Kegel exercises when prolapse of the uterus: training and exercises

Female diseases there are many. One of the most common female diseases in middle and old age can be called an omission, and in more advanced forms — uterine prolapse. The main cause of the disease is a weakening of muscle tone of the pelvic floor in conjunction with a sprain of the genitals. For this reason, conservative treatment and prevention lies primarily in the implementation of therapeutic gymnastic exercises. Specially selected exercises complex Kegel – aimed at strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, if the omission at the initial stage, can even to return the body to its normal position.

What exercises when prolapse of the uterus effective? Do you need a bandage for prolapse of the uterus? Treatment of folk remedies effective or surgery can not be avoided?

What is the danger of disease?

When the body of the uterus moves down from its normal position in the direction of the exit from the vagina is called prolapse of the genitals. If proper treatment is not available, then the pathological changes continue to develop, leading to changes in the surrounding organs, particularly the rectum, bladder, urethra, and vagina changes its shape. Blood flow is impeded from all formations of the pelvis, crashing colon and ureters.

Depending on the degree of prolapse there are four stages of the disease:

  • Neck reproductive organ is lowered below its normal state, but not beyond the vagina.
  • When straining, bowel movement, severe cough neck comes out of the genital slit, but in a calm state returns inside a partial prolapse.
  • The neck and part of the body out of the gender gap at rest. To set yourself impossible.
  • Genital organ completely along with the walls of the vagina coming out of the genital slit (without operation will not do).

When the prolapse and prolapse a woman may complain of pain during menses. On other days of the menstrual cycle happen difficulty in defecation, discomfort during intercourse, incontinence, cystitis, change in vaginal discharge.

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The danger of the disease lies in the fact that with uterine prolapse, she will constantly be exposed to mechanical stress, there will be the abrasion through which a high probability of infection. Also on the body and its walls may be formed bedsores. In more advanced forms of the disease in the course of the operation the uterus is completely removed.

When regularly performed Kegel exercises when prolapse of the uterus and other exercises for the pelvic operation can be avoided in the early stages of the disease. Treatment of folk remedies will be effective. This set of exercises is the basis of conservative treatment without surgery, a bandage with prolapse of the uterus does not give such effect.

Indications and results of using the technique

The author of the unique methods is the American gynecologist Arnold Kegel. Its a set of exercises aimed at the prevention and treatment of urinary incontinence after labor and delivery naturally. But these exercises also effectively used for the treatment of other diseases for both women and men. When the prolapse of the uterus in women this technique also shows high efficiency.

Kegel exercises when prolapse of the uterus — ability to remove all manifestations of muscle weakness that is caused by generic activities, heavy physical labor, injury without surgery. This popular treatment gives you the opportunity to stabilize the rhythm of life, without resorting to surgical intervention.

Performing exercises on this system is absolutely contraindicated in those stages of the disease when the uterus is already out of the vagina. It is also not recommended their performance in the presence of any inflammatory processes in organs of small pelvis, after gynaecological operations.

Kegel exercise is the treatment of folk remedies and prevention women in such cases:

  • the predisposition to prolapse of, after labor the natural way;
  • congenital pathological changes of the muscles of the pelvic organs;
  • obesity;
  • hard sports.
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The result will not keep itself waiting long, and after a few months of active exercise symptoms of pathology will disappear. Not to bother pain in the lower abdomen, pain during intercourse, a feeling of something foreign in the vagina, problems with urination.

To prevent the recurrence of the disease, women are predisposed or has had the disease, should always perform this set of exercises making small breaks and not wear the brace when the prolapse of the uterus.

How to prepare for the exercises?

Treatment for uterine prolapse should be assigned exclusively by the doctor. If you plan treatment of folk remedies or want to do some exercise, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Only a doctor can determine the most effective treatment of folk remedies and exercises, as well as do I need a brace with prolapse of the uterus in each case individually, in the same way as to estimate the risks.

Just before to start performance of the exercises, you need to completely empty mocevic, but and intestines. In the process of emptying need to do testing of their muscles. Testing is performed in this way: not a few seconds to hold the pressure of urine, and then to continue the process of urination. If you concentrate on the pelvic area, you can feel what intimate muscles need to train.

To perform Kegel exercises, you can use any pose, place and time can be absolutely anything. The first times is recommended to perform exercises in a horizontal position, to make it easier to concentrate. While you should try not to involve other muscle groups and only intimate.

The main types of complex exercises Kegel

When the prolapse of the uterus and vagina are most commonly used exercises with such names:

  • «Elevator» and «descent». The exercise is to mentally divide as if on the steps and ascend from the bottom, straining the muscles. With each step the voltage should increase until it reaches a maximum at the final stage. The maximum voltage should hold to 10 seconds, and then start relaxing the muscles as if descending the stairs. At the bottom of the voltage should be complete relaxation of the muscles»;
  • «flashing». Effective exercise to perform which is needed in the supine position, the legs should be slightly bent at the knees. You need to concentrate on the sensations, squeeze the vaginal muscles, hold 5 seconds, then relax for 4 seconds. The pace each chooses for themselves individually.
  • «all muscle». When performing exercises you need to be as strongly and confidently compress all of the intimate muscles, starting from the anal sphincter and finish of the vaginal canal. Compression to hold up to a minute after which relax on the same time. To start withholding can be 30 seconds because that’s how long to keep untrained muscle is extremely difficult.
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There are also other exercises for example yoga with prolapse of the uterus, treatment of folk remedies to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Only the right exercises will have the expected result – the treatment will be effective. Charging with prolapse of the uterus must be performed several times during the day. Thus they are easy to combine with other activities to perform at any place, because others, absolutely nothing will notice.