Laid the ear after cleaning with a cotton swab — what to do

What to do when, after cleaning ear with cotton swab laying the ear?

Many modern doctors strongly recommend not to do cleaning of the ears with cotton sticks. In their opinion, these items are not meant for these purposes. However, persistently removing the sulfur, we are destroying a natural barrier of protection. Sulfur protects the hearing apparatus from the ingress of foreign bodies, bacteria, viruses, that is, the eliminates the infection. And in turn, infection may cause partial or complete hearing loss.

Improper cleaning of the ears, often there is congestion, sometimes accompanied by other symptoms: deterioration of health, noise in the ears. In this case, the best solution would be to go to the audiologist. But also in this situation, it is useful to know that you can do yourself at home, if after cleaning ear with cotton swab laying the ear.

Hygiene hearing

Hygiene hearing is a complex of measures aimed to preserve the quality of hearing «in pristine condition». The ears should be protected from an early age and not let them:

  • SuperCool;
  • be subject to sudden pressure drops;
  • to become infected;
  • personal injury;
  • to be subjected to excessive ingress of water.

Causes of nasal congestion

If you laid the ear after cleaning with a cotton stick, first you need to determine the cause of the problem. Then the doctor makes a diagnosis and determines the appropriate treatment.

There are the following reasons for laying ear:

  1. Sulfuric tube. If the patient is his actions have not cleaned the ear and pushed through the formed sulfuric stopper closer to the eardrum, the doctor is trying to produce cleansing the ear canal with the help of special tools.
  2. Infection. Cause of congestion can be infection resulting from injury while cleaning the ear. Treatment in this case is medication.
  3. The ingress of water. During swimming or diving into the ear can get water. Incorrect cleaning entails the inflammation of the outer passage, which is also treated by medications.
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The effects of poor hygiene can be very sad. Symptoms of minor injuries disappear in a few minutes after the intervention of doctors.

Worse is the case with those who, through their spontaneous actions caused swelling of the ear and brought the infection. In this case, mechanical damage to the ear can lead to serious complications, including partial loss of hearing or deafness.

The ingress of water during use of the pool, the inability to clear the ear canal from water – another reason for going to the experts. The idea is that the water itself should flow out of the ear canal. But each person is different.

How to get rid of congestion

The algorithm of actions after contact with water:

  1. Tilt your head to let the water flow out. To wait.
  2. If the water does not leak itself, prepare a cotton Bud.
  3. Not to push the wand away.
  4. Pulling the earlobe.
  5. You open your mouth.
  6. Gently wet the stick and then get.
  7. If failure to seek medical attention.

What to do if you clean the ears and ear? First, it is not recommended to self-medicate. Secondly, if you are incorrect after cleaning missing an ear, you need to enroll to a specialist. It is, by symptoms and visual will be able to determine how to cure the disease and restore the ability to hear.

What you can do at home?

What’d you do to get rid of unpleasant feelings «bubbling» noise in my ears. There are those patients that are pushing the sulfuric stopper, satisfied with the private bathroom «mini-hospital». To remove excess sulfur they use a syringe with untreated water. But such washing only further contributes to the blockage of the organ of hearing.

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In any case it is impossible to dig in the ear canal matches, hairpins, pencils and other items. Only allowed to make movements with fingers, try to blow out the ears.

The algorithm of actions when blowing ears:

  1. Close the nose with fingers.
  2. To inhale by mouth.
  3. To produce sharply exhale through the nose.

Attention! A deep yawn can help to relieve ear pressure. Also helps active swallowing and chewing.

The doctor’s visit and treatment

When it hurts my ear after cleaning with a cotton swab, then no the doctor can not do. Depending on the situation, he will conduct x-rays, audiometry and diagnosis. For example, when congestion of the ears for cerumen drops are assigned to the Remo-wax or cerumen And.

Also save you from short-lived affliction with sterile cotton wool, some dry hydrogen peroxide. It is left in the ear for several hours until complete dissolution of cerumen.

Assigned a specialist drug may have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal and analgesic in nature. Sometimes in the treatment of diseases related to the ear, antibiotics are used.

Often, doctors use physical therapy. Electrophoresis not only helps to eliminate unpleasant symptoms, but also to fully restore hearing.


Doctors advise to be cautious and to rely only on qualified medical services. At home with the same conditions, it is recommended to perform some hygiene. For example, modern method of cooking oil.

Doctors advise patients to drip into the ears of one or two drops of hydration fluid. First, they perfectly fulfill the function of moisture. Secondly, they are a great «contact» with grey. Excess sulfur will flow out spontaneously.

If you often suffer with blocked ears after swimming and Snorkelling, it is recommended to use the caps, earplugs. They protect the hearing from water.

Answering the question of what to do to avoid laying the ear after cleansing, many medical professionals advise their patients to spend at home preventive measures: one to two times a week to clean ears with hydrogen peroxide.

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For this purpose a solution at the rate of 10-15 drops in one tablespoon and taken a piece of cotton wool.

Then the lotion is left in the ear passage for a few minutes. After the procedure, you must wipe dry the ear canal.

Prevention of diseases of the ears includes the timely conclusion of the hearing holes extra water. It suggests that the patient does not allow hypothermia and self-treatment, especially by the mechanical action of various subjects.

Even after full recovery the patient needs to cover the ear with a sterile cotton wool. Prevention is an important condition to preserve the quality of hearing.

Thus, at home it is unacceptable to clean the ears with cotton sticks. They are considered tools in unskilled hands can cause injury, cause further blockage of the ears. This article lists the others, but more effective means to clean the ears of sulfur. Use them and be healthy!