discharge;
  • in bacterial form;
  • in the case of hypertension;
  • with frequent bleeding;
  • in the case of poor blood clotting;
  • dysfunction of the blood vessels;
  • varicose age;
  • clotting;
  • problems with the cardiovascular system;
  • in case of intoxication;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • chronic diseases in exacerbation stage;
  • in the presence of burns or wounds on the skin.

Pay special attention to the treatment of bacterial progression of the disease. Given the nature of the disease any warm-up is prohibited! How to cure a bacterial sinus infection find out here.

In addition, you cannot warm up the limbs, if at the time of the procedure, the patient is taking antibiotics.

If you violate these rules, you can provoke the development of the disease and deterioration of health of the patient.


Soar feet is possible when the patient is on the mend, and after surgical treatment of paranasal sinuses. In the list of readings included successful drug treatment, when the symptoms of sinusitis has decreased.

After warm up, the patient noted improvement of health, hardening and strengthening the immune system.

What drugs you can heat up the legs

As ingredients for warming the feet, you can apply aromatic oils, saline solutions and medicinal plants.

In addition to the water treatments, the patient can use a dry method of heating. To do this, prepare a lotion of salt or grains, glow them on the pan and apply to limbs for thirty minutes. Be careful in the first minutes of procedure lotions was not burning. Otherwise there is a risk of burns.

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Essential oils

The most common type of steaming the feet is considered to be water with the addition of warming essential oils. This procedure inflammation of the maxillary sinus serves as an effective method of treating and reducing symptoms of the disease.

To conduct the warm up, you need the following:

  1. Boil two liters of water.
  2. Add in a bowl of water to five drops of any aromatic oil.
  3. Ensure that the patient had no allergic reactions for the selected ingredient.
  4. The most popular agents are peppermint, eucalyptus, orange, lemon.

Warm up legs by this method should be at least fifteen minutes. During the treatment the nutrients essential oils do not only in the skin of the patient, but also in the respiratory tract. Thus, the therapy improves the function of the paranasal sinuses, soothes breathing severe coughing, and improves blood circulation throughout the body.

For reference! Steam inhalation conducted in such a way that will reduce swelling in mucous membranes and improve the flow of mucus.


To reduce pain at the sinusitis of the patient is useful to warm up the legs with the addition of dry mustard. This method eliminates the symptoms of inflammation and eliminates the risk of repeated lesions of the maxillary sinuses.

Important! Soar feet way in the presence of subfebrile temperature.

Mechanism of heating:

  1. Heat the water up to forty degrees Celsius.
  2. Add the liquid, two tablespoons of dry mustard.
  3. Mix the solution and place feet in capacity.
  4. Every five minutes add water boiling water.

Duration should be not less than twenty minutes, but it is not necessary to warm up the legs longer than an hour. Heating was allowed to spend three days in a row.

Interesting! To improve the effect in water with mustard, add a small amount of baking soda.

Medicinal plants

For warming foot can be used decoctions of medicinal plants. They will help to eliminate the signs of inflammation in the early stages of the development of sinusitis and speed up the healing process when receiving complex medical treatment.

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As an ingredient, you can choose chamomile flower, St. John’s wort, peppermint, mother-and-stepmother, calendula. Brew the selected ingredient in the pot and then allow the solution to stand for thirty minutes. After that, strain for the treatment through a strainer and add the resulting broth in a container of warm water.

Soar feet in this way, you need thirty minutes. After the procedure, wear warm socks and cover with a blanket. It is best to warm your feet right before bedtime.

Remember! Immediately after the procedure is forbidden to go outside, stand in a draft, or be under the influence of conditioning.

In addition to the direct appointment procedure, this method has a beneficial effect on the ENT organs. Inhalation will improve airway function, decrease the amount of discharge and return to nasal breathing.


Warming up should be performed every day for at least three days. After treatment the patient can go out no earlier than four hours. During the procedure, ensure that the water was not scalding. Immediately after therapy should wear clean socks and drink tea with honey and lemon.

In addition to healing impact in the development of the disease, the warming is often used as prevention.