Kvartsevanie nose and throat at home children: how often do

What you need kvartsevanie nose and throat?

Kvartsevanie – physiotherapy, based on the disinfecting effect of ultraviolet light. It is performed with a special quartz bulb. It can help to disinfect the premises or to conduct the therapy a person.

In the latter case, it is necessary to carefully follow the instructions, as improper use of device may cause harm to the body.

Kvartsevanie as a method of therapy

The main useful property of quartz treatment – the destruction of pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms, provoking the development of various diseases. To perform this procedure, you must have quartz lamp. Usually therapy takes place within the walls of hospitals, polyclinics, sanatoriums.

Help! Such devices are commercially available, so buy quartz lamp and use it at home can anyone.

The principle of operation of such devices is quite simple:

  1. Located in the lamp bulb, in the manufacture of which used quartz glass.
  2. After switching on the device the bulb begins to heat up.
  3. Due to the heat emitted ultraviolet light.
  4. The radiation destroys harmful microorganisms.

Apply kvartsevanie for the treatment of patients of all age groups. Allowed the use of the quartz lamp as a method for the treatment of young children.

Kvartsevanie nose when breastfeeding and during pregnancy is also not prohibited. However, to use this method only after consulting a doctor. Of great importance the length and frequency of sessions.

Usage: the acceptable length and frequency

The duration of the first session needs to be small (from thirty seconds to one minute).

The duration of the second and subsequent sessions to be increased to thirty or sixty seconds, depending on doctor appointments.

The latter procedure, in the end, will last from three to five minutes, depending on the selected increment of length.

Great importance is the total number of sessions. You cannot use kvartsevanie for irradiation of the same area of skin more than once a day (the rule applies also to the nose/throat). The maximum number of sessions carried out at one site, shall be limited to five procedures.

Thus, the course of therapy, quartz lamp, in the case of its use on one area of skin five or six days (one procedure per day). How often do kvartsevanie the baby’s nose, so as not to harm his body? The maximum long-term therapy for children should not exceed seven days, with the duration of treatment necessary to limit (not more than one minute).

Contraindications for the procedure

Kvartsevanie living rooms has virtually no contraindications. In the case of treatment of a human things are different. In some cases, to use this type of physiotherapy is strictly prohibited. So, kvartsevanie contraindicated in the case of a patient:

  • acute inflammatory processes;
  • hypertrichosis;
  • tumors;
  • tendency to bleeding;
  • violations of the endocrine system;
  • cardiovascular failure;
  • active forms of tuberculosis;
  • hyperthyroidism;
  • hypertensive heart disease (second and third stages);
  • ulcers of stomach/duodenum;
  • system diseases of blood;
  • increased sensitivity to UV radiation;
  • dilated superficial blood vessels;
  • renal failure.

Important! It is not recommended to carry out the procedure in case of elevated body temperature.

If the patient has recently experienced a serious illness and his body has just started to recover from quartz treatment it is also desirable to refuse. Carry out the procedure only after full recovery and rehabilitation of the body.

Indications for use

There are a large number of diseases, the development of which it is possible to use kvartsevanie. However, to use this medical procedure should be only in case of presence of prescription. Today experts recommend their patients to use quartz lamps in the case of:

  1. Flu. Kvartsevanie carried out only after the peak of the disease. The purpose of the method is to prevent the development of complications associated with the disease.
  2. Acute rhinitis. Is appointed, as in the previous case, to prevent the development of complications. But to carry out the procedure when green snot is strictly prohibited (with the exception of the appointment of a specialist).
  3. Acute inflammation of the maxillary sinuses. Is UFO mucosa of the nasal cavity.
  4. Of chronic tonsillitis. For the procedure uses a tube with a slanting cut. Radiation to fall on the tonsils.
  5. Sinusitis. Kvartsevanie in the sinus decreases pain symptoms, improves the overall condition of the patient. Applies only in the absence of purulent discharge, ie in the initial and late stages of therapy.
  6. Laryngitis/pharyngitis. Can be used with the development of acute forms of these diseases, and treatment of chronic disease.
  7. Otitis media. Reduces pain, is used in the absence of purulent secretions.
  8. Angina. Kvartsevanie allows to localize and to reduce inflammation, reduce pain.
  9. Adenoids. Kvartsevanie nose adenoids is often used in the treatment of children. The procedure is not painful, so the child is not afraid and does not resist it.

The procedure also is indicated for bronchitis, asthma, laringotracheitis and other respiratory diseases, however, in this case radiation lends itself to the thorax of the patient. In addition, to use the quartz lamp suitable for prevention of diseases of the upper respiratory tract during seasonal exacerbations.

How to use the quartz lamp

As mentioned above, buy the instrument can be anyone (in the market you can easily find the device «Sun», designed both for adults and for children). This will save the patient from having extra time to visit the hospital. In the case of home use quartz lamps, it is necessary to carefully follow the prescription and instructions supplied with the device.

The algorithm of using quartz lamps as follows:

  1. You first need to take care of security. The person who will undergo the procedure must wear safety glasses (supplied with the machines) and close to all unprotected areas of the body.
  2. Next, you need to turn the device on and leave it for five minutes. During this time, the device to be adjusted for optimal operation.
  3. After the five minutes, you can start the procedure. The duration of the session depends on the specific doctor’s appointments by earlier procedures. During the first procedure will be sufficient thirty to sixty seconds. Further, as previously stated, it is necessary to increase the duration of subsequent sessions to thirty seconds or one minute.
  4. After the session, the device must be turned off. To use the quartz lamp can twenty minutes later (only if you want to apply it in relation to another person).

Attention! It is impossible to spend more than one session quartz treatment during the day. Violation of this rule may cause burns of the mucous and other unpleasant consequences.

You must also follow fire safety. It is forbidden to use the device for children. These devices are not designed to achieve similar results and did not affect the darkening of the skin. Ignoring this rule may lead to the development of serious diseases. In addition, during the procedure there should not be Pets and plants.

Thus, kvartsevanie nose and throat are widely used in modern medicine. It can be used to accelerate the treatment of many diseases of the upper respiratory tract (sinusitis, influenza, rhinitis, sore throat, etc.). However, some categories of citizens the procedure is contraindicated.


Anyone can buy a quartz lamp for home use. In any case, it is necessary to carefully follow the doctor’s orders. To use the device without a consultation is possible only in the prevention and in accordance with the instructions described in the user manual.

In the treatment of diseases kvartsevanie is applied as an additional procedure, therefore therapy must be accompanied by a medication.

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