Laid the ear but does not hurt: what to do, causes and treatment

What to do when laying ear but doesn’t it hurt?

A feeling as if the ear is laid felt by many people. In fact, throughout the life of the person experiences a lot of distractions, which adversely affect the condition of the ears and overall health. Often the ears get viruses and other malicious parasites that provoke inflammation of the ear, including otitis media.

Various injuries or significant changes in ambient pressure also cause stuffy ears. Don’t always stuffy in this case, it causes pain. With a sharp dive to great depths or during takeoff, the ear can greatly lay, but not to cause any painful sensations. What causes this disease and what treatment is used if the ear lays — we learn in today’s material.

Causes of nasal congestion

If the ear is built, but does not hurt it does not mean that the ear does not inflammatory process. For diagnosing inflammation must pass a special examination at the doctor-otolaryngologist. Only after examination by otoscopy and additional research, the doctor will be able to give an accurate diagnosis, and before that self-treatment is excluded.

Thus, you can provoke the development of the disease and the onset of the acute stage with more unpleasant and painful symptoms.

Remember that taking a pill or instillation of ear drops.

However, only inspection is not always enough to diagnose the nature of the inflammation.

You first need to establish why the child or adult ears. Clarified the root cause will greatly assist the resolution of treatment and other procedures.

Therefore, if a stuffy ear hurts but not what to do, first tell your doctor.

Not always congestion related to the formation inflammation of the ear. The cause of the blockage can be caused by mechanical or household damage. This most often happens because of carelessness while cleaning the ears or with the active games of children. Therefore, if the child’s ears, but they do not get sick, check the integrity of the skin or ear canal for the presence of cerumen.

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In addition, the ear is often provided due to liquids in the ear canal, and the uncontrolled intake of medicines with a strong effect.

Such drugs include antibiotics or antidepressants.

In most cases, the ear lays due to the inflammation and blockage of the Eustachian tube.

Therefore, treatment should be immediate, otherwise the patient may become seriously ill and lose the ability to hear for a while, and forever.

Therapy cure ear

Most often, the congestion is formed by disruption of the Eustachian tube. When injected into the area of harmful elements, there is a blockage of the ducts and, as a consequence, the formation of blockage of ears.

It is known that the main objective of this area – processing and adaptation of the internal pressure, so the appearance of inflammation in the nasopharynx or lesions of the middle part of the ears formed temporary deafness in one ear.

The reason for the penetration of microorganisms lies in a weak immune system. Therefore, it is first necessary to restore the immune balance in the body and to drink a course of vitamins and supplements.

Often the education of stuffiness or even hearing loss associated with the formation of cerumen. It is necessary to withdraw, but first determine its consistency.

If it is soft structure, loose structure and light shades, the ear must be put trepresents hydrogen peroxide or specialized drops Remo-wax or cerumen And. To enter they should be strictly following the dosage and not more than once a week. Since sulfur is an integral part of the ear and is necessary for protection and hydration of the passages.

If you have hypersensitivity to the elements included in the composition of medicines, purchase of fitoveta. They soften the cork and bringing it to the surface using a vacuum, which is produced during the combustion of the wax.


If sulfur deposits managed to gain a dark color and dense structure, it is necessary to carry out the operation for washing the patient’s ear.

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It is necessary to soften the tube with hydrogen peroxide. Enter ten drops and wait about 5-10 minutes.

During this time, the peroxide will soften the tube and prepare the ear for subsequent manipulation.

  1. After ten minutes, lean over the sink so the peroxide left ear independently.
  2. Then the patient should sit on a hard chair, and his assistant, to prepare for washing.
  3. To do this, fill the syringe twentieth the size of the solution furatsilina or sea water.
  4. Remove the needle and attach the syringe to the back wall of the ear canal.
  5. Enter one millimeter means confident movements. The jet must not be weak, but should not cause pain.
  6. Typically, fifteen minutes is enough to bring the sulfur completely.

Immediately after the procedure the patient may complain of dizziness and nausea. Don’t be afraid of these symptoms as they quickly pass.

Lavage should be done only when an entire eardrum. Consult a doctor to find out.

Further, in order to prevent this situation again, do prevention of traffic jams and wash your ears every day, and once a week spend additional cleansing of the ear with chopsticks.

What to do if ears water

If congestion appeared immediately after a bath or after a swim in the pool, it is likely that the ear is exposed to water. To take her jump on one foot, tilting his head to one side. If the method does not help, use a pellet soaked in olive oil. The gauze will absorb all the excess fluid and restore hearing.

In the future, when bathing, use shower caps, and washing the baby, support the baby’s head with your hands.

Runny nose

If congestion appeared in viral or infectious lesion, often the reason lies in the cold.

At this time you need to wash the nose with salt solution and buy vasoconstrictor drops Nazivin or Nazol.

Despite the fact that mucus is not dangerous, they can become a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses, so a runny nose should be addressed as soon as possible. Otherwise, the patient will have otitis media.

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In this consequence it is necessary the patient must provide comprehensive treatment, preferably under the supervision of a physician. Stuffy ears when otitis media is one of the many symptoms. In addition, patients complain of pain and education of the deaf, a strong change in body temperature and other signs.

Treatment for otitis media standard:

  1. Antibiotics to reduce symptoms and relieve inflammation, Nilofar, Ceftriaxone, Cefuroxime or Augmentin.
  2. Drops, which include antibacterial drugs to reduce pain and provide anti-inflammatory action – Garzon, Kandibiotik, Otofa, Sofradeks.
  3. Drops to restore hearing and relieve pain – Drops or Otinum.
  4. Lotions and ointments using Levamisole for healing of the affected tissues.
  5. In the last stages, the doctor may prescribe the warming of the ears and other physiotherapy treatments.

When congestion appeared because of the use of antibiotics or other drugs, it is necessary to consider other methods of treatment.


Remember that written guidelines are only in the treatment direction. But the final course of therapies can be prescribed only by the attending physician.

Therefore, the appearance of the unpleasant symptoms you need to visit the office of ENT. Heed to his instructions and don’t ignore the signs of the body.