Is it possible to wash the nose with sea salt when sinusitis: treatment at home

How to treat sinusitis sea salt?

Sinusitis is recognized as a dangerous disease that can go from acute stage to chronic in a very short time. Inflammation of the maxillary sinus requires a comprehensive treatment with drug therapy is aimed at reducing the disease of feelings and the normalization of the breathing organ, as well as the destruction of the inflammation. Commonly treatment therapy is in the hospital, but if the disease develops without any risk of complications, the patient is administered therapy at home.

In some cases, the sinusitis requires surgical intervention. It is necessary to cleanse the sinus from accumulation of pus, but if you take the necessary steps to get rid of the disease can be more gentle way. One of the drug therapies is considered a nasal wash with sea salt in the sinus. This procedure will eliminate infection in the nasal cavity and normalize breathing.

Why you need a nasal wash

Sinusitis refers to the rather complex kind of inflammation that is hard to get rid of. Inflammation of the paranasal sinuses can cause a number of dangerous complications that require urgent medical intervention. So at a very early stage of development of the disease doctors recommend applying sea salt.

Treatment of sinusitis at home with salt allows to avoid surgical treatment and significantly improves the General condition of the patient.

If promptly treated, this procedure will replace the need for puncture of the maxillary sinus!

We all know that sinusitis occurs with acute symptoms that are hard to break. With the progression of the disease patients there is a runny nose with profuse secretion of pus.

For the relief of such a process require daily washing. In addition, cleansing of the nasal cavity with sea salt and is used as prophylaxis.

Daily rehabilitation of the nose using medications for washing is capable of removing some of the symptoms for a very short period of time.

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Sea salt inflammation of the paranasal sinuses has long enjoyed great popularity. When used correctly this ingredient has been a significant improvement in health. So, to answer the actual question, is it possible to wash the nose with sea salt in the sinus, we can safely say about the positive response.

But before doing the procedure independently, it is necessary to pass diagnostics and to consult with your doctor. In some cases, this procedure is contraindicated. It is important to know whether it is possible to carry out reorganization of the cavity is in your case.

Remember that washing is strictly forbidden in elevated body temperature, and purulent sinusitis.

Remember that treatment of diabetes requires constant monitoring of the doctor. In particular, it is important to follow the doctor’s advice in bacterial lesion cavity of the paranasal sinuses.

Such a procedure, nose lavage is only recommended in the very beginning of the development of inflammation. Washing at the initial stage is able to eliminate the inflammation and remove the swelling of the sinus mucosa. In addition, note the following favorable characteristics:

  • the reduction of edema;
  • the decrease in the number of infections in the nasal cavity;
  • improvement of nasal breathing;
  • normalization of the functions of the nasal cavity;
  • the improvement of health.

Regular debridement of the nasal cavity are required before the use of vasoconstrictor nasal drops and sprays, as well as before the introduction of antiseptic medicines.

Cleansing of the nasal cavity should be carried out in combination with drug therapy.

How to treat sinusitis sea salt

Medicinal products based on sea salt helps get rid of mucous secretions and do not allow to accumulate the secret is in the region of the paranasal sinuses. But to carry out such procedure in accordance with certain rules.

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Do not proceed with the reorganization of the nasal cavity at body temperature, above 37 degrees Celsius. In addition, nasal lavage is not recommended in purulent secretions or poor state of health of the patient.

How to prepare a solution

For preparation of a solution of sea salt necessary in one liter of hot water to dissolve three large spoons of sea salt. Before administration, the solution must be cooled down to body temperature.

Before each wash procedure, the solution should be prepared afresh.

Remember that immediately after washing, you cannot go outside for hours.

The algorithm of actions

When washing the nose, adhere to the following algorithm:

  1. Before washing the nose with enter into each cavity one drop decongestants. You can use Otrivin, Sanorin, Nazivin and others.
  2. After that it is recommended to prepare a remedy for colic. This can be a specialized pear, teapot, syringe without needle or other device for washing.
  3. Type in the device the required amount of solution and gently inject into the nasal cavity.
  4. The procedure is best done over the sink because, when correctly performed procedure, all the liquid will flow out through the other nostril.
  5. With the introduction of the solution ensure that the head was turned to the side.
  6. For purification of one of the nasal cavity it is necessary to use about 0.3 liter of solution.

For the cleansing of nasal cavity in infants is best to use the aspirator or pipette. When sanitizing, it is important to ensure that the solution has not penetrated into the oral cavity or ears.

Preparations for washing

Today the pharmaceutical market offers specialized solutions that are available in convenient bottle. For them it is enough to enter the top of the bottle into the cavity of the nose and gently press on the dispenser.

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Best medications for washing considered — Aqua Maris, Phrase, Marker, Humer, But Sol.

How often to wash the nose

Rinse nasal passages may require up to three times a day, but if the inflammation becomes for complications, your doctor may prescribe up to five washing every three hours.

The last time should be held in the evening, before preparing to sleep.

In this case, the patient will be able to seamlessly fall asleep.

In addition, regular rinsing of the nasal cavity with sinusitis can help relieve the symptoms of acute inflammation during the development of the disease.

In chronic sinusitis sea salt will help get rid of bouts of serious inflammation.


A nasal wash is not a standalone treatment. Sanitation with the help of sea salt should be carried out only in conjunction with the comprehensive treatment prescribed by the attending physician.

Independent use of seawater can lead to certain complications. It is especially important to keep all doctor appointments when ill small child.

A comprehensive treatment is able to eliminate the symptoms of acute sinusitis and get rid of the inflammation.