Laid ears in the cold: what treatment and why lays

What to do if laid his ear during a cold?

In cold weather, each of us prone to colds, which usually occur several symptoms. Quite often accompanied by a cold and stuffy ears.

To understand the nature of this phenomenon is not always possible, and the lack of adequate treatment can result in serious complications. In the article we consider why there is this unpleasant symptom and how to deal with it.

Cold as a provocateur

Let’s deal with the question of whether the common cold to lay ears? Any colds weakens the immune system. Almost always in this disease suffers area breathing, the risk of complications such as the blockage of ears, is quite common, as the nose, throat and ears is a unified system.

The tympanum is present in the ears, is connected with the holes of the nasopharynx. Such a structure is necessary for the movement of air masses. Usually in this area there is some pressure, but as soon as something begins to interfere with the outflow of air along the paths, there is a decrease in pressure, leading to congestion of the ear on.

So, at the time of the disease the mucous membrane of the nose swells and closes a channel connecting the middle ear with the nasopharynx, preventing to occur the normal outflow of air. That is, the pathology is not of the auricles, and from the nasopharynx to the middle ear. From this it follows that the treatment must be directed to the elimination of the cold.

It is the congestion indicates the transition of the inflammatory process into the ear. Over time, besides it can appear pain, crackling in the ears, decreased hearing, purulent discharge.

But if you have congestion is not on the background of colds, find out the reasons for its appearance here.

Possible causes

To understand how to deal with the problem, you need to know exactly the reason why lays his ear in the cold. Because of the ENT organs are interconnected with each other. A more common cause of congestion is the deterioration of the patency of the Eustachian tube due to swelling of lymphoid tissue and profuse accumulation of mucus.

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Let’s look at the surface structure of the organ of hearing. Pinna connected with ear canal, it ends with the eardrum. The membrane interacts with the auditory bones. Together they form the inner ear responsible for perception of sound frequencies.

In the normal state the middle ear contains air, its pressure is equal to atmospheric pressure. All waves are transmitted to the cochlea and the subsequent part of the ear that process sound information.

Itself the middle ear is the passage into the nasal cavity, called the Eustachian tube. This passage also contains air, only its walls are able to produce antiseptic mucus coming out in the nasopharynx. In addition, the Eustachian tube is involved in swallowing, chewing and pressure equalization in the head.

During a cold coating of the nasal cavities swells and blocks the exit in the Eustachian tube. As a result, the mucus from the lining of the pipe can not defecate. She supports a favorable environment for bacteria spread from the nasal cavity. So that begins the inflammatory process to the Eustachian tube is called Eustachian.

Planting may appear from constant sneezing, this leads to an increase in pressure in the pipe. To reduce sneezing, you need to vysmarkivatsya first one, then the other nostril, and without putting much effort.

Secondary causes

In addition, when the disease lays the ears and even the accumulation of sulfur, inflammation of the facial nerve, and otitis media. Thus, the presence of cerumen during illness is because the body is weakened and disturbed the normal output of sulfur.

The formation of sulfur overlaps the outer ear and produces pressure on the eardrum. If the patient has a tube, you may be feeling nausea, dizziness is not excluded headache and cough.

When there is inflammation of the facial nerve, the organ of hearing overlaps where there is hearth process. In addition, will be manifested catarrhal phenomena. Determined by the disease, if the patient feels the vacuum in the ear, feels pain, shot in the chin and temple.

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It happens that inflammation of the nerve behind the ear there has been a rash, and his face slightly numb from the affected side. Then, curing by heating, lotions and drops are useless. Inflammation is eliminated only after injections and specific exercises for six months.

With the development of otitis media patient night overcome by a throbbing pain, a fever, loss of appetite, dizziness. When planting triggered by otitis, the ear does not heat. Heat only enhances the formation of pus, and this can result in death when it goes inside the brain. How and what is rinsing the ear with otitis media read here.

Unpleasant phenomenon can be a side effect of the medication when the disease. In any case, when felt problem with ear bodies, we must not wait for development of complications, and at the first opportunity to see a doctor to determine the cause of the discomfort and the selection of a good treatment.

Treatment for nasal ear

If you are sure that the common cold ears clogged by the accumulation of sulfur, then do the washing at home is not desirable. Safer to have carried out the procedure specialist. To mitigate congestion, you can do a rotational manipulation of the lower jaw. How does the elimination of the tube here.

If the gym you will hear gurgling or crackling, this means that the accumulated fluid in the ear goes to the nasal cavity. This discomfort has receded, you can hold your breath and hold your nose with your fingers, simultaneously drinking some water.

Read which drops may be applied during a cold in the ear.

Congestion you can try to remove the grandmother’s methods. Taken chamomile, calendula and elderflower, all are filled with boiling water. After this the leaves are removed and wrapped in a clean cloth, which put to your ear. You need to make sure that the sheets were slightly warm.

It is also possible to apply compresses of camphor oil. The oil is warm, soak them gauze and put on founded the organ of hearing. Sometimes come to the aid of alcoholic solutions of water and alcohol in equal shares. Where wet gauze, and then draped her ear, so the sink was free.

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When congestion is caused by otitis media or sinusitis, then you should make a thorough lavage nasal passages with saline. You need to gently blow your nose without making a strong effort. Also it is impossible to involve the phlegm, so the irritant can get to the Eustachian tube.

The ear is nothing to drip it is not necessary – it will only complicate the situation. We are talking not only about solutions, mixtures, but also boric acid, which is considered a panacea, and the first tool in the blockage of ears.

Generally, the right to direct treatment to the root cause of the disease, not on its consequence. That is, you need to remove the secretions of the nose and sinuses. Thus it is necessary to create a passage to the Eustachian tube, use of vasoconstrictor nose drops. This may be a long time, naphazoline, sanorin etc.

What else are vasoconstrictor drops can be found here.


Of course, the treatments only temporary assistance, which in any way will not replace a doctor’s visit. Remember when a stuffy ear with a cold, choosing the right treatment can only otolaryngologist. Otherwise, if the manipulation can develop serious complications, even loss of hearing.