Klacid sinusitis with: reviews, is it possible to use and dosage

How to take Klacid when sinusitis?

Bacterial inflammation of the maxillary sinuses dangerous consequences. This form of sinusitis causes pronounced symptoms, including nasal congestion, strong fever, strong pressure inside the cavity of the nose, pain in the skull, swelling of mucosa and swelling of the face. During the development of the disease the patient is suffering from sleep disorders, lack of appetite, constant fatigue and loss of efficiency.

To get rid of the symptoms of the disease is possible by means of a comprehensive and contemporary treatment. In the course of therapy includes antimicrobial medicines, as sinusitis is bacterial in nature is not treated with anti-inflammatory or vasoconstrictor. Choose the antibiotic is not difficult, as today’s pharmaceutical market offers an extensive list of effective drugs. One such remedy is «Klacid».

The effectiveness of the drug in the treatment of sinusitis

«Klacid» is an Italian preparation with wide spectrum of action. Its active substance is clarithromycin. He belongs to the group of macrolides and is used to treat bacterial inflammations in the upper respiratory tract.

«Klacid» is available in the form of tablets, granules for suspension, or in powder form. Each type of medication can be used in acute or chronic inflammation of the maxillary sinuses.

The use of the drug in the sinusitis justified only if bacterial nature of the inflammation. The effect of medication aimed at suppressing the growth and reproduction of bacterial cells, thereby accelerating the healing process.

«Klacid» effect not only on gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria. He is active and under anaerobic and aerobic microbes, which significantly increases the range of action of the drug.

For reference! However, the drug is not active in the case of beta-lactamase.

In the case of bacterial sinusitis is necessary to identify the species of causative agent of the disease. Keep in mind that «Klacid» can be resistant to oxacillin and methicillin.

It should be noted that this medication is not a first line drug for the treatment of sinusitis. However, he found widespread in otolaryngology, as it provides effective impact on the mucous membrane of the nasal pathways and eliminates many pathogenic microorganisms in the paranasal sinuses. Creating high concentrations, the drug eliminates the disease outbreak and speeds the healing process.

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Therefore, if you have a question, is it possible to use Klacid to me, no doubt worth it. But to apply the remedy without a doctor’s prescription is strictly contraindicated. This medication has a pronounced effect, so use should be monitored by a physician.

The effectiveness of «Klacid» when sinusitis proven, so do not try to replace the facility on similar drugs.

The treatment of children

In the treatment of young patients should undergo some diagnostic procedures, however, «Klacid» is not prohibited for children. It can be used for the treatment of sinusitis from the age of three.

Important! For kids suspensions are assigned as the tablet form is difficult to swallow.

The dosage selected by the attending paediatrician in accordance with the height and weight of the baby.


Like many antibiotics, «Klacid» has certain limitations. You cannot apply an antibiotics in the following forms:

  • in case of high sensitivity of the patient to the active agent «Klacid»;
  • during pregnancy or feeding your baby breast milk;
  • when inflammation of the liver or kidneys;
  • in the case of heart failure;
  • an arrhythmia.

It is strictly forbidden to use the product simultaneously with other antibiotics and drugs «Pimozide», «Colchicine», «Ergotamine», «Ranolazine».

Side effects

«Klacid» should apply strictly allowed dosage, otherwise certain symptoms of adverse symptoms.

Most often patients complain of the following symptoms:

  • pain in the stomach;
  • nausea or vomiting;
  • diarrhea;
  • muscle weakness;
  • hearing impairment;
  • violation of visual acuity;
  • change the color of the eyeballs;
  • loss of appetite;
  • loss of sleep;
  • hepatitis;
  • strong abdominal muscle;
  • fatigue;
  • lethargy;
  • loss of health;
  • temporary loss of smell.

In addition, «Klacid» not prescribed for the treatment of future mothers. To date, not been carried out specialized studies that prove the absence of risk for the development of the baby.

How to apply «Klacid»

«Klacid» is a powerful antibiotic prescribed as the treatment of many inflammations in the upper respiratory tract. However, the use of the drug in the sinus flows in a certain way. Analyze how to take «Klacid»to me in all conceivable forms.


In the appointment of a tablet form of the drug is important to clarify the individual dose. Usually dosage «Klacid» to me the following:

  • for the treatment of adults shall be appointed for five hundred milligrams of the drug per day, that is, the patient should take only one tablet at a convenient time for the patient;
  • drink need a small amount of clean water;
  • if the sinusitis becomes dangerous consequences, the physician may increase the dosing to two tablets per day.
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How many days to drink depends on the severity of symptoms. However, the duration of treatment should not be less than six days, and the maximum quantity of ingestion must not exceed two weeks.

For reference! The tablet cannot be chewed. Swallow the pill should during mealtimes.

If the patient felt improvement, you should not stop taking the drug on their own. Such action can cause the formation of a relapse or the emergence of more serious inflammation.


When using granules for the preparation of suspensions, it is necessary to dissolve 250 mg of the drug an equal amount of clean water immediately before use. Store the prepared suspension should in the refrigerator or a cool place not more than one week.

For reference! The finished suspension is enough for one course of treatment.

Before each use, the solution should be stirred or shaken. This is necessary for uniform distribution of the drug.


If the patient was prescribed intravenous use money, you should seek qualified help. The use of the lyophilisate involves the use of intravenous infusions, the duration of which should not be more than sixty minutes.

It is very important to monitor the introduction of the drug. Medication should not enter the jet way to the muscles.

The duration of treatment should not be longer than one week, but when absolutely necessary, the doctor may extend the course.

It is better to me: «Klacid» or «Augmentin»

When comparing «Klacid» with other antibacterial drugs, should take into account many factors. Most often, «Klacid» compare with «Augmentinom».

«Augmentin» is a powerful drug intended for the treatment of bacterial inflammation in the Airways. It belongs to the group of penicillins, which is a significant contrast to the «Klacid».

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This tool is recommended for the treatment of laryngitis, sinusitis, sinusitis, etmoidit and other inflammations in the region of the paranasal sinuses.

«Augmentin» is a very common drug, and its popularity is related to several factors:

  1. The drug acts directly on the inflammation and in a short time destroys pathogens.
  2. In contrast to the «Klacid», «Augmentin» effect in a shorter time.
  3. It is believed that this medication is well tolerated by adults and children.
  4. However, in contrast to the «Klacid», «Augmentin» is produced only in injectable and tablet form.
  5. «Augmentin» can be used in the treatment of young children, and in the case of pregnancy.
  6. In addition, the drug is approved for treatment of breast-feeding.

In comparison with the «Klacid», «Augmentin» is not as strict contraindications, therefore, successfully used for the treatment of ENT inflammatory conditions.

It is important to note that «Augmentin» is used for the treatment of bacterial inflammation for quite some time. In the development of recurrent sinusitis remedy may not be as effective because many bacteria produce protection.

The patient cannot determine which medicine to choose — «Augmentin» or «Klacid», so this issue should be left to the professionals.


«Klacid» has a pronounced effect in the development of sinusitis, although it is not considered a drug that specializiruetsya in the treatment of inflammation of the paranasal ways. Regardless of the factors of formation of the disease and the severity of the disease, to apply the remedy only after personal consultation with the doctor. Self-treatment is dangerous for the health of the patient.

The reviews about the drug indicate rapid effect and minimal side effects.