Is it possible to swallow snot when cold: what will be and is it harmful

What happens if you swallow snot?

You will see sometimes in some people remaining from childhood the habit of swallowing the nasal mucus. In children this can be seen often. Necessarily thoughts, can you swallow snot when cold and what consequences it may lead.

Find out what happens if you swallow snot. Let’s start with denote that the bow is the secret.

What is snot and what functions they perform

Snot is a nasal discharge, which play an important role in the human body. Medicine calls them referred to as nasal mucus or miconazole secret. In the course of an illness nasal discharge are produced more intensively. Despite the discomfort experienced when such secretions, nasal mucus is essential for the normal functioning of the respiratory organs and of the organism as a whole.

Nasal mucus performs the following functions:

  • serves as a barrier for dust and tiny particles of debris in the upper respiratory tract;
  • supports the moisture balance of the mucous membrane of the nose;
  • in through the nose moisturizes the air;
  • disinfect viruses and bacteria.


In the composition of the nasal mucus are protective cells and substances that provide local immunity. These include:

  • interferon is a protein that performs anti-viral function;
  • the enzyme lysozyme, destroying the cell structure of bacteria;
  • lactoferrin, which functions of immunocompetent cells.

The chemical composition of nasal secretions determines 95% water, the remaining 5 % are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, nucleic acids and enzymes.

In mucous secretions from the nose present an important component of the mucin. It is responsible for transporting a foreign particle and dust entering from the environment.

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Is it harmful to swallow snot

Fatal swallowing the mucus does not, however, do not lightly refer to this phenomenon.

Swallowing mucus is dangerous because with it in the stomach get dust and alien particles, viruses and germs.

It so happens that the immune system does not destroy all viruses that are present in natalem secret, and some of them continue to multiply in the stomach. And it is fraught with inflammatory processes.

However, the digestive system is designed so that viruses are killed due to the acidic environment of the stomach.

Note: the swallowing of snot is not allowed when the bow selection is triggered by infectious disease. The infection may spread in the digestive system — that’s why you can’t swallow snot.

The lion’s share of nasal mucus is inevitably in the stomach, where it is safely and neutralized. This is a natural physiological process of the human body.

The use of snot

Incredible! Scientists came to the conclusion that from snot do not harm, but rather benefit!

There is the opinion of the American scientists that the use of nasal mucus is beneficial to the human body. They suggest that it strengthens the immune system and the microorganisms entering the human stimulate the immune system. A small number of viruses will only in good health.

Scientists have linked the weakening of the immune system with greatly increased hygiene. A sterile environment does not work to the immune system, and a small portion of the microorganisms to the human immune system can only help you.

On the basis of what has nasal mucus, snot swallowing is not recommended, but critical to this is also nothing. Stomach acid neutralizes everything that goes along with mucus.

The consequences of swallowing snot will depend on the nature of the disease caused mucus from the nose. If the nasal discharge is accompanied by severe exhausting the body of the infection, you should refrain from such habits.

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