Kalanchoe during pregnancy from a cold: is it possible to drip in a nose

Can I drip into the nose Kalanchoe pregnant?

During pregnancy a woman’s body undergoes various changes, which are sometimes accompanied by uncomfortable sensations such as periodic nasal congestion, swelling, lack of vitamins. And when developing the flu or a nasty cold, it is really quite inappropriate for a body that is already weakened.

It is fair to say that many drugs are forbidden in this case. Expectant mothers have to seek help from traditional medicine. So next, let’s talk about Kalanchoe during pregnancy and the safety of this method of treatment of rhinitis.

Can pregnant women drip in the nose Kalanchoe

Many pregnant women wonder about the possibility and safety of using this plant for medicinal purposes, in particular to eliminate runny nose and nasal congestion.

The unequivocal answer does not exist here, however there are several points that you should pay special attention.

The first circumstance is that of Kalanchoe, with a rich chemical composition, is characterized by high biological activity.

And he is perfectly absorbed into the bloodstream (even when applied topically) and in particular concentration spreads throughout the body.

In this regard, this plant may have an impact on the child’s body, but that’s what it is – unknown. Though this tool and is used in official medicine (ready Kalanchoe juice is sold in pharmacies), but studies on this issue have not been conducted.

Also based on the fact that Kalanchoe can not be applied in the presence of a severe allergic reaction, and besides, he himself can cause allergic reaction a local or General character, we should all stop using it.

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The fact is that a woman’s body undergoes a drastic change. Even if a woman has never suffered from allergies, during this period, she may develop on her usual things, not to mention such means.

The second point is that Kalanchoe in the treatment of rhinitis causes too intense and prolonged sneezing.

With this sneezing occurs frequently reducing the lower abdominal muscles, which in turn leads to pain and spasms in this area. Even may experience all signs of pregnancy termination.

Attention! Wrong presentation of the fetus – a reason to abandon the use of Kalanchoe during pregnancy from the cold.

However, with this, there are quite a large number of reviews of women in the provision, which are quite successfully used the juice of this room for therapeutic purposes in the cold.

A better question to be addressed individually and thus it is necessary to consult a doctor to rule out any risk for the baby.

How to apply Kalanchoe during pregnancy

In that case, if the doctor was allowed thus to treat a runny nose or has every reason in the security of its application, consider the method of preparation of the drug.

For the treatment will only fit the plant, which is not less than 3 years because it has the highest concentration of nutrients.

In some recipes we are advised to cut the leaves to put in the fridge for a week as accelerating the process of allocation of biologically active substances.

But it is very inconvenient, as the sheet will «lay up» the common cold can myself go. This method is not suitable for treatment, and for preventive purposes.

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Making money from Kalanchoe as follows:

  • the cut and washed leaf;
  • place it in a bowl (wooden or ceramic is better) and grind with a spoon or with a potato masher (wooden);
  • pour 1 teaspoon of warm boiled water;
  • stir the resulting slurry;
  • strain and pour the prepared juice in a bottle made of glass.

Dig ready the juice of Kalanchoe in nose during pregnancy should not be more than 3 drops in each nostril twice a day.

To increase the number of applications and the dosage should not be.

Help. In pregnancy, the duration of such treatment may not exceed 7 days.


Pregnancy is one of the important and crucial moments in a woman’s life. Of course, to protect themselves from the banal cold or flu is hardly possible.

But in order not to spoil the waiting time for a meeting with the kid it is necessary to carefully choose the methods of treatment. In particular it concerns the different recipes of folk medicine. In any case, is to abandon self-treatment and for any reason, consult with your doctor.

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