Izofra in pregnancy: is it possible to take 1, 2, 3 trimester

How to take the antibiotic Izofra in pregnancy?

Treatment of viral infections and inflammation in the nasopharynx will often require the use of complex treatment, which includes application of medication and physiotherapy courses. Treatment sometimes involves the use of antibacterial drugs. Most often when such symptoms are assigned a «Izofra». This medication minimal side effects and no contraindications.

Local medicine allowed during pregnancy or lactation, however, without a doctor’s permission to use the medication undesirable. To be sure, is it possible to use «Isopro» during pregnancy and how to inject the drug, read the material.

About the drug «Izofra»

Nasal drops «Izofra» known in the Russian market for a long time. They gained wide popularity thanks to the effective action in inflammatory processes in the upper respiratory tract. «Isopro» designate not only with infectious lesions of the nose, but also in case of sinusitis, sinusitis, various allergic reactions, edema, frostbite, appearance of mucous secretions.

The preparation is intended for local use, and the drugs included framizetin is an antibiotic that has anti-inflammatory effect.

The effect of the medication aimed at the destruction of gram-positive and gram-negative viruses, and the destruction of the inflammation. The drug included in the group of aminoglycosides.

Immediately after the injection, the patient feels relief of the General condition, hydration of the mucous membranes and liquefaction of mucous secretions.

Medication naturally removes mucus, freeing the upper respiratory tract. Thus, there is a cure of the patient.

Bury the drug in accordance with the permitted dosage. Apply this medication without the permission of a specialist can be dangerous to your state of health. Remember that all medications with antibiotics are prescribed when absolutely necessary.

Do not use «Isopro» in the normal runny nose or mild symptoms infectious lesions of the body. In the case of long-term use of medication is addiction. In further use of the drug will be ineffective.

Self-treatment data drops is unacceptable, as need to even designate permitted dosage.

How to apply «Isopro» in the case of a child

In the instructions for use drops no contraindications, which mark a ban on the use of medication in case of pregnancy or breast-feeding. However, doctors do not adhere to a single opinion.

Some experts note that the use of antibiotics in case of inflammation in the nasopharynx is not desirable because the components can adversely affect the development of the baby.

Other doctors say that this nasal spray is not dangerous, as it is not absorbed into the bloodstream and its action is directed only to the destruction of viruses and bacteria.

Therefore, in the case of nasal inflammation in a pregnant woman, you need to contact an experienced doctor. In no case do not self-medicate, as «Izofra» in pregnancy 1 trimester has certain consequences. During the main development of the placenta and any wrong treatment in case of inflammation can have adverse effects on fetal development.

The unequivocal opinion among experts about the use of «Izofra» during pregnancy in 2 trimester, because at this time there are no effects on the placenta.

It is precisely known that the use of «Isopro» during pregnancy can be 3 trimester, because at this time there is a decrease in the immune system and the weakening of the protective functions of the organism. Under such symptoms the drug will have the protection and treatment of the body without harm to the baby.

In the absence of treatment there is a complication and even a simple cold can quickly progress to sinusitis or otitis media.

The use of «Izofra» at this stage is justified by the fact that the effects of otitis media or sinusitis is much more serious, and the use of anti-infective drug in this case is more than justified.

At this time should be seen by a doctor. Only an experienced specialist will be able to determine the onset of the inflammatory process and assign the correct dosage.

Do not engage in treatment themselves and don’t take medicines without the permission of the attending physician. Some medications can have a detrimental impact on the health of child and mother and lead to serious consequences

To assess how suitable the medication «Izofra» can only be qualified on the basis of symptoms and signs of inflammation.


During pregnancy the immune system of the female organism is markedly reduced. At this time it is particularly important to fully temper the body, make a large number of vitamins and more walk in the fresh air.

If you are pregnant, are not in areas with large concentrations of people, as the prevalence of acute respiratory infections may negatively affect the development of your baby.

If the disease has not left you out, contact your doctor as soon as possible. At this time, it is necessary to determine the exact nature of the disease and as quickly as possible to find the right treatment. Don’t be afraid, if your doctor has prescribed you antibiotics in the form of drops. During viral or infections that it is crucial to defeat the disease.

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