Itchy ear in a man: reasons why sick and itchy

Why itchy ear, and what to do about it?

Perhaps, it is difficult to find someone who is not experienced with the overwhelming desire to be good to scratch his ear, but only a few are interested in the origin of this strange phenomenon.

Mainly occurring periodically, this condition is a normal reaction to certain stimuli. And often experts of people take for itching in the ears define a quick change in the weather. But if the phenomenon is ongoing, causing the person a lot of discomfort, then you must start looking for reasons why itching inside the ear and methods of elimination of this problem.

Why itchy ear inside a person

Itching in the ear – not a sign of disease, but may be a concomitant symptom of such. This condition can cause many things and most importantly, not all of them need a specific approach to eliminate.

Important. The basic rule for a person to feel discomfort in the ear – this exception is ill-considered and spontaneous actions.

This means that you should not grab the first available under the arm things, trying to scratch his ear. Bobby pins, hairpins and other items will not only help to get rid of obsessive-compulsive disorder, but can exacerbate the situation, for example, compromise the integrity of the eardrum.

In order to scratch his ear, it is necessary to use a cotton swab to be used for such purposes, or better wadded turundy, and not immersing them too deeply in the ear.

If after such manipulations, the discomfort continues, you should visit an otolaryngologist to determine the factor that causes this condition.

The main reasons for the appearance of such sensations in the ear include:

  • sulfuric tube is an excessive formation of this secret, together with the fat and then accumulated in the ear passage, provokes a similar reaction. In this situation, it is sufficient to eliminate these clusters with washing. This can be done as a doctor, and independently at home;
  • hereditary excessive or reduced formation of sulfur – both situations are the reason for itchy ears. In the first case, the auditory canal simply must often be cleaned, and the second doctor can prescribe drops, ointment for soothing away dryness and therefore itchiness;
  • the ingress of water during swimming, diving and other water treatments in the ear canal can get a certain amount of water, which will cause discomfort in the ear as if poured and itchy. What to take at home in a similar situation can be found here;
  • otitis media – if the ear inside hurts and itches, the pain is pronounced with a backache, it may indicate the development of the inflammatory process in the ear. This situation requires immediate medical attention, because of the possible serious complications;

  • fungal ear pathology (atomikos) – a rather common pathological condition. In addition to the itching there may also be redness of the skin of the ear, the formation of dry and moist crusts in the ear canal. To treat is not necessary, because only a doctor can determine the type of fungus and assign appropriate therapy;
  • you are allergic to certain stimuli may have a strong allergic reaction that may well be the cause of such discomfort. Quite often it suffer hearing;
  • dermatological diseases – dermatitis, eczema may be accompanied by itching, formation of crusts and bubbles with liquid;
  • endocrine pathology – diabetes mellitus and other failures of the autoimmune system often cause these phenomena;
  • mites if the skin affects the ear, or the itch mite, there is intolerable itching in ear, with crawling sensation and bites parasites;

  • foreign objects and insects – the problem of ingress of foreign objects in the ear often occurs in childhood. Because of their curiosity, the child can stick it in your ear any circuits, small toy, a button, which subsequently gives a lot of trouble to the kid and his parents. But the penetration of the insect in the organ of hearing are unable to protect themselves and adults. So if in the ear tickles and itches, it is necessary to take measures for the extraction of the stimulus;
  • breakdown – in this situation exhausting, itching may indicate an excessive nervous tension and emotional stress.

Having considered the principal causes of this pathological condition, then figure out what to do if very itchy ears inside.

How to treat itching in the ear

Because of the seriousness of most of the causes that provoke this phenomenon does not allow you to self-medicate, then a visit to a specialist is indispensable. Especially in those cases, if itching occurs within a few days and does not go after brushing and rinsing.

Important. You should not use any drops or ointments before the visit to the doctor, because medications can distort the clinical picture of the disease.

Waxy build-up, foreign objects, insects and water in the ear – the phenomenon is not pleasant, but not of the worst. Easily removed at home, but the best course to do ENT in order to avoid injury to the ear canal when attempting to conduct manipulations at home.

More serious problems require a preliminary examination to determine than to treat in each case.

So for the treatment of otitis media apply the integrated approach on the basis of preparations of local system effects. To do this, use an anti-inflammatory and painkillers, ear drops («Drops», «Cipromed», «Otofa») and antibacterial drugs («Netilmicin», «Ciprofloxacin», «Amoxicillin»). The schema may vary depending on the form and stage of the disease.

When atomikos therapy begins with the application antimikoticeski funds, which are aimed at suppression of vital activity of fungi. As a local treatment used ointment «Terbinafine», «Clotrimazole», «Naftifine».

To eliminate allergies in the first place is revealed and is eliminated entirely allergen. Taken antihistamines, contributing to inflammation, swelling and itching.

In dermatological disorders appointed by antihistamines, «Suprastin», «Tavegil», «Zyrtec». For local effects, we use corticosteroid ointment and washing with solutions of «Resorcinol», «Furatsilinom».


To ignore this phenomenon should not, and no matter ear itches constantly or periodically. But panic is not worth, but better safe than sorry.

Most are banal reasons, which are quite easily and quickly removed, but if it is a more serious disease – it is a timely opportunity to start treatment that will prevent long arduous course of therapy and adverse outcomes.

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