Itching behind the ear in adults: causes irritation that is

Why is an itch behind my ear?

Itching, suddenly appearing inside the ear, causing discomfort and irritation. It is clear that the organ of hearing «sends» a signal about the beginning of the development of a certain pathology. Does the same thing itching inside the ear and around the ear, behind it? In fact, if scratched behind the ear some time, and the phenomenon takes place as suddenly as it had begun, nothing wrong with that. The phenomenon can be attributed to the normal processes of life.

When the phenomenon persists for a long time, the area behind the ear greatly irritated and felt a slight indisposition. Constant scratching the affected area leads to redness, peeling of the skin. When constantly scratched behind the ear, it is very important to find out what triggered this. Most often, these phenomena are the first signs of serious pathologies affecting as the ears, skin, and other organs. To determine the cause of such sensitive issues is unlikely to succeed, need to be examined by a specialist.

What is the symptom

The first manifestation of symptom may go unnoticed. A little lighter scratching is rarely viewed as a big problem. Gradually the itch begins to grow under the influence of irritating factors, increase. There comes a time when the skin literally want to «rip off» so much she scratched, but to calm itching does not work in the usual way.

If you look closely, to analyze the General condition of the body, you can see a number of other symptoms that accompany painful phenomenon and remain undetected.

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They will characteristic the main provoking factor.

So, after several days behind the ears, rash, peeling, blisters, redness, swelling, can begin fever, headache.

Can stand out wanton tears, and the itching will gradually cover an increasing part of the body.

Interesting! Such a phenomenon as itching behind the ears is rarely found in men. Basically, the problem affects women and children because of the high susceptibility of the organism to external and internal stimuli.

Which indicates disease

Studying the nature of itching behind the ears, we can say that this is provoked by many reasons connected with the development of serious diseases:

  • the failure of the body at the hormonal level;
  • the body got an infection (viral, fungal);
  • developing inflammatory process of upper respiratory tract, e.g., otitis of the outer ear;
  • dermatitis;
  • diathesis;
  • eczema triggered by allergies;
  • shingles;
  • psoriasis;
  • deviations associated with the mental state of the person that provoked frequent stress, irritation.

Typically, when the development of pathology not only behind ear itchy and scaly skin also develop a rash on the face, neck, and head.

Inflammatory processes accompanied by severe pain, swelling, purulent secretions from the ear.

In infectious diseases of itching may occur in many areas of the body, accompanied by a characteristic rash, scab.

Usually in the presence of pathology of the person looks sluggish, tired. Prolonged phenomenon occurs headache, irritation. Observed more pronounced symptoms of the underlying trigger the disease.

To understand what specifies itching behind his ear what are the causes of the phenomenon, sometimes is not possible even a specific specialist, so the patient can go for examination, not only to Laura, but the venereal diseases, endocrinologist, dermatologist or allergist.

Other causes irritation in ear

The most common symptoms of itching behind the ears are the most banal reasons that people does not even know and certainly not considers as irritants:

  • wearing cheap costume jewelry;
  • allergic to a certain kind of stimulus;
  • the body’s response to prolonged stay in an environment where the air «soar» chemicals, odors paint.
  • long stay in a dusty environment;
  • excessive sweating of the head;
  • poor hygiene of the organs of hearing;
  • the use of poor quality cosmetics and beauty care products for skin, hair;
  • an insect bite;
  • hypothermia, overheating.
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In most cases, a phenomenon triggered by similar factors, accompanied by a slight redness behind the ear in both adults and children. Such stimuli can be determined independently, and, as a rule, after the removal of a provoking factor itching will pass by itself.

If the body is already heavily scratched, you should treat the affected areas with appropriate drugs, to prevent penetration into the body of pathogenic bacteria, infections.

When the problem is not pass more than two days for unknown reasons, do not need yourself to find out why an itch behind my ear. It is best to take the help of experts in order to start the treatment of disease.