Izofra when sinusitis: treatment and reviews — does it help?

Does the antibiotic Izofra in the sinus?

Treatment of diabetes takes a long time and requires a combined and integrated approach that includes antibiotic therapy and anti-inflammatory drugs broad-spectrum. Treatment of sinusitis «Isoroy» is valid in the case of the use of medication as one course of complex therapy.

«Izofra» helps with sinusitis that has been proven in various clinical trials and surveys. When the disease of the patient, to apply this drug is only recommended with a doctor, despite the positive reviews of the action «Izofra» from sinusitis.

About the medication

Drops in the nose Izofra appointed in infectious lesions of the upper respiratory tract and at different ENT inflammation. This drug is intended only for local use, as in medicine there is an antibiotic called framizetin.

With this composition, the drug has a pronounced antimicrobial action.

In addition, drops relieve the patient from germs and viruses which caused the formation and development of inflammation.

The drug is include to the group of aminoglycosides, which makes the drops Izofra medication broad-spectrum.

To apply the drops in the case of diseases of the mucous membranes of the sinuses, colds and acute infectious rhinitis. To other inflammations, in which you can apply Isopro include:

  • nasopharyngitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • allergies;
  • sinusitis.

To the drug sensitive gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms.

These minerals cause the formation of mucous secretions, and other inflammatory processes.

Applying the described drops, patient feels the natural moisture of the walls of the nasal passages, thinning mucus secretions and their removal, as well as a beneficial effect with a strong fever.

Buying Izofra, please note that the drug lowered volume of 15 milliliters. In combination with a vehicle sold by a nozzle which will help to evenly distribute the cure.

Drug use is only permitted after consultation with the attending doctor, despite the fact that the drug has virtually no side effects and contraindications. Keep in mind that the composition of the drug is a strong antibiotic, therefore, in the case of inflammation in children self-treatment is unacceptable, as is required to determine dosing.

Some drops to take for sinusitis effectively

A direct competitor of the drug Izofra – Polideksa. This tool has a powerful effect, which helps to eliminate harmful substances and does not allow bacteria to develop.

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Thus there is a rapid recovery of the patient.

«Polideksa» is a combined anti-inflammatory agent that is applied topically.

These drops have gained a lot of popularity among the inflammation in the field of otolaryngology.

The drug has anti-inflammatory effect due to the dexamethasone that is part of the drugs. Contact with the mucous membrane of the sinuses, the drug moisturizes the sinuses and kills the virus.

In addition to dexamethasone, the preparation consists of two broad-spectrum antibiotic — neomycin and polymyxin B. In combination these components, the effect of the drug is greatly expanded and provides effective antibacterial action for many viruses and microbes.

Apply this drug is approved in infectious and inflammatory disease of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses.

Answering the question of what to choose when sinusitis «Izofra» or «Polideksa», you must identify all symptoms and signs of inflammation, and to determine the nature and extent of the disease.

«Izofra» there are several advantages in the treatment of sinusitis:

  1. The drug has virtually no side effects. Unlike «Polydoxy», «Izofra» more forgiving in terms of antibiotic therapy.
    The effect of the drug is aimed at the destruction of the inflammation, and its main task is to eliminate the causes of the disease.
  2. Apply «Isopro» allowed in case of inflammation of small children, and his bottle is much easier to use.
  3. The drug has no negative impact on the liver and kidneys.

Should cancel that direct analogues of the drug «Izofra» no. Therefore, the selection of similar means should pay similar attention to of medicines in their effect. Please note that in case of appointment drops with antibiotics is necessary to choose an antibacterial agent.

Part of the drug «Polideksa» is neomycin and polymyxin b and the active component is a dexamethasone, which has a strong противовоспалительныv effect.

It is important to understand that «Polideksa» has a complex effect, and due to the fact that the product contains two antibiotic medications stronger.

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However, this medication pronounced contraindications and side effects.

Before you choose medication, you should consult with your doctor.

The action of both drugs aimed at the destruction of viruses and infections that led to the emergence of sinusitis. However, in the case of viral infection of the sinuses must buy «Polideksa», and in other cases the preference should be given to «Isore».

It is worth noting that these medicine are not similar in structure and have an effect on different microorganisms. Therefore, those viruses that can destroy «Izofra» timeless «Polideksa» and Vice versa.

How to apply «Isopro»

Before the introduction of medication needed to prepare for the procedure.

  1. Spend hygiene of the sinuses and clear the nose of accumulated mucus and dirt. For washing you need a Phrase, a salt solution or furatsilina. In case of appearance of edema during inflammation, use of vasoconstrictor drops. This will free up the path to the maxillary sinuses.
  2. After these procedures, the sinuses is ready for further manipulation.
  3. Enter the drug strictly following the permitted dosage. So, in the case of the treatment of adults with only one inject up to six times a day, depending on the complexity of the inflammation. In the treatment of children to one injection up to three times a day.
  4. Course of treatment should not exceed ten days. Usually on the third day of using drops, the patient feels considerable relief, but to finish the treatment before the seventh day is not desirable.

Remember that the «Izofra» is an antibiotic. It is therefore particularly important to adhere to all recommendations of a physician. Otherwise, the patient may be a recurrence of inflammation or a complication.

Do not use «Isopro» as medicine for the common cold. In this case, the body will quickly get used to the composition of the drug produces no effect.

Feedback about the drug «Izofra» from sinusitis

Many patients reported this drug as an effective agent in the treatment of sinusitis. However, in most cases, «Izofra» acts not as a standalone treatment, and one of a kind therapies.

God Valeros: «was Treated for sinusitis for quite some time, several months. The inflammation was severe and the consequences. The doctor after inspection appointed «Isopro». Reading the manual, doubted the effect of the drug, but on the third day the symptoms had decreased. The treatment lasted ten days and after another three days the sinus infection has passed. Now using the tool at the first sign of disease and sinusitis does not appear.»

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Anastasia Hohlin: «Mom bought «Isopro» inflammation of the sinus. She had heard about this drug for a long time, and in fact it proved to be effective. Now the sinusitis came to me, but even after seven days of treatment, the result is not revealed».

Oleg Valience: «my Wife bought «Isopro» on the advice of a pharmacist. I have chronic sinusitis with severe exacerbations. The drug reduced the symptoms after five days of use, and in five sinusitis passed. However, with those drops took additional treatment which is prescribed by a doctor. Taken together, all drugs tested positive».


With this diagnosis, like sinusitis need to make a correct and comprehensive treatment. But not always patients prescribed antibiotics at the first symptoms of inflammation. Many doctors have a wait-and-see tactics and cost local medications.

However, acute symptoms almost all prescribed «Isopro» as the current medication of sinusitis and other inflammatory processes in the sinuses. Remember, the treatment data drops should be held under the supervision of a specialist, and the thoughtless use of antibiotics can have a negative impact on your health.