Laid the ear: how to treat at home folk remedies

How to cure a stuffy ear at home?

If congestion, or the appearance of violations of auditory acuity, it is necessary to consult a doctor, as this is a dangerous symptom, warning people about the possible disease of the body. So be attentive to the signs your body and follow the signals. The first glitch you need to go to the doctor.

However, even the modern inhabitants of the metropolis is not always possible to go to the doctor. Therefore, it is important to know first methods of medical care in order to help yourself. In order to know what actions are safe, what to treat at home and what recipes alternative medicine will not be a threat to know today.

Laid the ear — how to treat at home

Stuffy ears unpleasant symptom that occurs with inflammation of a catarrhal nature, or when otitis of the middle or inner ear.

In addition, this symptom occurs when the following factors:

  1. In the formation of cerumen.
  2. Trauma to the external ear.
  3. Complications of influenza or the common cold.
  4. When disruption of the lymphatic system.
  5. With a weak immune system.

These processes cause many symptoms other than congestion.

How to cure a stuffy ear at home, the question that arises for many people. If you have no opportunity to consult a specialized doctor to check the methods of alternative medicine.


So, in the case of nasal congestion which resulted from cerumen, do not try to pull the tube with q-tips or other sharp objects.

Thus, you may injure the delicate skin of the ear or damage the eardrum.

In this case, use the old one, but a truly effective method.

Drip into the ear 5-7 drops of hydrogen peroxide no stronger than three percent. In another case, simply add purified water in the ratio of one to one.

After 10-15 minutes to dissolve the sulfur in the product. Then tilt your head over the sink, and hydrogen peroxide alone will leave the ear canal. Immediately after surgery you will feel relief and improvement of hearing acuity.

In case you are hypersensitive to hydrogen peroxide, you can enter into the ear of olive oil. To do this, heat a few drops over a steam bath. Ensure that the oil was not hot. In this case, not to avoid the burn of the ear canal. Then make turundas and soak it in. Gently insert it into the ear canal for 15-30 minutes.

In order to ensure positive effect, repeat the procedure up to three times every day before going to sleep.

The pressure change

In some cases, the congestion is a result of changes in ambient pressure.

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It might be during takeoff or landing the aircraft in moving through mountainous terrain and other factors.

At this time, in order to avoid treatment or perforation of the membrane, use the following exercise.

Once you feel stuffy take a few deep yawn, and then make a swallowing motion. Thus, you will trigger the work of the Eustachian tubes and normalize the internal pressure. The contraction of the muscles will help to relieve congestion.

If this method proved to be ineffective, do the following exercise.

The patient needs to take a deep breath and hold your breath. At this time with your palms, close your mouth and nose, and then try to exhale through the nose. At this time, the air going into the Eustachian tube and you will hear a click. You will then be able to exhale. The patient will immediately experience significant relief and the normalization of the hearing aid.

In some cases, stuffy ears appears after a bath or shower and a dip in the pool or open lakes. In order to get rid of unpleasant feelings in the ear should be applied to the affected ear with a warm heating pad or enter into the ear of the flagellum gauze soaked in tea tree oil.

Keep the compress for about half an hour, but try not austere out on the street for two hours.

In the case of catarrhal inflammation, it is important to spend a few holistic treatments. In the course of treatment includes:

  1. Flushing nasal passage with salt solution. To do this, enter solution in the syringe and carry out the purification at least three times a day. In case of illness of a baby, you must clear the nose about five times a day.
  2. The compresses. To relieve pain it is important to put a hot compress on the ears. In this case, to the external ear apply a compress soaked in Bourne alcohol or vodka. Remember that the ear must be protected from burn, so pre-lubricate the ear with vaseline or baby cream, and also close thin layer of gauze. On top of the compress must be applied compression paper.
  3. Exercises. Once you have removed the symptoms of the disease and acute flare-UPS of pain, conduct exercises for the improvement of hearing acuity. To do this, make rotational movements of the lower part of the jaw ten times in one direction, and the same in another.

How to cure ear methods of alternative medicine

There are several ways to treat the blockage of ears at home. However, before their implementation, you must verify the integrity of the eardrum.

The instillation of alcohol drops in the ear with perforation of the eardrum can seriously aggravate the situation and provoke the appearance of severe burns.

Only after you verify the absence of perforations of the membrane, see methods of treatment.

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There are many types of treatment methods of alternative medicine. We list the main ones.

The solution from the hips

If congestion is bothering you for a long time, you need oil rosehip and anise seeds.

From these components it is necessary to manufacture the solution. To do this, pour items glass of alcohol and leave for three weeks in a dry and dark place.

Don’t forget to stir the mixture every day.

Before application, the mixture must be stirred thoroughly, and then put in the ear three drops. To improve the effect, close the ears warm with a scarf or wear a hat.

A solution of geranium

The following method have long been used even by our grandmothers.

For mortar you will need geranium oil and a few drops of olive oil.

Mix them in a mixture and insert into the ear with gauze flagellum in the ear canal.

Repeat this procedure every day for one week.

A solution of chamomile

It is known that infusions of chamomile flowers have a positive effect and help get rid of stuffiness and pain.

Therefore, prepare a tincture in advance. To do this, pour a glass of chamomile flower two glasses of alcohol or vodka.

Steep the mixture for fourteen days, then strain.

To use this infusion can in two ways.

  1. Chamomile flowers put on not synthetic cloth or linen handkerchief and apply to the aching ear. Then secure the poultice with a tight bandage. Keep it for at least two hours, and then rinse your ear with warm water.
  2. Alcoholate type in the ear every day morning and evening three drops. To consolidate the effect, close the ears with a warm scarf.

Tincture of St. John’s wort

Purchase fifty milligrams of St. John’s wort and pour two cups of boiling water.

Leave the mixture for fifteen minutes, and then add to the mix a couple of tablespoons of honey.

Drink the resulting mixture every day at night.


If the ear pain becomes unbearable, and nasal congestion progresses, use the following method.

Since ancient times people knew that the regular onions has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. To apply the onion to your ear it should be ground to a pulp.

Then put it on a compress and apply to the sore area. Keep this bandage must be at least half an hour, and the maximum course of treatment should not exceed two hours. Otherwise, you can inflict a burn on the skin.

Repeat this treatment every day in the evening for 7-10 days.


Bee product has acquired fame for its effective properties. Many people use propolis for pain and congestion in ears. He rightfully earned confidence.

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Tinctures of propolis are sold in the pharmacy, but many made it yourself. There is an opinion that in this case, it is more effective. For making mortar you will need to purchase fifty grams of propolis. Put it in the fridge for one day, and then grate it on a coarse grater.

After that, pour the mixture with boiling water. After 15-20 minutes, float on the surface unnecessary husk, from which you want to get rid of. Then you should strain the solution and only after that pour the mixture in two cups of purified alcohol or vodka.

To insist means must within 14 days, occasionally stirring it.

After two weeks, the tool is ready to use. Bury in each ear, three drops, pre-clearing the outer ear and the external passage of hydrogen peroxide or specialized ear drops.

The treatment in this case is ten days depending on the complexity of the inflammatory process.


If you have ears, and folk remedies are ineffective, what to do in the first place? Do not delay visit to the doctor!

In case of ineffectiveness of these methods, it is necessary not to postpone the visit to the otolaryngologist. Probably in the ear is formed a serious inflammation that requires medical treatment.

In some cases, for example, for otitis media, need complex treatment with the help of physiotherapy exercises. In this case, the patient is prescribed electrophoresis or pneumomassage.

Remember that if you delay visiting the medical center, the patient’s hearing could seriously deteriorate. In some cases, its restoration is impossible.