Is it possible to take a smear during menstruation, features of procedure

It is no secret that girls are carefully prepared to visit a gynecological office. Knowing that the doctor will take a swab, the patient finds out in advance the hygienic requirements. Women stop taking antibiotics, pain pills. The specialist advises the woman to go to him for examination to the «special» days, if sickness do not exist. But sometimes the menstrual flow is not an obstacle for the study of the vaginal flora. You need to understand, in some cases, a trip to the doctor should be postponed «until better times».

Why is it so important cells with intimate areas?

Getting to the reception to the lady doctor, you know that the examination will end by taking a smear. Scraping taken from the mucous membranes of the patient, allows the gynecologist to get accurate information about the state of the microflora in her «secret parts». The procedure of taking a smear is simple. The doctor inserts into the vagina of the patient a miniature mirror. Not all ladies know if the gynecologist to take a smear during menstruation. With a special spatula gynecologist performs a collection of cells from the cervix and vagina. In some cases there is a need to take a scraping from the urethra. This material is placed in a special laboratory glass. The study of cells will be made by experts in the laboratory.

Some patients feel slight discomfort during the procedure. Often painful feeling in the delicate areas indicate inflammation.

Smear is necessary if a woman’s life occurred the following events:

  • pregnancy;
  • the emergence of a new sexual partner;
  • long-term treatment with antibiotics;
  • a delay period;
  • discomfort and a burning sensation in the perineum.
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Any deviation is a reason for the diagnosis

A woman may suspect that her genitourinary system not OK if she has a selection of unusual colors. Also be alert patient can itching and soreness «out there.» If possible, plan a visit to the doctor the next day, after the menstrual discharge. This time well for research. The immune power of the body is almost no effect on the composition of the microflora of your vagina.

Gynecological smear will help determine which disease is not give you live quietly. If in the vaginal environment the doctor will reveal high acidity, most likely you’re afflicted by a yeast infection. The presence of chlamydia in the smear will tell the gynecologist that you have developed chlamydia. The sooner you recover from this infectious disease, the fewer problems you will have in the future.

Girls are often asked whether it is possible to take smears during menstruation. Experts advise to postpone the sampling of biological material, if ailments «feminine» do not exist. Routine inspection is best done in two or three days after the menstrual discharge.

Menstruation «confuses the map»…

Young ladies experts explain in detail the nuances of preparation for the examination. The intake of potent medicines you should stop five days before the «date» with a gynecologist. Two days before the medical examination you need to abstain from intimate contact.

Doctors advise girls to wash for six to seven hours before attending a gynecological office. Ideally, all hygienic procedures must be made the night before the sampling of biological material. Wash preferably without the use of gel using only water.

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In the period of menstrual flow visit gynecological undesirable.

We will remind, what prevents the menstrual blood:

  • the patient is more difficult to observe the rules of training. The woman began critical days, it will be difficult not to wash for a long time;
  • a gynecologist sees the bad, where does a swab;
  • the presence of blood can distort the research results.

In some cases, monthly is not a hindrance for inspection?

If you are planning to pass a swab during a routine inspection, critical days you will not be happy. But and upset you are unlikely. Girls who find themselves in a sticky situation, to tolerate a visit to a female doctor the other day. But when the lady concerned about sharp pain in the vagina, wait for the «right time» is unreasonable.

Recall which ailments become urgent reason for taking a smear from a woman:

  • the appearance of foul-smelling secretions;
  • prolonged menstrual bleeding;
  • increased body temperature;
  • highlight the alarming color. Yellow or green mucus indicates the development of the pathological process in the urogenital sphere;
  • a strong feeling of burning, cutting in sensitive areas.

As you know, in some cases, menstruation is not an obstacle for cells with the privates. Going to the reception to the female doctor and take a diaper. It will need to be put on the examination table. Before the procedure, try not to urinate for half an hour. If this condition is met, the doctor will be able to get more reliable information about your flora.

How to pass swab PCR

PCR analysis aims to reveal the hidden infections of the genitourinary system. The method is based on polymerase chain reaction. Pathogens often become the main cause of infertility. A study on the infection can be carried out in the critical days.

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Medicine is the trick: the doctor advises the patient before the study, dinner, salted or smoked. You can eat a bit of pickled vegetables, a glass of wine. Acute and smoked foods will act as «bait» for bacteria. Yielding to provocations, the microorganisms will demonstrate increased activity. So, the study of vaginal microflora easily identify the kind of bacteria. Having information about the pathogen infection, the gynecologist will recommend you a drugs to eliminate it.

A compromise

If you are going to pass a swab during menstruation, you should be prepared that the inspection procedure will take more time than it took before. If the study you will have discovered the infection, the doctor will recommend antibiotics. To confirm the diagnosis the doctor may order ultrasound of the uterus and ovaries.

If the «menstrual» stroke seems insufficiently informative doctor, the gynecologist will advise you to come in after discharge.