Is it possible with a cold to go to the bath and bathe

Should I go to the baths with a runny nose?

In the old days said: «I went to the bathhouse — all the ailments out…» Today, in relation to the bath and water treatments in General, doctors are skeptical. Most often treatments under a categorical ban, while there are those who confidently declares: «I after a bath is always better». Most acutely the question arises, when it starts cold. You can really do with a cold to go to the bath, sauna, whether such procedures are useful?

Bath «therapy» has always been considered a good preventive measure for colds. Back in the old days the effect of this treatment was evident treatments together with herbal teas, were widely popular.

The benefits of saunas with a cold

Modern medicine recognizes that at the initial stages of SARS, other respiratory diseases, the sauna will only benefit. Primary symptoms – runny nose, sore throat, cough, weakness will be unnoticed, if it is good steamed, and then to drink a decoction of medicinal herbs. Such compositions are for the larger effect of Supplement of honey, lemon juice, milk, raspberry jam. After such therapy, it is recommended to bundle up warmly and go to bed.

When cold, the bathhouse, the sauna will affect the body positively:

  1. Being under the influence of hot steam opens your pores, which makes it easier to flush toxins and harmful substances accumulated in the body.
  2. Improves blood circulation. Due to a sharp increase in body temperature occurs a great development of cells, they have a strong resistance penetrating viruses and pathogenic microorganisms.
  3. Inhaled vapor bath, especially when using some essential oils, e.g. oils of cedar, lavender or eucalyptus, like inhalation for patients of the respiratory system. Inhalations promote deducing out phlegm, clear bronchial tubes, lungs.
  4. The use of birch or pine broom allows you to expand the vessels, improve cardiac activity.
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Usually after this therapy is cough. Otharkiwati, the patient spits out mass accumulated on the respiratory system, the result of cleaned nose. Breathing becomes better, loosens, rooting for the chest, cough goes away. Of course, this is all temporary and without proper comprehensive treatment, the sickness will be back again.

Thanks to «campaign» in the bath at the early stages of the disease, or at the end of treatment, when there are still residual effects of the disease, the patient’s condition will be greatly facilitated.

When the bath cannot be visited?

In spite of many positive effects of sauna and steam, high temperature and high humidity can often exacerbate the patient’s condition and make the disease. Thus, it is contraindicated bath, sauna with a cold, if the patient in addition to the nozzle there is a high body temperature. This symptom is very dangerous, evidence of the development of a strong inflammation and possible complications. Need to pay more attention to the patient, knowing that a treatment him precisely the benefit will not go.

Disregard of contraindications can lead not only to complication of the General condition of the patient, but also to the aggravation of respiratory diseases, heart failure, heart attack.

The flow of cold together with severe headaches can result a strong decline of forces, dizziness, fainting.

You cannot go to the bath «with herpes», the disease will spread even more, covering large areas.

However, the most dangerous room will be for those who rarely steamed, visited these places.

Unaccustomed to such procedures may very well end badly.

You cannot go to the bath, the shower, the sauna, when the disease from the initial stage switched to the threat and more and more progresses.

How to bathe?

Selected brew broom hot water as soon as it steamed, the patient can begin to soar. To the procedure it was easier to stand on my head to wear a special hat. If the patient is steamed himself, then hands to cover the protective orgonomy.

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Hover man with a broom – a science:

  1. The process begins with light prehladavanie can say strokes starting from the feet to the head.
  2. Back, slightly flapping on the sides.
  3. Coming up, attention is paid to the lumbar region, hips and buttocks. Treating these areas with a broom, not only Pat, but also how to RUB in a circular motion, exerting maximum effort.
  4. Broom, take your hands on both ends, is pressed against the lumbar region and, slightly pressing, gently pull his top to back, all the way up to the neck. Repeat up to six times.
  5. After the back area is well steamed, making more sudden movements, adding a parallel Park.

If a patient hard to stay in the steam room and he complains that it is such treatment is not «happy», then the process should be immediately terminated so as not to harm his health.

If a patient became ill, he should be taken out of the steam to a cooler place, to catch his breath, wash your face with cool water. It will take some time to observe the General condition, and if there is deterioration, call an ambulance.

How to treat the common cold in the bath?

Find out whether you bathe in the bath for colds, in each case prompt the treating specialist on the basis of the General condition of the patient, the severity of the development of colds.

If a satisfactory solution to the treatment in the bath may be as follows:

  1. The execution BANNO inhalation. On the hot stones drip up to 10 drops of essential oil of pine, eucalyptus, cedar, other drugs that have a calming, antibacterial effect. Once inside the respiratory system along with the hot pairs, contributes to the inhibition of development of pathogenic microflora. Essential oils are also added to hot water.
  2. Massage with a broom. To improve overall health, stabilize proper blood circulation helps bath massages with a broom. Twigs cut from the branches of medicinal plants. So, use birch, pine needles, chamomile, St. John’s wort. For these purposes is not necessarily «really» sweating, need only a light Pat to walk on the surface of the skin.
  3. Decoctions of medicinal herbs. Directly in a basin or bucket of hot water and steam herbs in the broth which perform bath treatments. You can use chamomile, eucalyptus, St. John’s wort, thyme. These decoctions can also be taken orally as a tea.
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With a cold, when there are no contraindications, the steam is allowed to enter in stages. The temperature in the steam room should be such that what is normally «kept» man, before I got sick.

As for the children, is it possible to bath baby with snot, it is difficult to make their own conclusions. Children’s bodies are unpredictable and first it is necessary to consult a doctor. After all, if snot were not the result of a cold, and on the background of endocrine diseases, the child’s condition may become critical after the sauna.